Best Folding Shovel Reviews 2017

Shovels are a must-have for most people who do DIY projects in their gardens. It’s also becoming an extremely popular tool for those who go out on backpacking trips or those who are fond of going camping. It’s used to either dug up holes for their campfire or for building castles with kids in the beach. These folding shovels are also known to be emergency tools that you can use if your car is ever snowed in or if your driveway gets filled with snow. Whatever use you may have for this shovel it can be a bit frustrating an confusing to choose among all the types, brands, and sizes of folding shovels. You don’t need to be confused anymore cause we’ve already listed the best folding shovels in the market.

LifeLine Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

This folding shovel from LifeLine is the most popular on out list. It boasts of being made of high quality aluminum and is lightweight. It also has a three-part construction making it the perfect size to stow away in your vehicle or bag when you camp. If you’re worried about loosing the smaller three parts of this shovel when you disassemble it, you don’t need to worry anymore since it comes with three bright colors that would make finding each piece easy and quick.These features are great but what really sets this shovel apart from other shovels in the market is its brand. LifeLine is known for making great products that you can use during emergencies and are dependable enough that you’re sure they wouldn’t break if you do ever get into any sticky situation.

If you’re looking for a high quality product that’s made by a trusted brand then this LifeLine folding shovel is a great fit for you. Aside from these features it also received great reviews from its consumers. A lot of them were impressed with how well this shovel does the job despite being smaller than other shovels you’ll find in the market. It was even able to dig out a car that was snowed in by a snowstorm. Although it did receive mostly great reviews there were still a couple of complaints about the shovel. The most noteworthy complaint is that the head of the shovel broke off for some customers after a couple of uses. Its also not advisable to use it for digging up heavier materials as it might not be able to take the weight and would end up breaking. If you’re looking for a shovel that you’ll only use for small digs and with lighter materials then this shovel might be the one for you. Otherwise, its best to read on so you’ll be able to checkout other amazing folding shovels.

SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N – Folding Shovel

Looking for an all-in-one device that’s not only a shovel? Then this SOG entrenching tool might just be for you! It’s made of carbon steel and it’s short enough that it’s perfect to keep in handy for those unexpected cases where you’ll need to shovel sand, dirt, or snow. It also has a steel blade with teeth which you can use for cutting. The blade itself can transform into

a pick, if you rotate it 90 degrees, and a full blade after rotating it to 180 degrees. It’s triangular handle makes it easy and comfortable to use. But what most people are really looking for in folding shovels is its portability and its ability to not take up much space and this folding shovel does just that. When folded it takes up only as much space as a stack of papers does so you won’t have to think twice about putting this in you trunk or packing it for a trip since it wouldn’t be taking much space.

If you’re looking for something that does the job and is incredibly portable then this might just be the shovel for you. It received mixed reviews from its consumers. The main complaint was on the shovel’s ability to do heavy duty digging and also the quality of the steel. However, as other consumers did point out, you shouldn’t really expect to be able to dig a huge hole with this item considering its size. Those who loved it did point out that at the price point that it’s at, it’s an amazing shovel which, despite doing just simple jobs, can do the job properly. So if you’re looking for a shovel which you’ll use to dig up a massive hole in your backyard it’s better if you don’t purchase this product.

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel [22-41578]

Another two-in-one device, this folding shovel from Gerber is durable and compact. Aside from digging holes and lifting dirt and snow, it can also be used as a hammer since it has an integrated hammer at the end. This additional features makes it a perfect companion for any outdoor activity. Its handle is glass-filled and rubberized. This design makes your grip on the handle better and more comfortable so you won’t have to worry about losing your hold on the shovel or getting your hands hurt while shoveling. Gerber also made folding of this shovel easy and hassle free since you can fold it with just one press of a button.

