Best Freestanding Punching Bag Reviews 2017

Most gyms nowadays tend to use freestanding punching bags for their boxing and kicking training. It’s more resistant to force, and isn’t prone to detachment, unlike hanging heavy bags. It’s also one of the most portable option for training. Even though it’s mostly used for kicking practice, it can also be used for boxing, making this a very versatile choice. Here are some of the best freestanding punching bags available.

Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

First up is the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag. It’s a 48″ x 24″ x 24″ bag that provides optimal resistance and fast rebound. It has a round base, so moving this bag is easy. You can adjust its height from 48″ to 68″ in 3 increments, making this bag accommodating for people with varying height. It weights 250 pounds when filled with water or sand. It’s heavy enough to withstand powerful strikes, making this a good purchase forheavy punchers and kickers.

It’s perfect for any age bracket; whether you’re practicing as a kid or as an adult, the adjustable height should provide for everyone. It also is very durable, while being easy to clean. Just use antibacterial spray and wipe it and you should be good to go. You don’t have to fill the bag completely for it to be stable. Find the balance between stability and portability so you can have the most optimal training!

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

If the first Wavemaster is too small or too weak for you, then check this out: the Wavemaster XXL Training Bag! Unlike the original Wavemaster, the XXL version sports a durable vinyl cover and high-density foam fill, giving the bag a much more durability and withstanding power. It doesn’t have a height adjustment but it already is high at 69″. If filled with sand or water, it weighs 270 pounds. The large area for kicking and punching (which is 18″ in diameter) makes this a very good buy, especially for heavyweights.

The low-profile base design of this bag helps on its stability when receiving heavy strikes. Having a partner hold the bag to avoid it wobbling shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a big, versatile bag good for any type of training. Even though it has a large diameter, it doesn’t take up too much space when placed in a gym full of equipment here and there. It also is easy to set up; you can start training in a matter of minutes. With the size only the big difference between this and the original Wavemaster, you can’t go wrong with this. Training routines will be a breeze with this bag, as well as pure strength training.

Pure Boxing MMA PunchingBag

This freestanding punching bag is a little bit different: it’s an inflatable, but don’t let that bother you. The Pure Boxing MMA Punching Bag has targets all around the area if you need to practice your accuracy as well as your strength. It has a rugged vinyl construction, giving the whole bag a very durable and stable quality. It stands 64″ tall, giving it a nice height for anyone to use. Like regular freestanding bags, it can be filled with water or sand, although using sand is proven to be more effective for heavier strikers.

As you may have noticed, this punching bag doesn’t really work for adults, but rather for children wanting to practice their punches and kicks. If an adult is to use this product, he or she might just straight up wreck it. So be wary of that fact! Don’t let the low price tag get in your way. This is advertised for children to use, and they have enjoyed practicing with this bag. It might not be preferred by parents who have experience with gym, workouts and the type of equipment normally used, but for kids, it’s a very welcome experience. If you have an aspiring kid that wants to be an MMA fighter, then pick this up for his or her first steps to victory!

Century Aerobic Wavemaster

It seems that Century is the king when it comes to freestanding punching bags, as one of their products made it again to this list. The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is a lighter version of the first two Wavemasters discussed above. It’s made up of high density foam with poly-shell. These materials should make the Aerobic Wavemaster durable enough to withstand damage from strikes. Having a 10.5″ strike area and a 40″ height which is adjustable up to 65.5″, it’s a smaller entry to this list, and might be suited more for kids and beginners that doesn’t strike a very large area.

Hard hitters might found themselves chasing the thing around, so if you need one for heavy punches, there are better alternatives in this list. But if you aren’t that experienced yet with punching and kicking, this is a good product to get! It also works for those who have heart operations that need to exercise to maintain a better health. Overall, it’s a good product for casual exercise and training.

Century BOB XL

Another entry by Century here, but this time, it’s a bit different. Maybe a lot. The Century BOB XL is the meanest looking punching bag out there. The bag actually takes the shape of a muscular man, with his face a little big angry. Probably to show rage and determination…? I wouldn’t know. But this design is more helpful for MMA fighters, as they can do body shots training more efficiently. Bob is made up of high-strength plastisol body filled with urethane foam. It has a polyethylene base that can be filled up to 270 pounds of water or sand.

