Best Flannel Sheets Reviews 2017

Humans spent most of their time sleeping and that’s a fact. When you accumulate the number of hours you spend sleeping in your entire life, you’ll find that you spend most of your time sleeping. That’s why it’s very important you get a good night’s sleep with the best flannel sheets covering your bed. When you’re comfortable with your bedsheet, then you can have an undisturbed and relaxing sleep.

HC COLLECTION – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Set 1800 Series Platinum Collection

The first flannel sheet on our list is the HC COLLECTION-Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Set which is a platinum collection set made of hypoallergenic material. Not only is this good for sensitive skin, this can also repel dust mites which are nasty buggers that infect some sheets, and it’s also environment-friendly. This flannel sheet is the perfect for any bed and the deep pockets this is designed with gives you a fully elasticized sheet measuring 81″ x 96” for its flat sheets and its fitted sheet measures 54″ x 75″. You can have a luxurious bed that you can feel and see for yourself.

A welcoming feeling when you see your bed is one of the best feelings in the world. When you’re immersed in your stressful work whole day, seeing your comfortable bed and sinking into the softest and most comfortable flannel sheet is the oasis you need. With its high-quality construction of double brushed microfibers, you can have a softer and the most breathable sheet in comparison to other products in the market. The design and colors of this flannel sheet don’t fade easily unlike other lesser quality ones sold in the market. You can guarantee that for its price you can have the highest quality fabric for your bed. Washing this in your washing machine is also possible without tampering with the quality of the flannel sheet.

Pinzon 190 Gram Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

This is another flannel sheet on our list of the best flannel sheet in the market is the Pinzon 190 Gram Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set. This sheet is made of 100% cotton that’s so soft and comfortable you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds. It’s specially made from Portugal and imported to reach your house. The Queen set you can purchase includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet as well as 2 standard-size pillowcases. The texture of this flannel sheet is velvety and you’ll feel luxurious just using this when you experience its amazing softness and the breathable weave it has.

Both sides of this flannel sheet have a double-napped finish in order to make you feel that ultra-velvety feel. This flannel sheet weighs 190 gram all in all. The hem of this sheet is designed with a 4-inch hem on its flat sheet as well as the pillowcases included in this set. You don’t have to worry about cleaning this flannel sheet, you can actually wash this using your washing machine. Using the dryer of your washing machine is also sufficient in doing your laundry with this flannel sheet. The fitted sheets of this set measuring 60 x 80 inches can fit a standard mattress up to 18 inches thick. Climbing into your bed is likened to slipping into the most comforting hug. You can have that good night’s sleep that you needed with this flannel sheet on your bed.

Thermee Micro Flannel Shavel Home Products Sheet Set

The next product on our list of the Thermee Micro Flannel Shavel Home Products Sheet Set. This is another great set of a flannel sheet that we found in the market. The price just fits its quality which is made of 100% polyester. The micro flannel sheet combines the best of the best properties of a cotton flannel and reinforced with the energy saving and easy care qualities of sheets made of fleece. What’s great about this flannel sheet is even with multiple washes and even if you wash this on your washing machine, this doesn’t shrink. You won’t even worry about wrinkling of your sheets unlike other flannel sheets in the market.

In washing this product, you’d be surprised how fast it dries. So when you wanted to use this flannel sheet again you can easily wash and dry this sheet and use it immediately. The fast-drying characteristic of this flannel sheet is very beneficial to you as well as the environment since it can save energy and it guarantees to give you easy care and comfort for many years to come. It’s extremely soft and the feel of this sheet is very luxurious so you feel like staying in your bed for a long time. The size of this flannel sheet is just the perfect size for a micro flannel sheet set. These are fantastic flannel sheets that many people are raving about. It doesn’t shrink and you can easily fold this. The design is quite attractive too.

Divatex 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Full Sheet Set

Here’s another amazing flannel sheet you might be interested in. This flannel sheet we found in the market is made of the softest and most comfortable 100% material. The premium quality cotton flannel sheet comes in 5 fashion colors which are all attractive. You don’t have to worry about your flannel sheet shrinking after you wash it in your washing machine since this has a generously overcut which guarantees a perfect fit for your bed even after multiple washing. If you wash this with you washing machine, make sure you separate the colored from the white ones.

Some people gave good reviews about this product, but there are also those who gave negative reviews about this. Some claim that the color runs in the long run, but they can’t deny that this flannel sheet is very soft to use. It’s like sinking into the softest and most comfortable bed when you use this flannel sheet for your bed. It has an affordable price too which is a good thing. It’s amazing that something like this, made of 100% cotton, could be that cheap. If you’re looking for a 100% cotton flannel sheet but doesn’t want to splurge, then this might be the perfect one for you.

