Best Floor Fan Reviews 2017

Do you ever want to have that refreshing breeze of air on your face or maximize the coolness of your house without having to worry about a high electricity bill? Air conditioners are excellent in providing you a cool and comfortable environment yet also consume too much electricity every use. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have that refreshing coolness you deserve because you’re on a tight budget. Make way for the best floor fan! It’s conveniently cheaper than an air conditioner but is as good in terms of cooling your home. Choose from our list which suits your taste.

Honeywell TurboFace Air Circulator Fan

The number one bestseller we’ve found from the bunch is Honeywell TurboFace Air Circulator Fan. This floor fan has a sleek, innovative design and comes in a classy shade of basic black. Unlike most traditional floor fans with long bodies and base stands, this one’s head is literally a little closer to the floor. The head is basically integrated into the base through its sides, looking as if held in mid air by the side poles of the base. This feature also contributes to the pivoting capacity of this floor fan which is up to 90 degrees with 3 speeds and 7-inch blades.

This floor fan is uniquely constructed with an aerodynamic TurboForce design for maximum air movement to ensure a vast range of coolness all over your home, be it in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else. You can also comfortably sleep through it because it’s 25% quieter than other floor fans. It’s made of heavy-duty, sturdy plastic material as well to ensure to guarantee long-lasting use and many cooling years to come. With its convenient size, you can choose to use it while placed on top of a table or mounted to the wall to maximize space. It’s great for intense personal cooling or energy-saving air circulation, too.

Lasko Wind Curve Floor Fan

The next floor fan in our list will probably give you second thoughts about buying it at first because of its price, but we guarantee you that it’s even just reasonably priced with all the goodness it has to offer. Lasko Wind Curve Floor Fan has an incredibly space-saving design with its high-reaching tower style which also contributes to the maximum air cooling coverage.

This floor fan is creatively intuitive and comes with a multi-function remote control so you can manipulate it from afar. The remote offers controls to the different functions of the floor fan. One is the convenient electronic timer that can be set between 0.5 – 7.5 hours. You can also choose one among the 3 quiet speed options which suits your comfort. Other functions that can be found on the remote control are power, oscillation, and ionizer. The back of this floor fan has a built-in storage for the remote control as well and just above it is an ergonomic handle so it’ll be easy for you to carry it around the house. Its unique Wind Curve design makes this floor fan great for home use or even offices.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Floor Fan

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Floor Fan is another pricey pick from the array of options but always remember, paying more means you’re getting more. And by this it could mean higher quality and extra features which both can be found in this floor fan.

This floor fan is incredibly sleek and has an intuitive design as well. It comes as a tower fan which makes it conveniently space-saving so you can place it anywhere you like where air cooling is necessary. Its top most portion has a control panel which is easy to figure out plus a small circular screen right at the middle to see the settings as you go. You can also do adjustments with the settings from afar without having to come to the floor fan itself, thanks to its ergonomic remote control. The remote has push buttons for each of the fan’s function including 3 options of cooling speed, timer function for 1-12 hour/s shut-off, and oscillation. Aside from that, the remote control itself has a unique feature that makes it stand out on its own as well: a built-in flashlight. The electronic LCD display also shows a programmable thermostat. The floor fan has a washable air filter, too.

Lasko Air Stik Ultra-Slim Floor Fan

Talk about having a very handy cooling system that can stand on the size of your palm. Lasko Air Stik Ultra-Slim Floor Fan is ultra-small indeed with a length of 14.inches and width of 4 inches. It’s compact and lightweight but is jam-packed with all the qualities you’ll look for in any bigger floor fans plus it can amazingly deliver on your cooling demands.

This mini floor fan has an intuitive design and function buttons that are easy to figure out. It allows you to adjust the speed settings between 2 quiet cooling options, and initiate oscillating function to maximize airflow around your home for that optimum refreshing coolness. The electronic controls are LED-illuminated as well so it’ll be easy for you to adjust settings. Coming in a very small size without the complicated features of other floor fans in the market, you can choose to place it either on the floor for overall cooling effect or above your desk for a more personal refreshing breeze.

Honeywell QuietSet Floor Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Floor Fan is our third Honeywell fan in the list. This floor fan has an innovative design, and you can choose to have it in sleek black or pearl white. Right on its top is a control panel with touch button electronic controls and a small digital display which shows the thermostat setting.

This floor fan also comes with a remote control so you can adjust its settings or turn it on or off without having to get up from the bed or your working chair. The remote control also allows initiation of many other functions such as choosing among the 8 speeds or levels of quiet control especially for a good night sleep, switching to oscillation mode for maximum air coverage, setting breeze, adjusting thermostat, and setting automatic shut-off timer with the following options: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. Overall this floor fan is easy to use with its intuitive features. You can also easily carry it anywhere around the house or your office since it has a convenient handle near the control panel. As always, Honeywell truly delivers on our expectations.