He looks tough, not only on his facial expression, but also on his build. Maybe it’s just me, but BOB can be a good stress reliever. Hitting it should make you feel better whenever you want to just hit someone in the face. It’s also good for speed and accuracy training. It’s basically a must-buy for a more realistic martial arts training. He’s very durable, and can last for a long time provided that you’ll only punch or kick it, not cut with a knife. Please don’t. He might actually get hurt! Jokes aside, it’s a solid training partner and stress reliever. You’ll be needing gloves when you want to hit Bob, because it might hurt easily without one.

There is also a smaller version of BOB (the original one) if you want something much less intimidating and less space taker. It has considerable amount of reviews as well, although his appearance is still the same. The only problem with the original BOB is that there is hard plastic at his back that can hurt when you hit it. But both of these products are very nice and durable. They’ll withstand your strikes with ease.

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

Aside from the Pure Boxing Punching Bag, there aren’t any other freestanding bags here that cater especially for children. Some of them might be more applicable to kids, but not exactly specifically for them. Enter the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster! (Century just seem to dominate the market for punching bags; there’s no bias included, I swear!) This is a great bag for introducing kids to the vast world of martial arts. Make them feel like they’re the Karate Kid with this product!

Featuring durable nylon and high impact foam as its main material, the Kid Kick Wavemaster boasts comfort and durability for kids to hit. Much like other Century products, it has a low base profile base for easier transportation. It has four height adjustments, so taller kids are welcome to strike this! It’s a good supplement if ever your kid is already entering martial arts class and wanted to do practice at home for some more. It would fit perfectly on a playroom just in case they suddenly wanted to hit something.

As the name suggests, it’s mostly used for karate practices, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad for punching. It’s one of the more versatile products in the list for kids to play and practice with, so it’s definitely worth looking at!

Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

If you’re familiar with the boxing scene, the brand Everlast should ring a bell to you. They mostly make quality punching gloves. And to complement their successful product line, they made the PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag. It boasts improved design and strength compared to other heavy bags. It has a PowerTransferRing technology that helps the whole bag absorb stronger strikes with much more resilience and better recoil. It also has PowerCore steel plate to ensure the overall strength of the product. As advertised, this is a very durable bag that can last for a long period of time.

It weighs 250 pounds when completely filled with sand or water.It’s height is adjustable from 52″ to 65″ giving a lot of people their optimal preference for the bag. As always, if you are a heavy striker, it’s much more appropriate to fill it with sand. It should last anyone a good complete year of continuous hitting at average force. Whether you do light strikes or heavy ones, it’s a good all-around bag.

Pure Fitness Punch & Play Free-Standing Punching Bag

Last on the list, the Pure Fitness Freestanding Punching Bag is a tad different from everything listed. It’s design is more like those small, teardrop-like punching bags that are used for speed training. But on the end of a stick. So it’s main purpose would be for speed punches. It has a plastic base to keep the floor scratch-free, while having a spring action connector on its long neck to support rebounding of the bag. A purchase of this includes inflation tools and one pair of kids’ boxing gloves, which makes it a good gift for your children who would love to try boxing. That also confirms its target audience: kids aged 6 and above.

You can adjust its height from 35″ to 47″. The base fills with 15 pounds of sand or water for additional stability. It should improve your agility and hand-eye coordinationmostly. If your kid wants to practice punching a lot, then this punching bag is a very nice addition to your house. It’s a solid, durable product that will withstand powerful hits from children. Maybe an adult can use the product for speed punching, but that wouldn’t be much recommended.

What to Look For

First of all, you would want to know what’s the average force you exert in every strike you do regularly. The products here supports a large range of absorbed attack, but if you get the wrong one, you might send the bag flying in the air. Next thing to consider is that if you’re using the punching bag for simple exercise, small training sessions, or more regular training. Durability of the product is also a must check, since you’ll be using this product regularly for an extended period of time. Even though freestanding punching bags are mainly made to save space, some of them can still get pretty huge, so check the available area for your gym or workout room to know what product from the list can fit.


There are a lot of equipment available for training your punches and kicks. While some still prefer the feedback of hanging heavy bags when struck,the stability and rigidness of freestanding punching bags are of no joke as well. In general, punching bags are good equipment to use when building strength, power, and speed. Minutes of punching or kicking the bag can also help your cardio. Lastly, it helps your mental focus as it releases stress in every hit. You’ll actually feel better after a complete routine with the punching bag. It is very accessible for pretty much any age group. There are bags especially for kids, and there also are bags for heavyweights. Depending on your need, you should be able to find one perfect for your training to a healthier and stronger lifestyle!

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