This folding shovel from Gerber Gorge received mixed reviews from consumers. They all agreed that the blade and the handles are of great quality but there were a number of cases where the blacker that attaches the blade to the handle broke off making the whole tool not usable. However, this is easy to repair so if you do encounter this problem there’s no need to worry. The bigger issue that you might want to take note of is the size of the shovel. Yes, most folding shovels are really small but this one is even smaller. It’s not the size of the standard folding shovel that most people may have encountered. Because of its minuscule size, it wouldn’t be suitable for digging up huge amounts of particles and if you’re planning to use it as an emergency tool in case your car gets snowed in, you’ll probably take forever if you use this tool. This tool is perfect for small projects and digging up small holes. It’s also great to have in the campsite where you can use it to hammer down a tent or dig up a campfire but if you’re looking for an emergency tool then this is definitely not for you.

ACEMCO Military Contractor US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel

This folding shovel from ACEMCO is a military grade shovel. This means that the size and the quality of the materials used for the shovel is of military standard. This also means that it’s capable of doing heavier duty jobs because it’s longer and bigger than the previous shovels on this list. It has a steel blade which allows you to use the shovel either as a saw and an ax making it perfect for those looking for a folding shovel that’s sharp and durable enough to cut through wood and other similar materials. This steel blade also makes this shovel perfect to be used as a mattock this means that this shovel is also the perfect garden tool.

If you’re looking for something that you can use on heavy duty jobs or something that you can use both at home and when you’re doing outdoor activities then this might just be the shovel for you. It’s also of great quality and it claims that you can use it for a lifetime! Aside from these great features, it also received great reviews from its consumers. Generally, consumers were impressed about how compact it is and yet it’s still able to dig up holes that’s up to knee-deep with no problem. It’s also incredibly durable and didn’t show signs of damage despite being used on different kinds of materials like dry and wet sand. Since it has a matte black finish it’s also incredibly stylish and you’ll love to carry this around anywhere you go. However, there were also some consumers who weren’t as impressed with the device. For one of the reviewers, the device wasn’t as durable and it broke off after shoveling in the sand for only a couple of times. This is obviously contradictory to the other reviews so it might be that this was just a case of a defective item.

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge [30-000075]

If you’re looking for a tool that might just last you a lifetime then this Gerber E-tool might just be the perfect match for you. It’s made with lightweight and durable products that is promised to endure even the most difficult conditions. An added bonus is its anodized shaft which makes the shovel even more durable. Its handle is specially made for better grip and a more comfortable hold and is made of glass-filled nylon which is “virtually indestructible” according to its manufacturers. Another feature which sets this apart from other folding shovels is its serrated (jagged) blade which makes it perfect to use for chopping and sawing roots.

Other than these great features this folding shovel also received great reviews from consumers. The majority of them loved how durable it is and were claiming that it’s of military grade and can attest to its quality. Its bolts and screws are very durable and is of top-notch quality so you’re sure that it won’t just break down or fall apart even after numerous impacts and uses. One of the consumers also mentioned that despite the fact that the shovel is “built like a tank” it virtually weighs nothing and is still compact and portable. Despite receiving lots of love from consumers this tool also received some bad comments. A common complaint is that the shovel doesn’t really lock at 90 degrees making it a bit difficult to use the jagged blade from that angle. If you’re already set on getting this item but now feel a bit held back due to this slight flaw you may be willing to overlook this since other consumers do say that it locks at a few degrees less than 90 degrees. If you’re looking for something that’s multi-functional, heavy duty, and has been tried and tested by other consumers like you then this shovel might just be the perfect match for you.

Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

This folding shovel from Bond is a great fit for those looking for a folding shovel that’s direct to the point and is no non-sense. It provides you with a great and comfortable grip with the help of its D-handle which is especially designed for lifting and moving. Aside from the D-shape of its handle it also has a non-slip grip that doesn’t only provide comfort but also makes sure that you won’t accidentally throw this shovel. The handle isn’t the only part that this shovel can boast of, its head is also insanely durable since it’s heat treated and is powder coated so you’re sure that your shovel head won’t get any rusts even after using it for years.

