Best Flameless Candles Reviews 2017

When planning a romantic and steamy date, the first thing that might come to your mind is “lots and lots of candles”. You often see them on movies. A candlelit dinner, music that sets the mood, and a specially prepared bubble bath surrounded by lots of scented candles. It’s supposed to be the best date everuntil the curtain catches fire, God forbid. You can have the perfect date you envisioned minus the fire part. Using the best flameless candles might do the trick. Here are some of the best ones ever.

Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

If you’re looking for a romantic tool for your date that’ll set the mood the right way, you should consider having this product. This is a flameless candle set which utilizes LED light and they look oh so good. These candles look so realistic your date wouldn’t know the difference. This is battery powered so you won’t have to suffer from the high incidence of catching fire when you surround your date venue with tons of lighted candles. Unlike other flameless candles which emit some scent, this is unscented and won’t irritate your nose. For each pack, you purchase, about 24 of these tea lights candles are inside.

This is very affordable yet the most popular flameless product in the market to date. You can have a warm ambiance without the mess of melted candle wax. Even if you use this whole night long, you don’t have to worry about the mess or the risk of a fire. You don’t have to wake up and blow it off even if you doze off with these turned on. Your safety is assured with this product. There are no smoke and no scent that can irritate your senses. You’re only left with the calming effect of a lighted candle. With the LED technology, you’ll be able to conserve a lot of energy which can also help our environment.

Timer Flameless Candles By Festival Delights

Festival delights Timer Flameless Candles are unique in many ways. These candles are votive battery operated and have a soft flickering light that mimics an actual candlelight. Have you noticed how magical a real candlelight is? It seems like the candlelight has a life of its own and sways with the breath of the air. You can‘t help but be mesmerized by the light of the real candle, maybe that’s the reason why many people love lit candles. With this product, you can have the same calming effect of a real lit candle but without the smoke, the mess and the risk of catching fire if you forget to blow the flame off.

Unlike other flameless candles you probably encountered in the market, this has a timer which is very convenient especially if you fall asleep without turning it off. After 5 hours of use, it automatically turns off to conserve energy as well as keep the room dark in order to provide an environment conducive to sleep. Where can you find a flameless candle with that special feature? It’s very convenient for such a beautiful and reasonably priced set of flameless candles. You can have the relaxing escape you desire without the hassles of a real candle.

Divine LEDS Flameless Candles

The next item on our list is a flameless candle made of real wax. You don’t see that often in flameless candles, but it’s so good and realistic you’d want to have one for yourself. Who says you can’t have real wax candles for your date or whatever event you wanted your candles for? You can have a flickering, realistic yet unscented candles for a relaxing night sans the flames with this product. One pack of these and you get 6 unscented flameless candles, and it only cost that much. Many people rave about this product. A lot of them actually recommend this since it rendered them satisfied with everything it does. It’s powered by LED technology so you can rest assured energy consumption is conserved with these miniature candles.

The design of this item is made of real wax to replicate the look and feel of a real candle. You won’t experience any dripping or mess with this one which is a good thing. You don’t have to worry about your safety even if you forgot to turn these things off. You can just go to sleep, no more risk of fire, no smoke and no scent of burning wax will disturb your much-needed sleep. You can have a relaxing and warm ambiance that you aim for. These flameless candles are perfect for any event. If you’re planning for a solemn one or a sultry one, these flameless candles are the perfect ones to use. You won’t be disappointed with this at all.

Instapark LCL Series Battery-powered Flameless LED Tealight Candles

Instapark LCL Series Battery-powered Flameless have LED tea light candles that are powered by a battery, For one pack of purchase you already get 24 of these babies, and for such an affordable price at that. This has an amber color tea light powered by LED technology made so realistic you won’t know the difference. You would forget that this is actually not real, but is so good for decorations with any event you might be planning to have. Church events, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasions, you can use this and none of the people will know the difference.

Each of these flameless candles has a long life of light emitting powers. It’s an energy efficient flameless candle which isn’t only good for the environment but is also good for you. Your safety is the primary concern, and the added energy-conserving feature is a much-appreciated plus. You can have this product operated with one button cell battery which can last for a long time, about 100 hours to be exact. Upon purchase, these flameless candles have an already installed battery. Turning this thing on and off is no brainer at all. You won’t have any fire hazards which is perfect for your family, safe for children as well as for pets.