Holmes Tower Floor Fan

Holmes Tower Floor Fan is another ergonomic floor fan that comes with a remote control, and you can also to choose to have it in black or white. Its most upfront view has a full-length ventilation panel that allows as much air to be spread into the surrounding for ultimate cooling and refreshing effect. This floor fan also has a space-saving design so you can place it anywhere without taking too much space.

The control panel is found on its top most portion with soft push buttons for easy adjustments and controls. The function controls can also be seen on the remote control that this floor fan comes with. The remote control has 4 soft push buttons with each specific function printed on top. It’s easy to figure out as well, and the functions maximize this floor fan’s convenience. The features and functions which can be found in this floor fan include 3 options of speed quality, top-mounted control with LED lights, oscillation mode for wide are coverage, and automatic shut-off timer. Since it’s also energy efficient, you can enjoy using it for many hours without worrying about the electricity bill.

Lasko Wind Machine Floor Fan

Lasko Wind Machine Floor Fan is your ultimate buddy for an optimum refreshing breeze experience. This floor fan is an excellent air circulator with a large head that creates a maximum air flow. You can also easily carry it anywhere around your home with its convenient handle right on the top. It has a rugged design and construction to ensure long-lasting use for many years of excellent cooling experience.

This floor fan has a pivoting head as well which maximizes its air cooling capacity by covering a wider area. Unlike other electric fans, this wind machine has 5 blades that create a massive blow of air once turned on. Because of its great air power and vast area coverage, you can use it in the living room to efficiently bring freshness and coolness all around without having too pay more on your electricity bill. Its stylish design is versatile enough so you can also bring it to your office, too.

Holmes Box Floor Fan

Holmes Box Floor Fan is probably not your ordinary floor fan especially with its unique, innovative look. It doesn’t have a stand or base but its frame serves as the main base itself. Powerful air flow is produced by the 5 blades which have a patented design and come in a size of 20 inches each. Its unique blade design creates a maximum airflow for efficient air cooling effect with a vast area coverage.

You can also choose among its 3 speed options and set to desired air control which is incredibly useful during bedtime to ensure a good night sleep without the noise. The front grill is removable as well for easy dusting and washing to maintain that clean and comfortable breeze all the time. It also has an integrated carry handle so you can carry it anywhere around the house or even bring it to your office because of its stylish design. The cord wrap are even neatly stored away. Its space-saving design makes this floor fan great for home use especially in bedrooms, living rooms, or even office use.

Lasko Pedestal Floor Fan

Lasko Pedestal Floor Fan is the fourth floor fan from Lasko so with this, we’re already sure it’ll definitely give us satisfaction. This floor fan has a long, slim body and a wide base for support. Its main head is rugged and built tough as it’s made of high-tensile, sturdy overall materials for long-lasting use. It also has a wide oscillation capacity to accommodate a vast area for efficient maximum cooling effect.

The head of this floor fan can be tilted back as well to direct air flow where needed. Its elegant design makes it good for living room use or bedroom use but it’s also great for office use, too. It’s lightweight and has a length of 55 inches so you can carry it anywhere with such ease. It comes with three energy-efficient speed options for you to choose and suit your needed quality of refreshing breeze.

Rowenta Turbo Silence Floor Fan

We’re packing up with the most pricey floor fan in our list but Rowenta Turbo Silence Floor Fan can prove to you that you’ll get more than what you pay for. This floor fan has a unique stand design with bended upper most portion that also makes room for the control panel, and right behind it is a convenient dial for height adjustment which smoothly turns as you do the setting. The function of each electronic push button is easy to figure out with its label printed on top.

This floor fan has 4 options of speed control and aside from its efficient control panel, it also comes with a remote control for you to adjust the settings without having to get up from the bed. Traditional stand fans don’t have remote controls so you have to manually push the buttons which are usually integrated into their stands. This one is made more convenient with the advanced features of smaller fans but retained the traditional look. This floor fan has 5 uniquely engineered propellers that create a powerful blast of air but at the same time don’t produce a noise for a quiet, refreshing coolness.


With the array of floor fan options we have in the market, surely there’s one out there that’s best for you. One specific fan can’t possibly please all the consumers because of the variety of individual cooling demands. So always remember the important points in choosing the perfect floor fan for you: quality, convenience, and price. They come hand in hand to give you an outstanding refreshing satisfaction.

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