Best Gardening Gloves Reviews 2017

Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies practiced today. People from all over around the world grow plants every single second. It is a very peaceful, relaxing activity that doesn’t costtoo much time and money. And you can probably earn from what you plant as well! There are a lot of possibilities to venture when entering this hobby. But as with every hobby, safety and protection is a must. That’s why there are gloves specifically designed to help with gardening. And we’re going to talk some of the best out there.

G & F Women’s Garden Gloves

As the most popular out of the bunch, the G&F Women’s Garden Gloves are made of 100% nylon with nitrile coating. This coating provides an additional layer of protection against bruises, cuts, or abrasions. But it doesn’t affect the comfort of the product at all. It is very lightweight as well; it feels like you don’t even have the gloves on, very much like a second skin. You’ll be worry-free when dealing with thorny plants. There’s also a men’s version of these gloves if you desire.It’s also easy to wash: hose them, squeeze excess water, then leave it to dry.

When you order one, you don’t actually only get a pair; you get 6 instead! It even has different colors per pair. So if you need one for your group of friends that are new to the gardening scene, this is a very nice grab! It also is a very nice drift away from the usual cloth gloves. It feels right, it functions right, and there are no compromises regardless of its price.

Customers have praised how dirt proof this product is. Some have said that it is perfect for yard work because you don’t get dirt inside the fingernails of the gloves. The different sizes available for the product also fits most women. Some have said that their medium sized gloves fits fine with their large hands. There was a concern posted about how effective these are with thistles. It should handle the prickly work quite well.

Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

The Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Glovesare gardening gloves made of goatskin leather. It is also extended up to your arms, so that is an additional protection by itself. The ergonomic design of the gloves helps with comfort and ease of use. There is also lanolin present within the gloves that acts as a moisturizer for the skin, giving gardeners with sensitive skin ease of mind when doing dirty work. The goatskin is effective when dealing with thorns and small plants as well.

The product has an astonishing 4.9 out of 5.0 average review, attesting to the company’s dedication to make the best gardening glove in the market. The price-to-quality ratio is very high that there’s no need to hesitate if you wanted to buy one of these. Customer service is also superb; contacting them is an ease and they reply and give advice swiftly.It’s an absolute must-buy!

Be careful when cleaning your pair though. Since this is leather, do not just wash it with water! It is best advised that you wipe the gloves with a dry cloth. But if you really need to wash the gloves, use warm water and leather conditioner to maintain its texture.

Pine Tree ToolsBamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men

The variety of these gardening gloves sure are astonishing: from nitrile-coated nylon to goatskin, and now, bamboo! The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men isn’t particularly a gardening glove but it does the job pretty well. It’s made of soft, breathable bamboo that keeps your hands well ventilated. Since it’s made of bamboo, it’s naturally hypoallergenic so possibilities of having irritation while wearing this are none. Even though its main material is a very durable grass, it actually is flexible and easy to the hands.

Given its price point, these are a steal. Who would’ve thought that using bamboo as a material for making gloves actually does the job right (maybe even better)? You are also helping out the environment by supporting bamboo production that doesn’t use pesticide or fertilizer to grow. Add the fact that these look good aesthetically.With its ability to have a strong grip and amazing comfort at the same time, this pair gloves are worth considering!

MagidTerra CollectionProfessional Rose Gardening Gloves for Women

At one quick glance, the Magid Professional Rose Gardening Gloves look like it came from a mechanical shop or something. It looks very different than the other gloves featured above. But regardless of its looks, it actually is a good pair. It is made of synthetic leather with reinforced fingertips for additional protection on that area. It also reaches to your elbow much like the Exemplary Gardens ones, but what’s added here is the knuckle guard that provides another layer for your, well, knuckles.

Not only do these gloves look cool, they also provide a very safe experience for gardeners. These are mostly picked up by those who deal with poisonous plants and sometimes…even wild animals. These are testaments to its durability, and survivability against pesky and nasty members of the flora. But it doesn’t compromise comfort over strength; it achieves good balance.

These are latex-free gloves, so if you have issues regarding latex (allergies and such), this is a good recommendation. People also have praised the product’s palm padding being very protective. Even though it is labeled as a rose gardening glove, customers have used this gloves for trimming bougainvillea and even cactus! So you don’t have to worry about getting another pair if you need it for other kind of plants.

