Best Fog Machine Reviews 2017

These days it’s all about wowing your audience with special effects, whether it’s through amazing lighting or by creating some awesome fog effect. All stage shows, parties, etc. have fog effects just to create that right vibe and add a bit of excitement to the venue. And you know what? It really works!

So, if you’re an event or party organizer or someone who hosts a lot of parties at home, you’d definitely want to check out these incredible fog machines that we’d be discussing in this post. Let’s see some of the top fog machines available on the market.

Chauvet Hurricane 400-watt fogger

Chauvet, one of the most trusted and popular names in the entertainment lighting industry, brings to you this 400-watt Hurricane fog machine. This compact and lightweight machine gives you an output of 1,500 cfm (Cubic ft. per minute) with a fluid consumption rate of 7.5 ml/min.

It can emit thick bursts of water-based fog perfect to take your light show to another level and you can use it right out of the box. This machine has a tank capacity of 0.2 gallon which comes to around 0.6 L.

You could also use a wired remote control that accompanies this machine. The remote length is 13 feet or 4 meters. That way, you can be standing at a distance while the fog flushes the stage, party area, or any space where you want it. It can fill a 14 foot square room with about a ceiling height of 8 foot in approximately a minute’s time.

If you’d like, Chauvet gives you the choice of purchasing this fog machine along with the fog juice and/or with the Strobe Light Bundle. It comes with a pint of water-based fog fluid so you could start using the machine immediately.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine

The Halloween fog machine is brought to you by 1byone. This 400 watt machine can produce a fog output of 2000 CFM and requires a warm-up time of no more than 4-5 minutes. 1byone also manufactures a 700 watt fog machine which is priced slightly higher than this one, but has the same set of excellent features.

The machine has a tank capacity of 300 ml and can use only water-based fog juice. It comes with a 6.5 feet wired remote so you could operate the machine from a distance. The machine is made from the best quality of materials and is completely safe to use. It’s CE, RoHS, and ETL approved.

There’s a hose drain for your indoor use. As the machine weighs only 4.7 pounds, it’s super easy to carry it to your party venue or any of your gigs. This machine is fully equipped to create think fog to fill a room that is approximately the size of two garages.

If you want to work with a wired remote control, 1byone also gives you a chance of purchasing their wireless remote or timer remote for special effects.

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

This fog machine, by Eliminator Lighting, is backed by a powerful 700 watt heater. Being capable of producing fog at the rate of 1500 Cubic Feet Per Minute, this machine is definitely one of the most sought-after machines in the lighting and entertainment industry.

The compact design makes it easy to carry it to any location of your choice. The Plug-and-Play feature and the wired remote control allow you to use it without any difficulty. It can get to work right away, meaning you don’t have to spend time waiting for it to generate fog.

This water-based fog machine has a container which can hold up to 1 pint of juice at a time. The remote is wired for up to 10 feet. Plus, this top quality machine comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Froggys Fog Halloween Fog Machine

Froggys Fog’s Halloween fog machine uses either 400 watt or 1000 watt heater giving you the choice to decide how powerful you want your machine to be depending on your use. The design and the construction make it a user-friendly machine, which you’d have absolutely no trouble using and maintaining.

The output of this machine is 5000 Cubic Feet Per Minute, which is fantastic to generate thick fog to quickly fill up any room. The heat up time of the machine is quite small creating large clouds of fog in practically no time.

This fog machine by Froggys Fog comes with a wired remote that’s capable of Manual fog control and operation. The wired remote features a Power indicator. Optional Timer and Wireless Remote are also available for you to purchase if you require.

Chauvet Lighting Hurricane 1301 Fog Machine

This innovative fog machine is based on the latest technology, brought to you by Chauvet. It has an advanced fluid sensor which makes the pump shut-off automatically when the fluid levels are quite low. This prevents overheating and also the potential damage that could be caused to the machine.

The fog machine is pretty easy to control as it comes with a manual fog button. You could also operate it remotely through the timer remote. The LED illuminated tank makes it easy for you to manage and handle the machine in a way that it can perform efficiently for years to come!

This cutting-edge machine can quickly fill up any venue with fog, in just a matter of a couple of minutes. Although, it costs slightly more than other a few other fog machines out there, its top-rated quality and fantastic set of features easily make up for the price.

MARQ Fog 400 LED

MARQ brings to you this 400 watt fog machine with 3-colored LED lights. Get this machine, and you’re all ready to set up the perfect stage or any party event complete with special effects. It quickly generates thick fog at an excellent rate of 1500 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

Easy to operate and handle, this machine comes with a wired push button remote that activates it even from a distance, so your special effects really comes as a surprise to your audience. The colored LEDs create the most awesome “pyro” effect to make your event vibrant and color-rich.

This fog machine is available in 4 different colors such as red, white, blue, and black. MARQ has designed the machine to work with water-based fog fluids including FogFluidGal, FogFluidQt, and FogFluid120z, also manufactured by MARQ.

Eliminator Lighting EF-1000 Fog Machine

This powerful fog machine is brought to you by Eliminator Lighting. It is run by the extremely powerful 1000 watt heater which enables the machine to generate up to 4500 Cubic Feet fog in a minute. Its top-class performance and efficiency have made it one of the most widely used fog machines in the entertainment and events industry.

The machine supports easy operation as it comes with a wired remote control option. The remote control device has a Power Indicator. You can simply plug and play this simple but powerful machine and rest assured that it’ll do its job quite well.

American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger

American DJ introduces this low lying fogger that’s great to create that amazing setup in your stage events and parties. The machine works best with the Kool fog rapid dissipating fog liquid. This fog machine is designed to use regular ice to produce the low lying fog effect.

Want to fog the place automatically after a period of time? Don’t worry. This machine has a timer which will fog automatically after the set time. Through the timer, you can control the output as well as the duration of fog. That way, you could focus your time and energy on other more pressing issues that might need your attention or simply enjoy the event!

The machine is also perfect for creating the Halloween effect or a stage effect that’s best to accentuate any type of performance.

American Dj Fog Storm 1200 Hd Fog Machine

This high performing fog machine is manufactured by American DJ, and is an incredible way of lighting up your events and stages on the click of a button. This is a 1200 watt professional fog machine capable of producing up to 7,000 CFM thick fog.

If you wish to operate the machine manually or through a remote control, the machine takes care of both of your needs. The external activation switch on the rear of the unit can be used to instantly fill up any room with fog. This also works in case you’ve lost the remote controller.

The timer controller is also available for you to control the operation beforehand so you don’t have to manage the machine while the event is going on. You could simply pre-set the timer and the duration of operation. However, the timer and the remote controller are sold separately.


Now, that you’ve gone through some of the best fog machines that are available out there and also their features, we trust you’re in a position of selecting the right fog machine for you. Just look out for the features such as easy operation, power rating of the heater, rate of output, and any other special features. We’re sure you’d get it right!

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