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Best Floor Lamps - Floor Lamp Reviews

The best floorlamp can make all of the difference in your life. Your home is an oasis, and a dark room can ruin that feeling. An essential piece to a room is a sturdy, fashionable floor lamp that can set the perfect mood lighting for your lifestyle.

How to Buy the Perfect Floor Lamp

The first and most important step when buying your ideal lamp is to figure out the lamp’s placement. Is it going somewhere where everyone can see it, such as your living room or dining room? Will it go into your basement so you don’t accidentally step on an unsuspecting spider? Then note how large the room is, and how tall the ceilings are. When you’re buying a lamp, start with the basics, you need to find out if your perfect lamp will actually fit your room. Measure how tall the lamps are, and how bright you need it to be. Do yourself a favor and dig out the trusty tape measure. It would be shame if you bought a lamp too tall or big for your room.

Next, decide on the brightness of your lamp. Is the lamp providing dim mood lighting, or will it be the main source of lighting for your home office? When browsing lamps online or in stores, check to see what kind of light bulbs it will use and how bright they shine. Once you have decided on all of the practical details, you may now become giddy about style. A floor lamp is a noticeable piece to a room, and it’s important to take into account how well it will look with your furniture. While some floor lamps are plain and serve to be more practical, others are more ornate and can add some flair to your room. Notice what colors you are using in the room, and how kind of style you are trying to achieve.

The most important part about buying a lamp is to not go backwards in this process. Don’t get caught trying to fit a stylish lamp into your home that doesn’t fit or isn’t bright enough. A floor lamp is a staple to any room, so choose wisely!

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


An excellent and efficient choice if you’re looking for a powerful and lasting floor lamp. The simple, yet modern design is perfect for any room. Because of its rotating top and slender design, this floor lamp can be placed anywhere you desire a prevailing source of light. With 3,000 lumens, this lamp will provide a light as close to natural sunlight. Although, it also is equipped with a dimming setting perfect for any room.

Adesso Trinity Arc Lamp

Adesso Trinity Arc Lamp

A great way to add a statement piece to a room. This arc lamp has three different hanging lamps, creating a traditional look that could add elegance to a room. If need be, the hanging lights can rotate, if the current structure is inconvenient for the size of your room. The lights are delicately covered with burlap textured shades. Perfect for a cozy, beautiful room. This floor lamp is convenient and stylish.

Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp

For the astute reader or professional stationed at home, this is a highly efficient light that will produce an exceptional white light. Perfect for someone who needs to see fine details in their work, this floor lamp will give you the most lighting for you to have clear visibility. The energy saving bulbs are a great plus—this lamp will save money by reducing energy costs and by reducing the number of times needed to replace the bulbs.

Brightech Emma Tripod Floor Lamp

Brightech Emma Tripod Floor Lamp

This unique floor lamp is an effortlessly stylish choice, ideal for a contemporary look in any room. The three legs are made with natural wood, and the quality cream colored shade provides exceptional ambient lighting. The lightweight design makes this lamp easy to set up and to place in any nook of your home. A great feature is the long cord, making it a great choice for those with limited outlets or space.

Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

A stylish and practical choice if you’re short on space. This floor lamp is modern with high quality wood frame, available in either dark brown or black varnish. The shelves descending to the base of the lamp is a fantastic solution if you’re looking for some extra storage in your room. The shaded light produces a soothing warm light, perfect for room in need of some mood-lighting.

Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp

Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp that will provide a warmer ambiance to your room, this might be the right choice for you. The shade goes all the way down to the base, which can dull the light and create a calming atmosphere for your room. This floor lamp requires recommends light bulbs with a lower lumen, which produces less light. Make this a stylish addition to your room for an inexpensive price.

Simple Designs LF2000 SLV Floor Lamp

Simple Designs LF2000 SLV Floor Lamp

Sometimes you need a simple, inexpensive choice to fit your lifestyle and your budget. The SLV Floor Lamp is an essential piece to a dorm room or kids room. The slender, no-nonsense design is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a practical lighting solution. Its versatile design makes it easy to place anywhere or to be used for any number of activities. A great choice for those seeking a standard, practical floor lamp.

Best Designs for Floor Lamps

The right floor lamp for you means you need the right design. Look at all of the pieces in your room, what type of lamp would be the right fit?


This lamp normally has a straight pole with a bowl-like opening at the top. This is a common lamp, and often times they are the least expensive ones that you can find. They tend to be on the simpler side, so if you’re looking for something that will make a bold statement, you might want to look around for a different style.

Our Recommendation:Brightech – SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Tower Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to set some mood lighting, this might be the right lamp for you. This type of lamp has a shade that goes all the way down to the base, providing ambient and warm lighting. Consider this type of lamp if you’re looking to brighten up a peaceful space such as your bedroom or master bathroom. Not only will you get a great light, but it is also a unique structure.

Our Recommendation: Autumn Branch Square Tower Floor Lamp

Club Lamp

If you’re looking for something simple that gives off an ambient light, this will be the perfect style for you. Another common design, the club lamp has a straight pole and a downwards facing lampshade. Although this is a common style, make sure that it fits in with the design of your room. If you’re going or a modern look, this one might seem outdated.

Our Recommendation:Mossy Oak Antler Club Floor Lamp

Down Bridge Lamp

Maybe an ordinary lamp just won’t do for you, in which case, this will be a fantastic lamp for you. This lamp has a straight pole, but then bends like a hook at the top to hang a downward facing shade. Depending on the style, this can be a very modern or traditional look.

