Best Foam Boards Reviews 2017

You have to put some information on display at your workplace or you want to show your artwork to your classmates. Can you stick your information or art directly on the walls? Well, no body’s going to allow you to do that.

That’s when foam boards come to your rescue. We can stick anything we want on them with the help of a few pins and we are ready to showcase our work to the world. In this article, we will discuss some of the top foam boards along with their features. We will also list down some of the important factors you must consider when buying a foam board.

Elmer’s Cork Foam Board

One of the most popular foam boards brands, Elmer’s, brings to you this affordable foam board having a lightweight and durable construction. The board has a fine grain surface which allows you to reuse it with push pins or tacks. If you wish to use the board to display something permanently, use adhesives on this board and your posters will be stuck on it for a long time.

This is perfect for your school and college projects, and they also work really well for business and office use. These top foam boards come in two sizes, 16×20” and 20×30”.

Pacon Corrugated Presentation Board

These colored foam boards by Pacon are perfect for your school and college projects. These foam boards are ideal for your science fair projects, booths, and displays. If you like to add some color and life to your office workspaces, these boards will fit perfectly in your work areas; it’ll surely lighten up your office.

These lightweight foam boards are so portable that carrying them is a breeze. Each pack comes with 4 boards each one having a unique color. This is easily one of the most inexpensive foam boards available on the market and you’ll love them.

Elmer’s Premium Tri-Fold Foam Display Board

This tri-fold foam board is yet another fantastic product by Elmer’s. When opened, they have a dimension of 36 x 48” and could be easily folded which makes it great for carrying from one place to another and storage. This lightweight board is one of the best foam boards are fully capable of standing on their own.

These easy-to-handle boards sport a smooth surface which is ideal for paints, makers, glue, and other decorative stickers. The black color makes the pictures and art stand out. This is a perfect board for school projects and science fairs.

EcoBox Polystyrene Foam Sheet

EcoBox brings to you this wonderful foam board which is about an inch thick and 24 x 48” in dimension. These boards do not just work as boars for display; they also work as insulation against shock and vibration. This is an excellent lightweight foam board ideal for craft projects, science fairs, and projects, and even for business use.

This versatile board could be used to pack fragile items such as a flat screen TV. This is indeed a fabulous foam board deal which gives you a lot more than just a board.

Gilman Brothers Black Foam Core Backings

Gilman Brothers presents this set of new foam boards which work perfectly for your different needs. You could use them to pin your pictures or posters and you could also draw your pictures or create art on them. Its multi-purpose use makes this one of the most sough-after boards available on the market.

Although the pack of these foam boards cost more than others, let’s not forget that we get 10 of them. This makes them one of the cheap foam boards when the prices of single boards are compared. It has the dimension of 32 x 40”.

Elmer’s Foam Board, White Surface

Elmer’s is back with yet another amazing product, this time with its white surface foam boards which come in the set of 10 pieces. The fact that these boards have a smooth surface, make it convenient for us to print, paint, use glue or markers on them. This is a lightweight yet strong and rigid board with a polystyrene CFC-free core.

If you ever wish to cut this board into smaller pieces, you could easily do it with the help of an X-ACTO knife. If you are looking for an incredible foam board deal, then do check this product.

What are Foam Boards?

Foam boards find use in schools, colleges, and offices. At workplaces, they help you display important information, notifications, pictures of the team and leaders, inspirational quotes, and many more such things.

In schools and colleges, you could use them to display the artwork by students such as poetry, articles, paintings, crafts, etc. School students can also use these boards to showcase their science fair projects. Some foam boards let you do your artwork on them directly such as painting, creating decorative craft patterns, etc.

We just saw how foam boards could be used by students and office employees. They could also be used by teachers who want to display educative information on the classroom walls. Foam boards allow you to share information and creativity without damaging the walls or the tables.

There are quite a few brands that manufacture these foam boards and they come in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. In the following section, we will discuss some of the factors that you must consider in order to select a good foam board.

What to Look For

The first factor you must look at is the size of the foam board. As mentioned before, these boards come in different sizes and it is important that you know an approximate size of the board that you’d want to buy. This is because, if you are given a small space on the wall to display, you do not want a foam board which exceeds that space.

Take a look at the thickness of the foam board. If you have to stick papers, then a board with small thickness might do the trick. However, if you would be using your board to stick decorative items such as beads, sequins, stones, and other things, using pins, then it would be better to have a thick board. Also, a thick board reduces the chances of the pins entering the walls or other surfaces.

Secondly, a good foam board should be portable and lightweight. Most often, we have to carry them from one place to another and if a board can be easy to carry along, nothing like it.

The next factor is the color of the board. Most people prefer to buy foam boards which are neutral in colors such as black or white. However, this completely depends on why you need the board. You would also find bright-colored boards available on the market. Select the color of the board based on your needs and the décor of the surrounding area.

The last factor is the price. Some boards come in packs of 3 or 10, even. Make sure when you compare the prices, you take into consideration the number of boards that you would get in one pack. Most foam boards are inexpensive and are reasonably priced, but there are a few which cost more.

In order to land some amazing discounts and offers, go through the whole list of foam boards for sales.

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