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set

The next item on our list of the best flannel sheet in the market is the Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Twin Sheet Set. This flannel sheet is also made of 100% cotton. This printed flannel sheet is perfect for sleeping in during the cold winter nights. This heavyweight printed flannel is brushed on both sides for a smoother and comfortable use. Included in the set are twin sheets and one flat sheet as well as one fitted sheet and also a standard pillowcase that goes with it. The flannel sheet can fit a standard mattress up to 15 inches deep.

You can choose from a variety of colors and design available in the market. There are many people who loved this flannel sheet, but some aren’t so happy with their purchase since the design was different from the picture. But for those who were satisfied with this flannel sheet, they find that this product is warm and soft at the same time. Falling asleep on a bed covered with this flannel sheet is a dream for most of those who were able to use this flannel sheet. The price is so reasonable, too, you might want to purchase more of this for your other beds at home.

Clara Clark 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton Flannel Sheet

This is another flannel sheet we found in the market that might suit your fancy. You can have the softest 100% Egyptian cotton covering your bed as if you’re the Prince or Princess of Egypt for such a reasonably priced flannel sheet. You won’t be disappointed with this high-quality flannel sheet that we found available in the market. The Queen Size set sold in the market already have 4 pieces included in it. There’s a 102″x90″ (259x228cm) flat sheet, a fitted sheet measuring 80″x60″ (203x152cm), and also two pillowcases measuring 20″x30″(50″x76cm). This is designed with deep pockets so it can fit even an oversized mattress.

The fitted sheet included in this set is constructed with an elastic edge so that you can place this on your bed for a perfect snug and fit. If you have a Clara Clark bedding, this will suit perfectly too. There are a lot of people who were very happy with their flannel sheets when they purchased this. These are made of the softest material which can be warm and inviting when you feel it yourself. The fabric itself is made of strong and durable material so you can guarantee that this won’t tear easily even if you use this for multiple times and for a very long time. You’ll be happy to find that this flannel sheet fits snugly to your bed so you don’t have an uneven bed sheet.

Brielle 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

When you’re slaving your day whole day with work and household chores, you can’t help but wish for the comforts of your bed. Nothing beats sinking into your warm and soft bed when you have the best flannel sheet used. This product right here will not only suffice your bedroom needs, it’s also easy on your pocket. It’s quite affordable compared to other flannel sheets on the market, but you get the same level of softness and quality other pricey flannel sheets have. This flannel sheet set is made of 100% cotton which is one of the softest fabric ever. You can sink into your inexpensive and comfortable flannel sheet and bed anytime you like.

In the set, you can purchase you also get a fitted sheet, the flat sheet and 2 pillow cases made of the same soft and durable material. The flat sheet included in this set measures 90-By-102 inches, the fitted sheet on the other hand measures 60-by-80 inches and the two pillowcases measure 20-by-30 inches. The fitted sheet can fit mattress reaching 15 inches and the 4 inches hem on its flat sheet and pillowcases also gives a perfect fit for your bed. It’s always important to know the perfect fit for your bed and pillows before purchasing any flannel sheet especially those pricey ones. Using the gentle cycle for your washing machine is the right way to go when washing this flannel sheet set.

Tribeca Living Queen Floral Garden Printed Extra Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

The last product on our list of the best flannel sheet in the market is the Tribeca Living Queen Floral Garden Printed Extra Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set. This set is made of 100% cotton fabric imported to give you the smoothest and softest sleeping experience. The design of this flannel sheet has an extra deep pocket so that you can be sure it fits snugly with your bed as well as your pillows. There are 2 pillowcases, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet included in this sheet and the price is just right for such a reliable and durable flannel sheet.

The fabric of this flannel sheet is triple-brushed in order to achieve that feel and finish some flannel sheets sold in the market don’t have. For those who are looking for awesome sheets, this product is a good find for such an amazing value. You can try to look for the best flannel sheet for all you want, but this one is the treasure many people find to be satisfactory in giving the softest feel and comfort you feel when you sink into your mattress. This is far better than any flannel sheet sold in the market, as claimed by many people who gave good testimonials about the product. This can launder up easily and perfectly you won’t experience any shrinkage even if you use the washing machine in cleaning this up.


Sleeping is one of the most rewarding, if not “the” rewarding, part of the day. When you’re just too tired with everything the day brought you, having the best flannel sheets to greet you when you come home into your bedroom and see your inviting bed, you can’t help but wish to sink into the comforts of your bed immediately.

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