Best Food Dehydrators Reviews 2017

A food dehydrator is one of the best ways to preserve certain foods such as vegetables, fruits and some meat. This device is used to suck the moisture out of a food to maintain its preservation. A dehydrator uses both heat and air to decrease the water content of a certain food. If you’re a dried-fruit or dried-meat lover, then you certainly need a food dehydrator for yourself. It is healthy and you’ll save more than buying commercialized dried food from other stores.

But how do you choose the best dehydrator for you? Don’t worry, we got you. In this piece, we will give you not just the best, but also the top food dehydrators in the market. From the most expensive to the cheapest dehydrator, we’ll give you the models worth keeping an eye for. Lastly, our main goal is to help you decide which model is perfect for you, so hopefully you’ll be able to find a good dehydrator for sale that is worth your time and money.

Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

Best Food Dehydrators

As one of the leading and most affordable dehydrator in the market, we think it’s fair to include the Nesco FD-75A. For starters, this device would be helpful for you because it has user-friendly features and a recipe book that includes easy-to-prepare recipes. This dehydrator runs on 700 watts, a good enough wattage to dry foods such as fruit and beef jerky in a matter of hours. Likewise, this device has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 95 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, to give you options over your preferred drying results. Additionally, this food dehydrator includes 5 available trays, where you can place your edibles. Planning to make more? The Nesco FD-75A has purchasable trays because this dehydrator can accommodate up to 12 trays.

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black

Best Food Dehydrators

The next one on this list may not be a cheap dehydrator, but it is certainly the paragon of all food dehydrators. Introducing, the Excalibur 3926TB. To begin, this one has adjustable thermostat from 95 – 155 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to perfectly dry variety of foods. Moreover, this dehydrator has an available drying space of 15 sq. feet as well as 9 (BPA free) adjustable trays with mesh sheets, to accommodate your large workload. Furthermore to ensure you an efficient performance, this appliance uses 600 watts and a unique Parallex Horizontal Airflow, to produce even heat on all trays.

Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One Kit with Jerky Gun

Best Food Dehydrators

Another model on this list is coming from one of the leading dehydrator brands, the Nesco FD-61WHC. This dehydrator has an approximately 5 trays available that are BPA free. Moreover, this one uses 500W and a top mounted fan, to efficiently dry all your goodies in hours instead of days. Also, for more flexible drying results, this one has adjustable temperatures. Like beef jerkies? No problem, because the Nesco FD-61WHC comes with a jerky gun as well as some of the most delicious recipes along with this appliance. If a simple, uncomplicated yet inexpensive dehydrator is all you need, then the Nesco FD-61WHC would be a great choice.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Best Food Dehydrators

Need a budget friendly food dehydrator deal? We got you, introducing the Presto 06300. Despite its price, this dehydrator contains beneficial features enough to cater your drying needs. This one has 4 available trays that are expandable to 8 trays, to accommodate your huge workload. Furthermore, this one runs on 600 watts, which makes this one capable of maintaining temperatures from 135 to 145 degrees F. As a bonus, Presto included helpful accessories to help you further by including fruit roll sheets, jerky gun and mesh screens. If you’re in a pretty limited budget, but still want a proper dehydrator, then the Presto 06300 is going to be a good choice.

Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator

Best Food Dehydrators

Want a top-tier dehydrator? Look no further because the Waring Pro DHR30 is one of the best deals you could ever find. This dehydrator has 5 available trays that are adjustable to 9 trays, if you need more space for your edibles. Also, for better drying results, this one uses a top venting system to spread even heat all over the trays. Furthermore, to accommodate your temperature needs, this one runs on 620 watts and has adjustable temperatures such as: high, medium, low and fan. If a decent dehydrator that can satisfy your dried food needs is all you’re looking for, then getting the Waring Pro DHR30 would be a good choice.

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Best Food Dehydrators

The Presto 06301 has one of the highest dehydrator ratings in the market, so it’s only rational that we include this one on this list. This dehydrator includes 6 available trays that can be adjusted to 12 if needed. For better heat distribution, this one runs on 750 watts and uses a bottom-mounted fan. Despite its affordable price, this appliance has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 90 to 165 degree F, and a built-in timer to guarantee accurate drying results. More importantly, along with this appliance are 2 mesh screens and 2 fruit roll up sheets to accommodate your needs. All in all, the Presto 06301 is a trustworthy brand that you can spend money on.

What are the advantages of a food dehydrator?

A better way to lengthen the life span of a food is to dry them through a food dehydrator. Owning a food dehydrator has so many beneficial ways for your health and your pocket. They can be used to dry nuts, to turn them into crispy edibles as well as decrease their phytic acid. Moreover, a food dehydrator can help you make your own yogurt or your own beef jerky. Also, they can be used to dry fruits such as prunes, figs, mangoes, peaches, cherries and strawberries that you can sell. In addition to that, you can also make healthy dried vegetables such as kales, broccoli and green beans.

What to look for in a food dehydrator?

Food dehydrators can be beneficial in so many ways. Not knowing which things to look for in this appliance is however, not so helpful. So, we did the work for you by providing some tips and instructions about your new dehydrator.

Size – when buying a food dehydrator, it’s important how much size you need or must have. Food dehydrators come in many shapes and sizes, so if you have limited space in your kitchen, it’s best to have a smaller size. Furthermore, you can also ask yourself how often you’re going to use a food dehydrator. Is if frequent or pretty rare? If you’re serious about drying your foods, then getting a much expensive one is the agreeable choice. But if not, then you can settle for a low-priced dehydrator.

Airflow system – most high-end food dehydrators have high-quality fans and heating elements to evenly dry all food that is inside the dehydrator. Usually, an ideal food dehydrator uses wattage from 500-1000W power. Moreover, if you want an appliance with powerful airflow system, then get a food dehydrator with dual fans.

Safe materials – since food get in contact with food dehydrators, it’s important that you lay emphasis about the materials they use. Typically, we recommend food dehydrators that are BFA free and have passed the safety standards of FDA.

Other beneficial features – the features of your food dehydrator depends on the price you settle for. If you decide to settle for a cheap dehydrator, then you’ll get limited source of additional features. But if you get a slightly pricey food dehydrator, then you may get beneficial features such as adjustable thermostats or stackable trays, and so on.

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