Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Reviews 2017

The best fruit Infuser Water Bottles are used for giving ordinary water a better taste by infusing fruits via strainer component. This kind of bottle can double up as a simple water bottle, when not there’s nothing in the strainer to infuse.

Infuser Water BottleSportFlip-top 25 oz.

Great GearInfuser Water BottleSportFlip-top Bottle is one BPA-Free, Tritan 25 oz., with color options that’ll make drinking water more fun! The feature of this option is meant to give the best infusion of any fruit flavor, you want in your drinking water. What you get in this package is a water bottle that has the following features and will enhance your water drinking very much! No fumbling with this bottle because you use one finger to open it or close it, the finger grips and a specially designedsportspout that’ll make it easy and convenient to drink, whether you’re in the house or when you need to take a sip anywhere. To make carrying much easier, it has a strap for you to hook it in, or put it into your backpack or bag. If leaking is a concern, no worries with this inconvenience because of the secure lock on the lid will not open at all, unless you’ll do it yourself. Just fill it up with water, place the fruits into the sleeve that includes a dual strainer to get the flavors in! this perfect for both adults and children to use for drinking and getting hydration when it needed! This is a strong and sturdy bottlethat’smade ofEastmanTritan, free of any harmful substances or materials, and an overall reliability thatcan’tbebeaten. Ifyou’vegot this, there’s no need for expensive flavored waters that you buy anywhere! get this today and begin to infuse all that you want and need!

Live Infinitely 32 oz.

Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles is 32 oz. infuser for fruity tasting water. Have you been just drinking plain old water? Just dull tasting and purified water each time, that can be more exciting with this water bottle that gives any kind of fruity taste you want. This makes water drinking a better tasting experience that is possible with excellent features to boot! We’ve included and updated the product with design options that has made it, an even better infusing water bottle for you to use anytime and anywhere!

The updated feature of this option is an increased volume to 32 oz., a flip-top-system that is opened by using your thumb! If you tend to let go water bottle because of the damp surface, what’s added is dual grips for a more secure hold on the bottle. Infusing the fruit flavor is done with a longer infusing rod to spread out the fruity taste into the entire bottle length. If you want to use it on other pitchers, it can be done too. It uses top quality Tritan plastic that’s FDA-approved,BPA-freeand leak proof, and can be used for tea, mixing drinks, or without the infuser for a plain water bottle to use! Easily disassembled for washing and is dishwasher safe too. Drinking this is much better than carbonated drinks and other unhealthy options! If want variety in taste, just look read the recipe book included in the package!

LA Organics Fruit Infuser 24 oz.

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the one with a Recipe Ebook and a handy dandy 24 oz. for water on the go! Why do you need this water bottle with an infuser? You need this healthy option because it’s a water bottle that is 100% safe to use and will not leak because of the sealed lid that’ll keep it from spilling or dripping! Replacing the usual packed and carbonated drinks will be good for you, because of the natural sugars that fruits have over synthetic and chemical alternatives. This will be good for any fitness activity drinking infused water and a water bottle that’s 100% chemical and BPA-free and has designs for a firm hold all the time! Use it with confidence because it’s built tough and ready for anything! If you needmorefruitytaste,the strainer can hold more fruity goodness to seep into your water! We’re sure that our guarantee will make you love it, even more! Plus a recipe book for more juicy goodness to add. What else do you want in a product like this? It comes with all the good stuff, and it makes you healthier too! Come and click it now!

Infuser Water Bottle 32 oz.

Infuser Water Bottle is the one with the unique full-length infuser, insulating Sleeve and a large 32 Oz for healthy hydration. If you get this, you’ll enjoy drinking to your health with fruity flavored water that will have all the good stuff you need from all natural sources like fruits. Unlike, drinking all those packed or carbonated drinks that are chemical and synthetic in composition! Healthy water means better energy, losing weight, and a detoxing effect from drink all- natural fruity tasting water! If sweat gets you down! It comes with an insulated cover that’ll minimize the dampness around your water bottle. This will not mess up your gym bag or any bag it’s placed in, andthat’llkeep freshness in a bit longer! You can be sure it’ll rough handling and still stay intact no matter what! It’s the Tritan plastic for sturdiness and durability that it needs for very strenuous activities. The bottle is made 100% safe and free of any chemicals or materials that are bad for your health! If you want a new flavor, then refer to the recipe book for more suggestions. If you don’t like, then send it back and a full refund will be given! Love our product and it loves you back!

BasilyInfuser Water Bottle 28 oz.

