Best Foot Creams Reviews 2017

Trying to live an active lifestyle is tough most especially if you are the type to have skin that is prone to cracking and peeling with the slightest change in weather. It also happens that as you age, you naturally lose the smooth, plump pads that protect your heels and feet from calluses.

Like the rest of your body, your feet need a lot of pampering too. The best way to do that is to keep your foot moisturizer to combat the effects of old age, stress, or extreme weather.

Here are the best foot cream brands you will ever encounter in the market.

O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet, Foot Cream

O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet, Foot Cream 3.2oz

This water-based top foot cream is one of the best products you can apply to moisturize cracked dry heels. Light, non-greasy, and absolutely odorless, this affordable foot cream is sure to change your life.

You can enjoy your favorite activity like running or hiking with item in tow.

CeraVe Renewing System, SA Renewing Foot Cream

CeraVe Renewing System, SA Renewing Foot Cream, 3 Ounce

This inexpensive foot cream from the famous personal care brand promises to smoothen rough, bumpy heels. Its ceramide-rich formulation is guaranteed to moisturize and soften your feet.

Most recommended by dermatologists, this cheap foot cream is all you need for a soft, hydrated feet skin.

Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment

Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment 4.2 fl oz

This foot cream costs a lot more than other foot creams for sale. It promises to not only soften the skin on your feet, but to also work on the possible underlying causes to deliver noticeable relief in just two weeks of continuous use. It also works as an exfoliator that removes calluses and dead skin from heels.

A very good foot cream that you should definitely try.

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Crème, 4.34 Ounces

This natural foot cream made of naturally-derived coconut oil and rosemary extract pampers and soothes the driest of feet. It’s applied at nighttime, before falling asleep as it does its magic to soften your skin. It also contains peppermint extract to keep your feet feeling fresh all the time.

You can buy a foot cream from this brand along with their other personal care items to own the most comprehensive all-natural personal care products that can fit inside your purse. Truly, the best foot cream deal ever.

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream, As Seen On TV, 8 Oz

This foot cream is made of 60% aloe to help soothe even the toughest skin. Aloe also has antibacterial properties that can put a stop on itchy feet.

The tube is large enough for a month’s continuous use. Definitely an overnight miracle feet worker.

What are Foot Creams?

Your feet might be the most neglected part of your body. Like every other body part, your feet get old too, though you might not realize it as nobody really takes the time to stop and look at the current state of their feet. Calluses, blisters, dry or cracked heels are just some of the most popular problems most people face with their feet.

Fortunately, there are specifically designed moisturizers, like foot creams, that can help provide relief for your aching feet.

Foot creams are specially formulated lotions with ingredients that can help penetrate, soothe, and soften your feet skin without leaving a slippery or greasy feel. This is important as you don’t want walking with a pair of feet that feels sweaty and clammy even when it really is not.

Most foot creams are also armed with antibacterial ingredients to minimize foot odor, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help relieve the swelling and soothe your overworked feet.

What to Look For

As you age, how you treat your feet will invariably come back to haunt you as aging, neglected feet are prone to skin thinning and foot artery swelling. Athletes, dancers, and basically those who have to be on their feet all the time (like food servers) are more prone to various foot problems than anybody else.

One thing they can do is to apply foot creams on their tired feet and give it ample time to recuperate. To determine the right foot cream for you, you must acknowledge why you need a foot cream in the first place.

Athletes, in particular, are prone to get fungal infections on their feet and toenails due to the warm, humid nature of most rubber or sports shoes. Aptly named athlete’s foot, this foot problem can cause itchiness and painful skin flaking between your toes and at the sides of your feet while the toenails also begin cracking.

To treat athlete’s foot, your foot cream must contain clotrimazole, karanja or neem oil to give your feet some temporary relief, though there are prescription foot creams that you can also try to help treat and repair your ailing feet. You just have to visit your doctor and dermatologist to get the necessary prescription.

If you are looking to buy a foot cream to treat calluses, you should buy a foot cream that contains shea butter and urea. These ingredients deeply penetrate the hard skin and softens it from within. It can also help in treating cracked heels by serving as a moisturizer.

Cracked, and dry heels can be treated by foot creams that contains aloe vera as this ingredient provides some cool relief. At the same time, its moisturizing and antibacterial properties can help alleviate the pain and reduce the redness.

If you are looking for foot creams to help reduce or eliminate foot odor, you should look for a product that contains peppermint as it helps to cool down and give a refreshed feeling to your feet. You can also try foot creams that contain tea tree or eucalyptus oil to kill the odor-causing bacteria thriving on your feet.

Foot creams also need not to be thick as you will need it to be light and non-greasy to stay functional. Furthermore, organic foot creams should be preferred over pharmaceutical ones to prevent the high risk of skin irritation and other skin-sensitivity issues. All-natural ingredients tend to have minimal side-effects, which makes it perfect for personal care usage.

For best results, you should apply a foot cream before bedtime, then put a pair of soft woolen socks, and leave it on while you sleep. This will pamper your feet and help repair the damage made by the day’s activities.

Super dry or cracked heels should not be neglected. Aside from the fact that it is painful, cracked heels might be a sign of an underlying medical problem. Wear comfortable footwear and quickly consult a physician to find out what causes it and to also get a prescription for some medicated foot cream. Dry feet skin can be a good spot for bacteria and fungi growth and can lead to other health complications.

People with diabetes need specially take good care of their feet as most cases of gangrenes and amputations come from being neglectful to their own feet. With proper foot care, other seemingly unrelated health hazard can be greatly prevented.

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