Best Folding Saw Reviews 2017

The best folding saw is used for cutting branches, trunks, and other items it would be applicable to. Most folding saws will fold into itself and fold out into full length with a securing lock on the blade! They come in curved, straight, and flexible blades that govern how fast or slow they cut! These tools can be used at home, outdoors, or anywhere you can carry it.

Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw is the saw with the 10-inch curved blade. Choosing the right saw for cutting and pruning most branches from small to medium will need the proper tool to do it right! If you thought of getting this option, you’ve made the right choice! This is a precise pruning saw that has the 3-sided teeth needed to cut into branches with the kind of cutting action needed. Its teeth are impulse hardened steel for cutting through without difficultyand will keep the sharpness for a long time. The blade is curved for speedier cutting and it can be replaced, and it’s a taper ground-folding blade for storage convenience! To make sure that cutting will be much easier, a 10-inch blade that will be better for that purpose. Blasting through most small and medium branches while using this is very convenient.

Just to make sure that your hand will keep cutting at the right angle and proper force applied will do the job, a handle that’s maximized by making it ergonomic, comfortable to grip, co-molded handle that’ll keep you sawing correctly. If you need the better, faster, sharper, and most efficient folding saw, get this and prune like a master!

EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw

EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw is the handsaw that is a rugged 8-inch blade that stays sharp for smooth, fast sawing all the time! If you know what a saw is, then this is what you’ve been looking for a very long time! It has the features that make it a really “good” saw. Why? Just look at how sturdy this folding saw is, and is perfect for outdoors when you need it during camping, backpacking, home-use or any other purposes it can be utilized. The reasons why this saw is so goodbecause this is a utility saw that’ll rip through wood, plastic, and bone like paper, and it’s a safe and easy to carry anywhere! Get a grip! This handle is firmly held, ergonomic, and comfortable to usewhile sawing you will have good control too. Another design safety extra is a gear style lock in an adjustable blade. Integrated is a superior design that has reduced friction by using Japanese style pull-cut sawing to do the cutting! If you are not happy send it back, refund or replace no questions asked, and a lifetime warranty! If you want this for you and it can saw like a champ, then we’re happy you’re satisfied!

SVEN saw 21″ Saw

21″ Saw is the strong Swedish steel saw blade that folds to to 24″ x 1 3/4″ x 5/8″! Do you need a good folding saw that is made to be light in weight that is exactly less than a pound in your hand? Is American-made important to you, if you want an all-American product that will be a good by? Is backpacking a daily weekend affair that you like to do. If you answer, yes to that question and knowing that this saw can be placed in your backpack for storage easily. The design folds compactly into a strong aluminum frame, when not used and is big as 23”x1-1/2”x9/16-inches when folded.

This folding saw comes with features like good handling, with no corners but ergonomic handgrips with a red anodized finish tube that extends under the blade as another hand hold. Rugged as heck! With a triangular that is very rigid frame that can take the punishment. If you need fast cutting, then is what can do it, by sawing through a log in a minute of intense cutting! No need to worry about being “sawed” or cut, because it can collapse into the handle that will become a sheath to cover it.

Silky Folding Landscaping Saw GOMBOY PROFESSIONAL

Silky Folding Landscaping Saw GOMBOY PROFESSIONAL 240 is the folding saw with good cutting medium teeth. Included in the package is a clear plastic case that’s for storage and carrying of the folding saw. If you need it, you can use it for pruning, trimming, lawn and garden, and construction or any fabrication jobs. It’ll do excellent sawing and cutting action that’s smooth as silk, with a sturdy 9 ½ -inch that’s strong as well! This saw is hit with gardeners and woodworkers who need the best cutting saw with good quality! The saw teeth are made for ripping into green or dry woodor cut anything that wouldn’t dull its teeth.

The saw teeth utilize “Smooth Cutting Tech” for better cutting speed and strength. All the saw teeth are on spring –loaded blade lock mechanism that is efficient in cutting and maximizes blade contact where it’s used on. The handle is padded rubber that will make it more controllable to do sawing with precision. Needing a new folding landscaping saw? Choose this and what you got is one good product with superb cutting action! You will not look for anything else if you’ve got this in hand and will love what it does.