Infuser Water Bottle is the one made of Tritan Plastic, 28 oz., and comes with an e-book too! Why do you need this infuser and water bottle combo? Natural drinking water is way better that carbonated drinks, fizzy pop drinks, juices, and other pack drinks that come with preservatives that are not 100% natural.Instead, these drinks will not be as healthy as water and natural fruits that have naturalsugars

not synthetic ones. This acts as a natural alternative to boost your health and make the body not too dependent on synthetic drinks. Having natural flavor is much better that any artificial sugars anyway! Infusing is so easy like 1-2-3! Just open it up, then pull out the receiving component that’ll allow water to mix with the inserted fruits. The water will absorb all the fruity goodness in the strainer container and you’ve got water with a fruity taste, just take it and go in ajiffy! Not to forget, the bottle is dishwasher safe and easy to clean too. These kinds of product are strong and sturdy, they can take the rough and tumble of daily use. Leaking is prevented by a leak-proof cap, even when put in your bags! It’s made to be used safely because of 100% chemical-safe material that will not harm you, andany thingplaced inside will not pick up any chemical residue from the plastic container. Buy it with a 100% risk-free guarantee, say you don’t want it then no questions asked!

Danum Infuser Water BottleSportFlip-Top 32 oz.

Danum Infuser Water BottleSportFlip-Top is the BPA –Free, Tritan plastic water bottle with 32 oz. and comes in multiple colors to choose from. Water is good forusbecause we need to drink 8-glasses a day, but do we have to get the same water each time? Of course, we can try infusing our water with different fruity tastes that will make drinking a less boorish experience. Some would like veggies, but fruity water will beat it any day!

Consider the benefits of infusing your water with fruits that’ll do things like getting all that delicious fruity tastes and hydrate at the same time.You wantto infuse all the fruits you can? It’s easy to do and in just 2-minutes, then you’ve fruity water in a jiffy! To make sure that your infusing bottle will stay intact doing the most to the least strenuous activity, and will not break if you drop it suddenly during those activities. The material of choice for these options is Premium Eastman Tritan Plastic that’ll leave no odor or awful plastic taste! We love our product and we adore our customers, so it comes with a lifetime warranty for it. This is infusing at its supreme best!

AVOINcolorlife 27 oz.

AVOINcolorlifeSportTritan Fruit Infuser Water Is the 27 oz. andfruit-infusingwater bottle for quality! if you value your health and want to improve your generalwell-being, try infusing your everyday water and with fruity loops flavors thatwill makeyour dull tasting water a much better prospect! The features of this option that will be very good for you are several, that you’ll come to appreciate and much more!

Instead of drinking carbonated,sparkling, or any other chemically produced drinks that can be harmful to your health. Just use this to provide that natural taste of fruity goodness in your water, each time you feel the need for that kind of taste. It takes all but two minutes to get it done and you’re ready to use it for working out or anything activity that leaves you with a parched throat! If you just need plain old water, just take out the infuser and you’ve got a water bottle! This is agreatway to be eco-friendly because it’s recyclable and cheaper that packed drinks! If you worry about it being free of bad chemicals made of tough Tritan, and with a 27 oz. size then perfection is yours in drinking bottle and a combo diffuser! Bored with the usual fruity mixes? A recipe book is included with it too.

AquaFrut 32 oz.

AquaFrut Fruit Infuser Water Bottle/Sports Bottle is the one with a flip top lid w drinking spout, leak proof, made of durable Tritan, and comes with a Free recipe eBook! Getting this great option will give many benefits that’ll be very good for your health. If hydrating is important to you, then this bottle with a 32 oz.volumewill give you more flavored water, whether at home or on the go! If you feel the need to waterup thenthis will be much better than any pack drink you can buy, because it’s all-natural not synthetic! Performance on the go! With agoodlooking style that has functional features like a sure-grip, no-leak lid, sports drinking spout, and a helpful carrying hook that can even be put in car holders too! No worries about spilling because of the no-spill features it has. No way that any chemical residue from harmful chemicals becauseit’s100% safe to use! The bottle is made of strong and sturdy Tritan and it can take rough handling any day, and any activity you can think of that’s really rough. It has a free ebook forreferenceif you want a new taste! A 100% guarantee if you keep it or want to return it will apply. So, that you’ll have confidence in our product!


The best fruit infuser water bottle is the one that can infuse fruits in water and at the same time can be used asstayalonewaterbottle. Choosing the proper option easy because there is a bit of stuff to look out for. For, example, much liquid can it hold at any time, is it non-spill andeasy-open, made of Tritan plastic, does it have a strap, and how well does it infuse!

These are concerns that must be appraised so that we can get a good option! Keeping in mind that these bottles can use other infusers besides fruits. Now, just note all the info shared will have good and bad points that’ll allow a decision to be made!

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