Best Fire Tables Reviews 2017

A fire table is an important factor in defining the look of your backyard and its almost needless to mention its purpose. However, buying a fire table is easier said than done. There are so many questions to be answered: what things we should look for, what the ideal price should be, which one of them is best for your patio, and so many others. In this post, we’ll let you know everything you should before you buy that fire table. By the end, you will have certainly made up your mind as to how you’d want your fire table to be. So let’s get started with the analysis of some of the best fire table deals out there.

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble

Best Fire Tables

Blue Rhino’s LP gas outdoor fire pit gives you a lot more than the price you pay. It is durable, sturdy, and beautiful, a great combination but very difficult to achieve. This fire pit has a slate/marble top; its rustic design and color go well with any kind of furniture in your backyard. It has a porcelain steel bowl with cover, a storage cabinet, and some fake log for decorative purposes. The hidden control panel and electronic ignition makes it easy to start and use. This is certainly one of the top fire tables out there at a very decent price.

Uniflame GAD1380SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Decorative Tile Mantel

Best Fire Tables

This Fire pit from Uniflame is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for simplicity, usability, and easy handling. The decorative tiled top is hexagonal in shape, and doubles up as a dining table which could comfortably seat 6 people around it. The fire pit comes with a cover for fire bowl, and a spacious storage cabinet. It has an electronic ignition with control panel, and a stainless steel burner. With this attractive and affordable fire pit, you can relax and enjoy dinners and warmth of the glowing fire.

Fire Sense Cocktail Table Fire Pit, Hammer Tone Bronze Finish

Best Fire Tables

Fire Sense’s Cocktail Table Fire Pit is a dual-purpose fire pit that comes with a smooth-finish steel cover converting it into a cocktail table. Its brilliant design makes space for a storage rack and a large fire box. It is accompanied with a fire screen to limit the flame so you can enjoy your evenings without any disturbance. There’s a wood grate for your safety while lifting the fire screen. This classic piece is one of the best fire tables for you, if you want great finish, functionality, and a decent price.

Outsunny Square Outdoor Backyard Patio Firepit Table, 32-Inch

Best Fire Tables

This Outdoor Backyard Patio Firepit Table is one of the most inexpensive fire tables available in the market with great emphasis on quality. Its uncomplicated design makes assembling it a cake walk. The fire pit has a black metal finish frame with the ceramic-tiled top. You could store your logs at the bottom support and convert the fire pit into a table using the included insert. Accompanied with a screen cover and a fire poker, you could easily control the level of flame. If you’re looking for a cheap fire table for your backyard without compromising on quality, this is definitely your product.

Outdoor Great Room MG-1242-BLK-K Montego Coffee Table Black Wicker Base

Best Fire Tables

This Montego Crystal Fire Pit Coffee Table wins hands down for its stylish looks. Its highlights are the wicker base, glass burner cover, and a stainless steel burner with diamond glass fire gems making your flames glow in the night, creating a marvelous experience for you and your loved ones. It has a push-button igniter and an adjustment setting for flame height. The tempered black glass on the top could easily double up as a coffee table when the flame is off. Although this fire table costs more than most fire tables, its elegant looks and great features easily make up for the price.

T9650LP Rectangle Propane Fire Table, Kodiak Brown

Best Fire Tables

This rectangular concrete-looking fire table from Real flame is a classic example of less is more. Its elegance lies in its simplicity; and the color and design camouflages really well with your patio. This fiber-concrete tinted, heavy steel fire pit is extremely easy to set up. The rectangular fire bowl at the center comes with a matching lid and the whole unit comes with a weather-protection cover. It burns liquid propane and gives you 9 hours and 26 hours burn time for high and low flame settings respectively.

What are Fire Tables?

A fire table is often that centerpiece of your patio or backyard that attracts maximum attention from your guests and relatives. Though its primary purpose is to keep you warm; its look is a matter of equal importance. A good fire table goes well with the overall look of your patio and doesn’t feel out of place. Not every product delivers on these beauty and usability, hence selecting the perfect fire table could be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. Let’s find out right here.

What to Look For

Every person will have their own idea and preferences in fire tables; all you have to do is understand what you want your fire table to do. Some of the questions to be asked are: Do I want the assembling to be easy? How should my fire table look? Should the ignition be electronic? Should there be a cover for the fire bowl? Do I want my fire table to work as a coffee, cocktail, or a dining table, as well? Do I need a storage space? If yes, should it be like a cabinet? How much am I willing to spend?

Answering these questions will give you a clear set of expectations. Some of the top fire tables available in the market offer most of the things mentioned above such as electronic ignition, spacious table-top enough to work as a dining table or a coffee table, cabinets to store logs, and more. Also, most new fire tables come with control panel to help you operate and regulate the burner with ease. Some fire table brands are a little expensive than others. But, some inexpensive ones also work equally well. Looking for that perfect fire table for sale should now be a lot easy for you.

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