Best Frisbee Reviews 2017

The disc is the most important element of Frisbee and those who intend to play should use the right disc in playing and training for them to fully experience the enjoyment and adrenaline rush brought about by the sport.

It’s an old rookie question to answer, but if you’re new to the game, you’re probably asking what the best kind of frisbee disc is. You’ve come to the right place, as we have listed down the bests of the bests frisbee discs available for purchase in the market. Take a look at our lineup below.

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Being a rookie or a pro in Ultimate Frisbee, this item is the perfect disc to buy. The Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc is the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship starting 1991. It has a design that is aerodynamically engineered and has a world-class quality that is consistent in giving you the best performance. This item is a crowd-favorite among others as their softness and sturdiness are both in balance, giving your hands a feel of little joy and a lot of excitement each time you try to catch it flying towards you. They can even be made to order or customized depending on your preference.

The feel of this disc may be a little weird at first for you, because it is slightly smaller in size compared to others which you can easily buy in sporting stores and its rims are a little shallow. The edge of this product is leading and not flat, so it is easier to throw and catch. The Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc is also considered to be one of the most common disc you can find in any frisbee field of many different countries. What makes it a top-choice is that it can be used for casual pick-up games or even professional competitions. It does come in different colors but we suggest you get the white one, as it is the most visible color to use.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

Second on the list is a frisbee disc that has been getting some ugly reviews but we’d like to counter them. What we have right here is the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, and we believe that this is hands-down the perfect flying disc you can ever throw and catch for its price range. What’s best about this disc is that it lights up, so you now can continue enjoying ultimate frisbee even during the darkest nights. They are waterproof, floats in water and easy to maintain. However, as the product needs batteries to light up, you should be aware that it might demand a battery change after long use, but worry not about it, the batteries can last for more than a year!

If you’re wondering on how to clean up this disc, you can wash it or wipe it! In terms of quality, this item may surpass even those more expensive than it. It has a slightly thicker exterior while its interiors are thin, so it wouldn’t be too heavy to play with. You now don’t have to stop playing frisbee even as the sun sets, because it can even get better and more exciting with a lighting disc that you can catch and throw perfectly.

AEROBIE 13″ Pro Ring

One word to describe our next product is “easy”. It is easy to throw, easy to catch and even easy to maintain. What we’re talking about is the Aerobie Pro Ring. This product has the record of being used for Guinness World Record’s farthest throw as it can travel more than a hundred yards using its proprietary aerodynamics technology. And while it’s a long frisbee flyer, catching it is easy as the ring itself is soft and won’t hurt your fingers. It can be used by children as young as 6 and adults as old as one can imagine. The Aerobie Pro Ring can be used in lawns, fields and backyards but you should keep it away from any near bodies of water as this frisbee ring doesn’t float.

The open center of the ring makes it easier to catchamong other frisbee discs on the list. If you’re trying to lure anyone into playing frisbee, you should consider using this as your charm and you’ll see, anyone who plays with this Aerobie Pro Ring will surely love it. It also bounces off easily and is very durable, so you won’t have to worry of having it replaced every now and then. If you’re anxious that you might lose it, we’d say don’t be, because once you have it already, you’ll do whatever it takes not to lose such amazing frisbee disc!

Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings [2 PACK] Super Cool Toys for Boys & Girls

Thumbs and fingers getting smacked by frisbee discs already scared you and you never ever want anything like that happening to your fingers? Then you should consider buying this frisbee disc designed specifically for kids but can also be enjoyed by adults as well. The Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings [2 PACK] Super Cool Toys for Boys & Girls is a lightweight frisbee disc that is easy to throw and catch. It also doesn’t fly to far so you won’t have to chase after it in distances longer than you could. What’s even amazing about this item is that it floats in water, so beach frisbee or an ultimate catch by the lake is now no longer a problem. You could also stack up on it because the price you pay for will not give you one, but two frisbee discs with opened center for easy use.

The Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings [2 PACK] Super Cool Toys for Boys & Girls is 80% lighter than those usual 175 grams models as it is only 33 grams light. It can be easily caught single-handedly and children will surely love playing with it. If incase the weather is favoring your play and it gives you a calm, sunny circumstance, this frisbee disc can fly from 15 to 80 feet! Accuracy in throwing is also one of the best features of the product. You definitely should keep extra discs anywhere you could so if you need a little fun, you can play around anytime.