TABOR TOOLS T-6 Folding Pruning Saw and All-Purpose Hand Saw

TABOR TOOLS T-6 Folding Pruning Saw and All-Purpose Hand Saw is the saw for trimming tree branches and forest trails. What you can do with this saw is make pruning easy and convenient using this saw. If cutting branches from trees like Oaks or Pines, this one mean hand saw that can rip up to 4-inches in any diameter. It’s done by using super sharp saw teeth that cut on the draw stroke in a reverse pull, then a push that cuts deep into the limb. While cutting the wood, the sharp teeth will stay stable without any misalignment during sawing.

This not just like any other saw but it can be put in the backpack or toolbox because it’s lightweight too. It can be used for trail maintenance or making shelters and it can cut firewood for the flame. It’s one compact option that can in the carwhen needed but when it’s folded it can be placed in your pocket too. A sure grip is had with non-slip materials on the handle for better control! Opening and locking the saw is easy with a securing hook, corrosion resistant too, and a handle where everything collapses into. This one efficient folding saw with many features that will make it a really good buy.

Sportsman Folding Saw

Sportsman Folding Saw is the one with a 10-inch curved blade for pruning that is also perfect for camping trips. You should have this for yourself because of the 10-inch curved blade that’s made for swift cutting, a curved cutting edge will move at a faster rate and will be more continuous! This lightweight and extra big option also has an ergonomic grip that’s embossed for better control or handling when push and pulling while cutting. The saw can be used for other uses like shelter building and essential needs like woodcutting for the campfire. If you need a sturdy and strong saw this is it! The saw blade is made of carbon steel and a metal shank running into ¾” down the handle. Testing that was conducted on the saw has proven its toughness in the field. The durability and usefulness of this saw will find a place in your toolbox or rucksack. This is one great option to get that’ll make pruning and cutting wood real easy and fast to do! Get this today for you cutting needs and you’ll see how easy it makes the task to do!

Silky Saws Katanaboy

Silky Saws Katanaboy Teeth is the extra large folding in the market today. If you need the biggest folding saw in the market for your personal use, then it’s perfect for your specific needs. If you need to use two hands for more applied force during sawing, this will do just that! This large folding saw is big enough but not too small blade that will saw into any branch up to 10-inches thick with relative ease. The saw edge has features like having a long length, balanced precisely, impulse hardened and tapered, non-set tooth design, that’ll cut deeper and faster with less effort compared to other options! Keeping a good two-handed grip is non-slip handles that are rubberized and cushions for comfort and control while doing the push and pull motion. If you need to cut really large tree trunks, this can do it as well. Overall it has a good design, strength, balance, and good quality for this good option! Included is a carrying bag with Velcro to fasten the folding saw and storage for replacement blades. This is one really serious folding saw that’ll be very good at cutting and for other uses in the home or the outdoors.

SHVIRO Folding Hand Saw

Shviro Folding HandSaw is the ideal tree-pruning tool for your garden! Your garden needs the best pruning saws that you get for best results. If you want to get this fine option that’ll prune and trim with such precision from a top tier choice like this. This tool has a rugged razing tool that’ll do all the cutting in an efficient pull and push move that is just right for trimming the hedges and branches much easier. This saw can be folded for safe carrying and storagewhen it’s not used. This design enhances overall safety and handling considering how sharp the saw-blade is! To open, just press the button, and that simple to convert it for immediate use. A good hand grip is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable with black air bubbles for more comfort and control. Unlike other options that leave you with sore and callused hands from sawing. A low strain and lightweight design that enhances the usefulness of this option, and it can be carried anywhere too! For your peace of mind a 100% Risk-free guarantee that’ll make you happy that you got it!


Choosing the proper best folding saw is quite a choice to make because there are many to choose from. The differences of each offering are many, such as having a curved blade or a standard one and some concerns whether it can rip any branch in short time. But, one constant feature is that it can be folded easy and will be secured with a lock when in use! Important to this type of saw is how fast it’ll cut and what kind of metal are the teeth made of! Will the handle be good to hold, and will it give more enough control when in use! These factors are what will make any folding saw a precise tool for pruning, limb cutting, and other similar purposes.

Now, the issues are analyzed then choosing the proper tool will be presumably much easier. If not more time can be taken reaching the final decision! Whatever the choice, it will be a good one if all the info needed will be considered! That’ll leave us with the right one for us!

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