Our Recommendation:Dale Tiffany Crystal Jewel Pebble Stone Floor Lamp

The Right Light for Every Room

When it comes to floor lamps, there isn’t one lamp that can fit every room and every environment. You wouldn’t use a recliner to put around your dining room table or kitchen stools to add comfortable seating in your living room. Think about floor lamps the same way—there are different kinds for a reason! Every room has different needs, and there is a lamp that can help fulfill them.

The Living Room

Out of all of the rooms in your home, your living room is the most traveled room. If the people you know and love visit you in your space, why not make it a reflection of you? When it comes to floor lamps, look for something that fits your style. Go bold or go simple. If there is a fancy design that suits you, the living room is the best place.

The Office

Your office serves an important function. It is a space to get work done so you can afford these lamps! While you want your office to be comfortable, you also need it to be a place where you can focus. In this space, choose a floor lamp that has a simple look and isn’t distracting. Remember to check out how brightness of the bulbs it uses, you want something that will not hurt your eyes, but will still be bright enough for you to keep focus.

The Bedroom

Can we talk about mood lighting? You’re a hard working person, and deserve a relaxing atmosphere to soothe you to sleep every night. Find lighting that has warmer tones. Look for floor lamps with a large shade, or with an ability to change increase or decrease the intensity of the light. Make this room your comfort zone.

Floor Lamp Placements

81gpnapiqtl-_sl1297_In Photo:Simple Designs LF1014-BLK Floor Lamp

Make sure you’re putting your lamp in the perfect spot. Think about it—what needs light, what doesn’t? Setting up a lamp in an area without a second thought can be a big mistake. Be strategic when it comes to placing your floor lamps. A great way to consider the perfect placement for your floor lamp is to consider what needs the most lighting. In the living room, you might have a favorite place to read. Set your floor lamp next to the comfiest chair or couch so you can crack open a book and have enough light to focus. If you’re not a literary-type and prefer to watch TV, make sure your floor lamp doesn’t add any glare to the screen. Set the lamp behind the TV or on the other side of the room.

In the dining room, make sure your floor lamp shines the brightest on the table. If you’re having guests over, you want everyone to see all of the amazing food you prepared. In the bedroom, you might prefer to have the floor lamp right next to your bed. This way, you can turn the lamp on and off without having to get out of your cozy spot. It can also be the first light you turn on when you wake up to get you started with your day. With all of these suggestions in consideration, make sure to make the placement as convenient as possible for you. The ugliest choice you can make is to have wires running through rooms, so make sure your floor lamp is as close as possible to an outlet.

What About Wattage?

Besides adding a statement piece to your room, the main purpose for a floor lamp is to add light. This means you need to pay attention to what kinds of bulbs the floor lamp you’re purchasing. Every floor lamp should come with information about the bulbs it requires, and you can do some quick research to ensure that you have the right kind of light for your room.

Warm and Cool Tones

On every light bulb package there is information about “light appearance.” This is where you will find out if the light will be either warm or cool tones. A warmer light is used to add a softer ambiance to a room. Your light will like orange or a dull yellow, which makes a comfortable atmosphere to your room. A cooler tone will the more blue or white. This tone will be more useful in offices or kitchens where you need a light that will keep you focused. The “light appearance” will be listed in Kelvins on the light bulb. The lower the temperature, the warmer the tone will be. Which means the higher the temperature, the cooler and more white the light will be. Decide which one is right for your room!


Wattage is the amount of energy a light bulb will produce, while lumens in the amount of light that will shine. Lumens is important to look out for on a light bulb, especially if the lighting in a room is an essential to the productivity of your room. The more lumens there are in the light bulb, the closer the appearance will be to natural sunlight. This means if you’re looking for a dimmer setting for a bedroom, you will need less lumens. Or, if you’re looking to light up an office, make sure it has more lumens.

Feng Shui Your Floor Lamps

Need more balance in your room? Is the energy all wrong in your living space? If you love the idea of feng shui, you can certainly apply those concepts when you decide to purchase a floor lamp. Light is the source of life, and adding the right kind of light to a room can add good energy. Why do you need good energy from your home? The purpose of your home is to recharge and refresh so you can get back to your life. Whether you’re executing an amazing presentation that could get you that next promotion, or need to be fresh for your next date—you need the right energy to be your best self.

If you’re trying to realign your life, banish the darkness in your important spaces. Brighten a dark corner in a common area to begin your fresh outlook on life. An upward facing vertical light such as a torchiere is symbolic of confidence and upward mobility. The strong base and the straight pole produces energy. Think about when you stand up straight and raise your head upwards. Your body feels energized and the improved posture boosts self-confidence.

A dark area in a room can pull your energy down and make you feel like you’re in a slump. These areas can create a stagnation, which can cause the room to be unapproachable. If this is in a common area in your home, the feeling of being unapproachable can bleed into your own life. A mixture of natural light and artificial light you can achieve with floor lamps can formulate a perfect balance when it comes to the energy of your room. A well-lit room is essential to creating a positive and uplifting space. Don’t let your dark room hinder the energy of your own life.


A floor lamp is a perfect solution that can add light and style to any space in your home. Take into account all of your needs before buying a floor lamp, you have a great number of options! You can make a bold statement with an ornate floor lamp, or make a room feel relaxing and peaceful with warm tones. See what you like from the floor lamps you browse through and make your room lighting reflect your personal style. Find the best floorlamp for you, the lighting in a room can have a lasting effect on you and your guests.


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