AEROBIE 12″ Skylighter Flying Disc

This one right here is similar to the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc which lights up, but is a tad cheaper. The Aerobie 12″ Skylighter Flying Disc is also a favorite among children because of the bright lights it shows. Aerobie may be making the best kinds of frisbee discs but this one particular model is a stand-out. The loft and hang time of this product is longer than the usual frisbee disc and you can catch them with one hand. The built and design of the Aerobie 12″ Skylighter Flying Disc gives it extra lift and the lights it has are perfect for night time plays. If you’re worried about batteries being replaced one after the other, this item assures you that its batteries can last for up to a year or more, depending on how you use and store the product.

Long, high-lofted throws are made perfect with this product. However, with this disc becoming a bit heavy-duty compared to others, it may cause small wrist bruises. But that again, depends on how well you play the sport. Maintaining the product is also pretty easy, as you only need to wipe it off. Avoid washing it up with water, it is indeed waterproof but you won’t want to risk your frisbee disc just to have it cleaned up.

Aerobie Superdisc – Single Unit

Frisbee isn’t just a game for people and Aerobie knows that, reason why, they made this awesome frisbee disc called the Aerobie Superdisc which can be played by pets and humans! It is one of the best dog frisbees you can ever purchase as it will not knock-off your pet’s teeth or hit his lips hard it would bleed. You can now say hello to tennis balls or other hard toys for your pup because this item will make playtime more enjoyable for you and your pet. The Aerobie Superdisc comes in single unit, each of different colors so you can have a lot of varieties to choose from. Durability is quite high-class and you can play with it all day long, everyday without having to worry if it breaks or not.

However, if you’re purchasing it for a pet, know that its edges are made of rubber so it might be easy for your pooch to chew it off. This product will give you the perfect throw and easy catch. You can use it under the summer sun or even in the rains (but be quite careful with that, you might slip!). If you’re on a tight budget but is really wanting a frisbee disc of your own, you should consider buying this one.

Discraft 175 gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc

The Discraft 175 gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc is also one of those well-received by the frisbee crowd. It is easy to catch because it comes with a great flight stability. This product is so soft that sometimes, it warps. However, you can easily fix it because it is made out of light materials. The Discraft 175 gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc is one icon for the frisbee sport. This gorgeous disc can be played by either a pet or its masters. It gives excellent balance with a standard Ultimate Frisbee competition weight and you can use it almost everyday without breaking.

This disc is also perfect for training your pet to catch just about anything as its color is very inviting. But again, like the previous item before this, dogs can easily tear this disc apart since it is made of light materials. The Discraft 175 landed on Esquire’s list of 33 things every man should own and it’s no doubt you should really own one. This frisbee disc possesses a top-notch quality that can truly set it above its rivals. Also, The Discraft 175 gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc can fly further than any other available option that is out in the market. It’s unique design can aerodynamically allow it to pass through strong winds.

Aerobie Sprint Ring

Our last entry for this list is again from Aerobie. This is the Aerobie Sprint Ring, a frisbee disc that is made out of versatile polycarbonate plastic that is shock-resistant with soft rubber cushion edge for easy catch and throw. It is 10” in diameter and is a disc ideal for play in smaller locations like a backyard. The flight length of this product is twice as far as the common rings and this is certainly perfect for campings and beach frisbee games. This product will not only look great, surely will do more than its purpose.

If you’re looking for a frisbee disc that is easy to catch and throw, and which gives you the best value for your money, you should consider buying one of these.


Given the list above, you are now one step closer to purchasing a frisbee disc of your own. While all of those in the list may serve their purposes well, you should always look into your needs, the budget and the features of the disc you will be purchasing. You should always consider your disc’s resistance to objects it may probably hit. The durability of the disc depends on how much it’s going to be scraped, stepped on, bent and even hit. The consistency of the flying stability is also one important factor to consider because you wouldn’t want a frisbee disc that only will agonize you and your frisbee play mates.

Choosing the best frisbee disc depends on who is to use the product, where will it be played and how it is going to be taken care of. Frisbee is a fun game, and the fun starts with choosing from a plethora of discs that are out in the market.

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