Luminara Flameless Candle: Vanilla Scented Moving Flame Candle with Timer

With this product you get a vanilla scented flameless candles. Some people might prefer their candles to be unscented, may it be a real candle or a flameless one. But if ever you’re the type who likes to have a scented candle as a relaxing treat or for your event, but wanted to have a safe and convenient one, then this is the one for you. What’s also unique about this one is it’s a moving candle. It actually mimics the actions of a real candlelight. You won’t know the difference and none of the guests will differentiate this with the real one. You’ll have a stunning and soothing effect of a candle replica with your safety intact.

This has a timer so even though you leave this on for 5 hours, it automatically shuts off after the designated time. You don’t have to fret about waking up to shut them off if you accidentally doze off when the relaxing effect of the flameless candles gets to you. What’s even cooler about this product is you can operate this with a remote control. You don’t have to individually turn these things on and off, you just click one button on the remote and voila, they are fully operational in no time. Each flameless candle is encased in a vanilla wax shell made of paraffin wax and has a realistic frosted, ivory finish. It’s so beautiful and worth its price you’ll definitely love this.

LED Lytes Flameless Candles Ivory Colored Wax and Amber Yellow Flame

Another flameless candle we’d like to introduce to you is the LED Lytes Flameless Candles. These are ivory-colored flameless candles with a safe amber yellow flame that mimics a real candle. It’s affordable and a perfect decoration for any wedding and parties you might be planning to have. Each pack has six of these LED flameless candles measuring 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. What’s different about this product is it has a handcrafted design so you won’t tell the difference with a real candle unlike other products in the market which can look too fake and too perfectly molded you’d spot easily that it’s not real.

It also flickers like a real candle and has an amber shine to its candlelight. You can have such a realistic-looking set of candles for your event and people will love to have this around. It’s safe for you, your family as well as your pets even though you accidentally knock it over, there’s no risk of catching fire. Each of these flameless candles is powered by a lithium battery that’s so easy to install and operate. Lithium batteries can last for 80 hours and more, how convenient is that? This is a satisfactory product you won’t regret having.

Frostfire Mooncandles Weatherproof Outdoor & Indoor Color Changing Candles

Another flameless candle product you can check out for yourself is this Frostfire Mooncandles Weatherproof Outdoor & Indoor Color Changing Candles. Even though this is remote controlled, you can get this pack of flameless candles at such an affordable price unlike other expensive ones in the market. It has an ingenious design you can use inside or outside your home and you won’t be worried about getting this wet with the humid air of the outside. Whether you’re planning to have a soothing ambiance outside at your backyard or terrace, you can have that with these candles intact since it’s waterproof. These are operated by remote control so you don’t have to turn each and every one of these little candles on or off. This has a timer too so you don’t have to worry about turning this off.

You can guarantee that it’s safe for anyone to have this around. You don’t have to worry about the risk of fire, have to deal with the mess of melted candles as well as endure the smell of burning candles and smoke from the candlelight ever again. Each of these flameless candles is powered by 2 AA batteries and it can last for a very long time. You can achieve that relaxing glow from a real candle with this product. If you’re living in an apartment and you wanted to have candles emitting its soft and soothing glow, then this is the safest alternative you can use.

LampLust Distressed Silver Wax Flameless LED Battery Candles

Last on our list of the best flameless candles you might be interested in is the Distressed Silver Wax Flameless LED Battery Candles. These are also battery operated, 3 AAA batteries per candle in fact and each can last for a very long time since it utilizes LED technology. The timer helps you have a worry-free and relaxing moment where you don’t have to fret about turning it off when you doze off. The remote control is also a convenient way for you to relax since you can just push the button on and you don’t have to get near the candles to operate them.

Each of these flameless candles has a warm and white LED glow. It has a stylish metallic wax finish that’s so elegant and alluring you’ll surely love it. This is a great centerpiece candle you can use for any special occasion at your home. The remote control actually has 8 functions that you can choose from. You don’t usually see that in other products which only has an on and off switch in their remotes. You can choose from a 4 hour to 8 hours automatic off timer, as well as adjust the glow, brightness and dim the lights that will set the mood that you wanted. A lot of people gave good reviews about this and is highly recommended for your home as well as for any event venue you might have in mind.


You can achieve the perfect relaxing mood with candles all around you minus the risk of catching fire when you use the best flameless candles you’ll find in the market. When you use flameless candles, you get the soothing effect a real candlelight can bring without the mess of melted wax, the smell of burning wick, the smoke as well as the hazard of knocking it over and causing havoc in your supposedly calming moment. We hope with this list you are able to select the best flameless candle for you.

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