Best Finger Splints Reviews 2017

Are you suffering from a mallet finger, arthritis, jammed fingers, swan neck deformities or boutonnieres? Then it may be the best time to get a finger splint. A finger splint is typically used to guard an injured finger as it is prone to bending or breaking. Moreover, this is also used by athletes and sports players playing volleyball or basketball because their fingers are more prone to injuries.

For injured parts, finger splints are usually wrapped around the finger until it heals. It can either be made out of flexible materials or rigid materials such as aluminum or plastic. If you can check our list below, you will discover that finger splints are widely available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Though, they mostly contain padded foams to improve its comfort and quicken the healing time.

Are you searching for the best finger splints in the market? Then you have found the right article! In this one, we will give you the leading finger splints that are currently for sale in the market.

Powersplint PRO – Sports Finger Splint And Guard Protector

Are you looking for a splint which you can heavily rely on? Then get the Powersplint PRO – Sports Finger Splint Guard Protector. For people who play football, rugby or volleyball, this finger splint is going to be your friend as it is extremely impact-resistant that can withstand even the hardest hits. It has a non-metal core, which means that it is flexible enough so your fingers can easily move.

This product has a soft padding underneath to give you the best possible comfort. It has a no-stretch Velcro in the back so it stays in its place and a stretchable Velcro in the front so your fingers can easily perform motion. For people playing softball, this finger splint isn’t annoying and easily fits softball mitts/gloves. All in all, the Powersplint PRO – Sports Finger Splint Guard Protector is a good finger splint that you’d hate to miss.

Flents Insty-Splint 2-sided Finger Splints from Apothecary

Flents Insty-Splint 2-sided Finger Splints

Looking for the cheapest finger splints for sale? Then you may love getting the Flents Insty-Splint 2-sided Finger Splints. At a very low price, this product is very convenient as it comes with loop and hook bands, which means that you don’t need any tapes just so you can close it. It has 0.25 inch polyester pads, so it can protect your fingers from painful impacts and keep your fingers clean as well as unharmed.

There are several types of injuries, so this finger splint comes with a unique adjustable design so it can fit all types of finger damages. Moreover, this product contains a medium and large finger splint, so worrying if this one fits your fingers will out in the picture. The Flents Insty-Splint 2-sided Finger Splints can be used until your fingers heal, so if you want a cheap finger splint to protect your fingers, then this one is a smart choice.

Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthtitis & Thumb Sprain Treatment from Bort Medical

Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthtitis & Thumb Sprain Treatment-M-Left

This next product may not be the inexpensive finger splint you’re hunting for, but we can certainly assure you that they are the best. The Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthtitis & Thumb Sprain Treatment is a finger splint widely available in 6 sizes such as: small-left, medium-left and large-right. This product is made out of thermoplastic materials that are highly durable and tough while giving your finger enough space to breathe.

Moreover, for a much better comfort, this one comes with a soft black undersock to prevent irritation. This product provides immobilization for certain finger parts such as the metacarpophalangeal joint, skier’s thumb or ulnar ligament lesions. If any of these problems is your problem, then the Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthtitis & Thumb Sprain Treatment is a top finger splint brand you shouldn’t miss.

Comfort Care Finger Splint

Comfort Care Finger Splint 2 pack - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Health in Your Hands - Arthritis - Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment - Injury - Joint Pain - Joints Hurt - Arthritis Pain - Arthritis Treatment

As one of the most affordable finger splints deals, we’re sure that you’d love getting to know the Comfort Care Finger Splint. This product is made out of durable aluminum materials that is lightweight yet keeps your fingers protected and in place. Also, to give your fingers the best comfort, this splint comes with soft blue foam lining, also to prevent the aluminum metal from touching your skin.

Unlike other splints, this one is very easy to assemble and disassemble; it can even fit most finger sizes. With this one, allow your finger the best way it possibly can. If you’re in need for a new finger splint that is reasonably priced, then the Comfort Care Finger Splint is a great deal.

Finger Extension Splint For Finger Immobilization from SoulGenie

Finger Extension Splint For Finger Knuckle Immobilization |Soft Padded Interior & Protective Rigid Exterior with Ventilation

Are you out to buy a finger splint that is cost-effective? Then try the Finger Extension Splint for Finger Knuckle Immobilization by SoulGenie. For injured knuckles, DIP joints or PIP joints, then this extended arm splint can easily support them with its sturdy exterior made out of aluminum. It also comes with vented perforations and ethafoam pads to provide more comfort to the finger.

Want to an easy to assemble finger splint? This product comes with light Velcro fasteners so you can easily fit it around your fingers and wrists. This product’s thin yet extremely rigid exterior will make you love it even more. It is cheap yet it does its job to protect your fingers, what more can you ask for?

What is a finger splint?

Splints are typically used to treat certain injuries in the bones. They are usually used for the limbs, spine or fingers. They provide temporary immobilization over the injured area to prevent the swollen are from getting worse. For finger splints, they prevent fingers from getting further injures and prevent it from bending.

Finger splints doesn’t just keep the finger immobile for a certain days, they also help the finger regain its health after a certain injury. While some people prefer making their own splints, further damage could happen if it is not wrapped around the area well. An actual finger splint is definitely recommended because they already contain the important parts such as tapes or foams.

A splint may somehow be resembled to a cast, however, unlike casts; they are not as complicated and difficult to put on. As of the moment, there are 3 types of splints done in the medicine world; they are the dynamic splinting, static splinting and serial splinting. Dynamic splinting is typically used to give room to the injured area to breathe. It allows the injured finger to move so it can heal faster, they are usually used by fingers that are beginning to heal.

Static splinting is what you usually see in splints. They keep the injured finger immobilized until it heals. It also prevent the finger to acquire more inures and reduce its swelling. Serial splinting on the other hand are the ones that are typically change, most probably once or twice a week.

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