Best Foot Cream Reviews 2017

Most of us are always on our feet, yet many people forget the importance of taking care of them, if not, it leads to pain, irritation, and well… disregarded foot care is something anyone can see, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Foot spas are not just a great way to relax! They also keep your feet looking and feeling like you could be the next model for Havaianas! But for those who don’t have the time and money, cracked and built-up dried skin doesn’t have to be tolerated either.

We all know how painful callouses are- to the foot AND to the eyes, so we’ve gone ahead and collected the best foot creams on the market for you to check out your options to healthier feet, because who said that harsh work ever had to equal harsh feet?

O’Keeffe’s For Healthy Feet Foot Cream

Feel the results in as short as a few days with this hypoallergenic and diabetic-friendly foot cream, which is guaranteed relief from the pain of dry skin. Some of its main ingredients include water and glycerin which assist in the hydration process, allantoin which is known to soften skin, and paraffin which creates a protective barrier to seal in the moisture.

Unlike many foot creams, this odorless foot cream is non-greasy and is absorbed by the skin in just a few minutes, which means you don’t have to wait until bedtime to treat your feet! Rub some in, slip on a pair of your favorite socks and continue to be productive while O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream works its magic!

CeraVe Renewing System, SA Renewing Foot Cream

A creation of dermatologists, this CeraVe Renewing Foot Cream is a thick cream that releases specific amounts of moisture over time to keep your dry feet constantly absorbing its moisture in the right amounts throughout the day.

CeraVe Foot cream is fortified with vitamin D which is commonly used for treatment for people who suffer with psoriasis (a case in which the life cycle of a skin cell is quicker, leading to a build up of itchy and painful dead cells). It also contains ammonium lactate and ceramides which make up the top layer of our skin.

The SA in its name stands for Salicylic Acid which is best known to assist in the shedding of dead skin cells to reveal the baby-soft skin that’s been hiding under the rough and cracked patches!

Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment

Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment 4.2 fl oz

Allergy-free has never smelled so good! Introducing Nu Skin Sole Solution! This product will bring your sore and scaly feet back to life. It has little beads that exfoliate your skin to get rid of the accumulated dead cells that causes dry skin and callouses.

With a natural scent from allspice berries, this foot cream will not only work on the underlying cause of dry skin, but also will keep your feet smelling absolutely scrumptious! It’s highly recommended by pedicurists and is usually available in some Nail Salons.

This thick cream won’t make your feet feel sticky so you can feel comfortable wearing this product throughout the day, just don’t be tempted by its tutti-frutti smell to eat it!

Flexitol Heel Balm

Flexitol Heel Balm, 4 Ounce Tube

Centipeda Cunninghamii, a minty herb used by the Aboriginal tribes in Australia, is what sets this product apart from the others. This herb rejuvinates the skin and encourages healthy production of new skin cells! This cream also contains tea tree oil, shea butter, a high concentration of urea (around 25%) and many other moisturizing factors to assist in reviving dry patches and itchy skin, as well as exfoliating properties.

Flexitol Heel Balm is also diabetic-friendly and unlike CeraVe SA Renewing foot cream, doesn’t contain Salicylic Acid which can sometimes cause itchiness and allergic reactions in others. With a claim of visible results within 3 days, along with the minty-fresh feeling and scent, using this cream will leave your feet looking healthy and feeling great!

Amopé Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer Lotion for Feet

Amopé Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer Lotion for Feet, 8.45 Ounce

Claiming at least 4 days of use and enriched with multiple vitamins essential for the skin, Amope Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer Lotion for Feet is perfect for those who are after a long-term quality product that is affordable at the same time!

This formula is non-greasy for your comfort but will still keep your skin moisturized throughout all 24 hours of the day so no need to constantly reapply! Efficient and long-lasting!
This cream doesn’t have the regular minty or fruity smelling scent, but it does have an amazing shower-fresh scent that everyone loves!

You must know this product does contain parabens, which is an issue for some people who believe it has adverse effects on the body. However parabens remain to be FDA-approved and most who use this product claim wonders!

Blue Goo Cracked Heel and Hand Skin Softener

Blue Goo Cracked Heel and Hand Skin Softener, 2 Ounce

Another diabetic-friendly foot cream brought to you by Blue Goo! This product speedily helps soften stubborn dry skin! The consistency is quite thick and sticky and is an instant relief to painful callouses.

This product is really strong and so effective that it’s recommended only for those who have severe dry skin and thick, cracked calluses. However, put tiny dots on your elbows, knees, and even your cuticles and the effects are relieving and hydrating.

This softener contains emu oil and beeswax. Emu oil is used by, again, by the Aboriginal tribe of Australia (these guys seem to know what’s good for the skin!) to keep skin moisturized. An addition to why this tribe has come up with plenty of solutions to dry skin is because the air in Australia tends to be very dry, unlike the tropical asian islands above them which are very humid. You will also find beeswax in this hydrating solution which is known for softening and conditioning dry skin.

AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream

Affordable and Hypoallergenic, this cream is recommended to be used twice a day and is highly recommended by both podiatrists and dermatologists. AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream claims to have long-term effects to keep your feet looking and feeling lush!

The alpha-hydroxy acid in the formula works similar to Salicylic acid which aids in shedding and exfoliating the dead, dry skin away to allow the hydrating properties of the cream absorb properly into your feet!

Amlactin is used to treat innumerable permanent skin diseases that cause dryness, itching and other discomfort. What this cream does is quite fascinating, it promotes healthy growth of skin cells and makes sure that all hydrating ingredients are retained, kind of like what paraffin does, making sure natural oils created by our body is kept and put to use. However, it does increase chances of getting sunburned easily, not too sure if that’s much of a problem unless your feet are exposed; better make sure to keep a bottle of high SPF sunscreen with you for unexpected trips to the beach!

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream

f you haven’t heard of Burt’s Bees skincare line yet, it is probably why you are having trouble with keeping your skin hydrated! Burt’s Bees is known to be a very popular brand, with products being over 95% natural, it’s popular among those who suffer several allergies.

Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients in this foot cream, and tropical countries with large quantities of coconut trees often turn to coconut oil when it comes to repairing and hydrating anything that could possibly dry out on your body, whether it be lips, hair or skin because it’s easily absorbed by porous material.

Another ingredient you will find in this solution is rosemary extracts, this acts as an antiseptic and clearing out free radicals that causes the skin to dry out. Of course, let’s not forget how beautifully fragrant rosemary is, who wouldn’t want a whiff of those feet after putting this cream on?

Pre de Provence 15% Natural Shea Butter Foot Cream

Animal lovers love Pre de Provence’s no animal testing gimmick! This foot cream contains no parabens! This cream is all about shea butter, baby! Well, 15% of it. This cream has a cooling effect from natural ingredients to revive beautiful feet! This is a french product infused with shea butter from Central Africa’s “trees of life”!

This cream is infused with peppermint and makes your feet minty smooth! It has a thick consistency but a very good absorbency which is not sticky or greasy in the heat, and also ensures that your feet take in all the refreshing and moisturizing ingredients in the product!
Apart from shea butter and peppermint oil, some other amazing power-moisturizing ingredients in this luxurious foot cream include coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary extracts, grape seed oil and cypress oil!

Definitely for the elitist, a one of a kind classy french touch that your feet have been craving for! Can you say “foot spa in a bottle”?

Goldbond Ultimate Foot Softening Cream

There is no such thing as an unrepairable callus when it comes to Goldbond, just like the foot-famous paraffin, it creates a barrier to keep in all the moisturizing goodies to ensure 100% and continuous absorbency throughout the day! This is another amazing allergy-friendly foot cream that’s highly recommended by dermatologists.

One of the wonderful things about this product is that it’s super absorbable by the skin to ensure comfort and effectiveness! Gold bond footcream brags of 3 vitamins and 7 moisturizing factors that will help your poor ol’ dry feet to get back on the track to softness and tenderness! This is also another foot cream with that soft shower-fresh scent that you just can’t get enough of.

If you’re looking for a fast and effective answer for sore and itchy calloused feet without having to burn a hole through your pocket, Goldbond is here to save the day! *James Bond theme song playing in the background*

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream

The Aloe Vera plant has been used for thousands of years for relief of sunburn and foot problems such as callouses, and it’s the main ingredient of this product. Introducing Miracle Foot Repair! Being #1 in rejuvenating problematic feet in America for generations!

Comprising of 60% of the cream, the Aloe Vera gel is sure to revive and replenish dry and tired feet and keep itching and the pain at bay! Surprisingly, this product can also have short-term AND long-term effects on foot odor, so you can forget about the nightly vinegar foot wash after a long day in boots to get rid of the funky smell! It’s so natural and effective that this is a sure overnight fix for anyone experiencing discomfort from dry feet.

This is another product that is diabetes and allergy-friendly, so it’s safe and natural. You don’t have to worry about this price being a little high for foot cream, because you only need a tiny application for positive effects. It’s best to use this product at night as after a certain amount has been absorbed, it will leave a layer of hardened product on the areas applies and continue to slowly and fully absorb overnight leaving you with healthy, velvety heels as soon as you wake up in the morning, helping to boost that energy you need to start off the day!


There you have it, 11 of the best foot creams on the market! For diabetics, people with allergies to those who can’t deal with having to get a foot spa every two months, there IS a solution to the accumulation of dead and dry skin. No one has to deal with itching, and the pain that comes with callouses and corns.

From scented to odorless, from lab-created to all-natural, there are many products that will help you keep your skin hydrated, feeling fresh and smooth and pain-free to keep your days more productive and nights more relaxed.

We hope this helped you on your search for beautiful looking, healthy feeling, and delightfully smelling feet!

You owe your hardworking feet that much and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin (literally).

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