These great features are also backed up by great reviews from its consumers. Most of them couldn’t stop gushing about how great it is at performing heavy duty projects and that’s sure to be a feat for other shovels on this list. They also loved how lightweight it is and how compact it becomes once you fold it making it easy to carry and to pack with you wherever you go. They also loved how it can be used at almost every occasion that calls for the use of a shovel whether its for camping, making sand castles, digging up holes in your backyard, or getting your car out of mud or snow. It’s handle is made of fiberglass so its durable and comfortable at the same time. Above all these features what really sells this tool to a lot of people is its price. You get really great value at this price point since this folding shovel would last you years and could be used for lots of purposes. If you’re looking for something that’s durable, affordable, and does the job well then this shovel is the perfect match for you.

Fobachi Military Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch

The Fobachi folding shovel is a great tool if you’re looking for something that’s multi-functional. This shovel can be used not only for digging but also for sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering, and bottle opening. Yeah, we know that’s a lot for such a small device and that’s exactly what makes this shovel special. It’s multi-fuctionality makes it a perfect tool for those looking for a shovel that they could use for any type of task; be it in gardening, camping, or getting out of those emergency situation where you’re stuck in mud or snow. Aside from its functionality it’s also really durable. It’s made of a carbon steel body and steel handle which ensures that it’s durable for any project that you might use this for.

This folding shovel from Fobachi also received great reviews from its consumers. The majority of them are in love with shovel. They loved that it can be folded up twice!! This means that it can fit even the smallest of backpacks and is compact enough that you won’t loose a lot of space in your backpack. They were also extremely impressed at how great this product works despite being so miniscule. Despite how great it is and how good it is at doing the job right, there are of course a couple of flaws to this shovel. One of those flaws that you should take note of is that since its made of carbon steel it’s prone to rusting making it an issue for those who are looking into using this at the beach or for gardening where it’ll probably be exposed to water. If you’re looking fro something heavy duty, highly functional, and wouldn’t mind that this couldn’t be used as much where there’s water or oil then this shovel might be the best one to purchase for you.

VIVO E-Tool, Entrenching Shovel

Vivo’s e-tool is a great tool to keep in handy whether you’re on a trip to the wilderness or just looking into using it for emergency situations. It’s great to use to dig up your tires that are stuck in snow or in mud. It comes in a matte black finish making it a stylish tool to carry around. Its also really lightweight and really compact making it easy to carry around whatever task you might need to use it for. The folded size of this shovel also makes it an easy fit to the carrying case that comes with the tool. Yes, you read it right it comes with a carrying case! So there’s no need to worry about getting the other items inside your bag dirty. It can also be locked at 90 degrees and 180 degrees depending on what you need it to do.

This shovel received amazing reviews from its consumers. They were impressed at how durable and how great it does the job especially considering how small the item is. Aside from the functionality they were extremely happy about the price point of this shovel. It’s extremely cheap especially considering how high quality it is. However, there are still those who feel like this shovel didn’t quite hit the spot with their needs. There were a couple of complaints that the head of this shovel actually bent and got deformed after a couple of digs. There were also a couple of complaints regarding its locking mechanism saying that it wouldn’t be advisable to dig it while its at 90 degrees since it’ll probably fold up due to the poor locking mechanism. If you’re looking for something extremely affordable and you wouldn’t really dig up anything that’s hard like rocks and pebbles then this folding shovel is the best fit for you.


Folding shovels are great to keep in handy for any type of digging and for other purposes like cutting and chopping. We hope that the list above helped you in finding the perfect folding shovel for you and for your needs. Just remember to consider not only the over-all functionality of the shovel but also its price point. It’s also best to consider what types of materials you’ll be using the shovel on since a handful of the shovels on the list are only best for certain types of materials.

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