Fir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves

Much like the Exemplary Garden gloves, the Fir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves are also made up of 100% genuine goatskin leather, meaning that these are also breathablecompared to synthetic gloves. It also has a gauntlet that reaches up to your elbow, adding protection for your lower arm. It’s almost the exact copy of the Exemplary Garden ones when it comes to specifications, but the Fir Tree Gardening Gloves provide a different approach to comfort and style; it looks simpler and cozier.

Probably the edge of this pair over others already mentioned above is how it fits most of the costumers who availed one of these. It was never an issue whether users have their rings on while doing garden work. The price point isn’t that much of an issue when you decided to purchase one, as it is a very pleasing experience that adds up to your enjoyment when gardening. They offer good protection while being thin enough to reach on to plants.

The gloves might be larger than advertised, so do your research well! Use the size chart provided in the page to have a better approximation of your hand size. You don’t want your gloves to be larger or smaller than your hands since it might be a hindrance when doing dirty work.

Amazing Stuff For You! Garden Gloves for Women

Despite the company’s somewhat odd name, the Amazing Stuff For You! Garden Gloves are no joke. These gloves are made up of durable nylon with nitrile coating, like G&F’s gloves. This means that these have superior grip and are easier to wash. You can even machine wash this pair! Having one custom size makes it easier to buy, as there are no need for further research on what size to buy. Not only it can handle gardening with ease, but also the other tools you’ll be using. Also, it has 2 pairs of gloves inside!

It might not be as cheap as the G&F counterpart per pair, it does look more durable. It might also not be as colorful but the aesthetics for these are very nice as well. The biggest deal maker is the included eBook that teaches you how to compost! It isn’t that much of a help for experienced gardeners, but for those who have a lot of experience, having this guide can make your hobby a lot more interesting and fun. It’s a good add-on for an already amazing product.

Even though it is mainly for gardening, customers also have used this inside the gun range. It must be that comfortable to the hand for it to handle such powerful stuff. They have also used it for garage work and furniture. Transplanting cactus should also be a breeze with these gloves. It’s a very versatile pair making it a good buy.

MagidTerra CollectionProfessional Rose Gardening Glovesfor Men

Magid enters our list once again with their Professional Rose Gardening Gloves for Men. Just like its counterpart for women, these gloves are made of synthetic leather, extends up to the elbow, and also has the knuckle guard. It’s basically the same item, but optimized for men’s hand sizes.

There is nothing much to say about this entry that hasn’t been said yet: it’s durable, comfortable, and looks very cool. This is a good buy for men who not only do gardening but also other strenuous jobs such as welding and others. Do note that it is puncture-resistant, not puncture proof. Larger thorns may still get into your skin, but it imposes no problem for tiny, simpler ones.

The second entry of Magid to this list, even though a bit lower in the list, is still a very good choice for men. Himalayan blackberries, one of the most invasive plant ever existing, where dealt with these gloves with ease. Just remember to get the right size for your hands, especially if you’re a woman and wants this compared to the women version.

Showa Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

Last on our list is the Showa Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves! It is nitrile covered as well, meaning it adds an additional protection for your hands, and are easier to clean. You get 4 pairs when your order this! It’s very cheap but looks very durable and colorful since it comes with different colors per pack.

Even though the description for the product isn’t completely available in the listing, the customer reviews are very much reliable. They have praised the product for its durability and comfort when used. It is very tough yet very flexibleas well. Your fingers can even reach the smartphone when the gloves are worn for a while, which is nifty. Don’t be scared to make a purchase because of its cheap price tag, because it holds well with its other competitors.

Having 4 of these in one buy is very efficient especially when dealing with harder-to-pull plants. If you don’t have anyone to share it with, you can wear 2 pairs of these for that extra protection. The fingers are well-fitted anyways, so adding another pair in your hands shouldn’t be a problem.

What to Look For

For your garden gloves to be as effective as possible, you must first check your hand size. There are available charts in some pages that can help you distinguish your size, either for men or for women. Also, one thing to note is the materials used to make the gloves. There are a lot of people that look for latex-free gloves, since many people are allergic to it. Having the forearm protection is nice, but if the material used isn’t good enough, then that won’t work at all. Make sure to check everything before making your purchase.


Gardening gloves, while not that necessary, are very essential product to have on your gardening hobby. They’ll protect your hands from physical contact with thorns and other dangerous parts of plants, while keeping it clean from dirt. Choosing the right pair for you will ensure additional enjoyment and comfort to keep those plants clean and well-maintained. Give each products above a good look, and purchase one now to have a worry-free time with your plants!

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