Best Fish Finders Reviews 2017

Fishing is perhaps one of the best ways to spend pastimes and do recreational activities. Fishing can be done in a body of water such as sea, river or a lake. A fisherman’s best buddies in this activity are his/her hooks, rod, reel and baits. But, most of the time, despite all the efforts to lure fishes into your bait, it seems like catching them is getting harder and tougher. If you’re one of the many fishers who have felt frustrated not catching any fish, then we know the best solution for you, a fish finder.

A fish finder is a device used to detect and accurately spot fishes, this is done through sonar or sound energy. The most modernized version of a fish finder uses sonar to collect information and transmits it to the device, giving the fisher better visuals over the fishes. If you despise having to wait for hours looking where the fishes are, then you have to get the best fish finder deal. How? We’ll help you with that.

Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder

The Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder is perhaps one of the leading brands and product in the market. This device can work directly with your smartphones through Bluetooth, whether you’re using an iOs or an Android. This fish finder is 100% portable that is powered by a strong rechargeable battery. Most fish finders can only work on seas or ocean but, this one can work even on complicated places such as bridges, docks, kayak, even on ice. This device has a dual beam frequency, one with 290 kHz and the other with 90 kHz, which can scan up to 130 feet down the water. The Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder comes in with other beneficial features such as weather, diary, maps, activity calendar and sharing functions.

iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

Want an affordable fish finder? Then the iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder may be the best one for you. This device can scan up to 135 feet, covering at least 233 feet diameter that can track even the fishes’ depth and sizes. After catching the fish, this one informs you the informationthrough a fish alarm. Planning night fishing? No worries because this fish finder comes in with LED beacon. Moreover, for more beneficial features, this one comes in with GPS tags hotspots, time, location, current temperature and weather (barometer), and the approximate number of fishes in the map. This device is functional by a rechargeable battery that can run up to 8 hours.

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

The NorCross HawkEye F33P is a reliable, decent yet cheap fish finder you won’t regret purchasing. This one uses a sonar beam that can reach up to 100 feet, along with a 25 degree sonar beam angle to efficiently detect fish and their movements. Despite its black and white display system, this one makes sure to give you the most accurate depth readings by using an algorithmic program. This fish finder is operational, rain or shine even on the coldest weather of zero degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, for long-lasting use, this device uses four AAA batteries that can run up to 20 hours. If an inexpensive fish finder is what you’re looking for, then the The NorCross HawkEye F33P would be a great choice.

FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0

The FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0 is operational through Bluetooth with a casting range up to 80 feet. This device can read and gather information up to 100 feet and an ice fishing depth 60 feet. This one comes in with a charging station, a manual, a carrying bag and a mini USB cable. For better fishing adventures, this fish finder keeps detailed information about the fishes you have caught such as its weight, length and type. Moreover, compared to other models, this fish finder uses a military grade solar technology for a more accurate detailed fishing along with a GPS tracking.

What is a fish finder?

The idea of fish finders came from the device fathometers, also an instrument that uses sonar to inspect the depths of a certain body of water. Fish finders use an echo-location to detect all sorts of movements in the water, when the fish hits the sound waves of the device, it will send off the information such as the size and shape of the fish as well as the distance. A lot of people believed that fish finders detect fishes by their movements in the water, but they are actually detected through the air in their bladders.

A fish finder isn’t just a tool used by recreational fishers but also fishermen themselves. Sometimes, the ocean or sea can feel very overwhelming, and often, our eyes won’t let us see the depths of the ocean, this is where fish finders really help. A good fish finder is usually equipped with high frequencies of sound, to easily detect even if there are several fishes in the area.

If you’ve never had or even heard of a fish finder before, then buying a fish finder may seem a little engulfing because of several brands promising to give you the best experience. The top fish finder brands are everywhere but, that doesn’t mean that you should just go for it without thinking about what you really need.

What to look for in a fish finder?

Price – needless to say, the expensive fish finders will definitely have the best features. But, that doesn’t mean that the cheapest fish finder for sale cannot bring any beneficial factors in the table. Your budget will be an important consideration, and all depends on you whether you want to stick in a specific budget or go overboard.

Frequency – is definitely one of the biggest factors one should look into a fish finder. A fish finder with a higher frequency can operate and detect fishes even in swallow and deep waters, giving the fisher better results at fishing. If you’re about to fish in a lake or river, then getting a device with 50 kHz will do. However, if you’re planning to fish in bigger bodies of water, then 200 and above kHz is the best to go.

Power – fish finders are usually powered by watts. The bigger wattage, then most likely you’ll have a long lasting unit that can go even up to days of using. More importantly, fish finders will higher wattage will help you detect information up to 100 feet or even deeper. A good enough fish finder will have at least 800 watts or above.

GPS – isn’t exactly a necessity but, they will help tremendously especially if you decide to fish in farther areas and places you’re not familiar with. GPS will help you trace your location back.

Display – not that it matters the most but, display will also be a good help for your comfort. Black and white displays are the most common thing in fish finders because generally, they are cheaper. They still do their work, but all information comes in black, white and shades of gray. You can purchase a new fish finder that is colored but, it is to be expected that it is expensive. However, colored screens will give you more information through different shades of color.

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