Best Garment Bag Reviews 2017

If you’re a jet-setter, you would definitely agree that having a good and reliable garment bag is an essential part of your travel must-haves. Not only it protects your clothes from unwanted stains, it also keeps them nice and wrinkle-free. Finding the best garment bag needs a little bit of research. Don’t worry if you don’t have much time for research. Actually, we got you covered! To make things easier for you, we listed the best ones according to customer satisfaction.

Here’s the review of the top garment bags available in the market:

Pro-Mart DAZZ Gusseted Gown Garment Bag

Pro-Mart DAZZ Gusseted Gown Garment Bag has everything you need for a reliable and high-quality garment bag. It’s made of high-quality fabric which comes in beige and natural color. It has a front closure zipper and the upper portion is made of clear plastic–convenient for travel and so that you know which clothes are inside the garment bag. The fabric is also built with breathable materials to keep your clothes fresh They also included cedar inserts to keep your clothes safe from insects and other unwanted pests and smells.

It makes a perfect on-the-go garment bag since it can store more clothes than ordinary garment bag and the bottom part of the bag has a travel loop for easy folding and storage. It feels durable and more deluxe than most garment bags out in the market offered within the same price range. The length of the bag is also perfect for long suits and gowns.

Richards Travel Garment Bag

Needing a practical garment bag to protect your clothes? Richards Travel Garment Bag is a full-length travel garment bag with strap at the top and a travel loop at the bottom. It’s light and easy to carry. This garment bag accommodates around 3 suits and fully protects them from environmental smoke and smell. It’s entirely made of breathable fabric designed to keep your clothes fresh inside.

Being a product with an extraordinarily low price, expect that you need to treat this product with utmost care. It may not be a problem with people who only travels occasionally, but a major issue for people who do. The product is sewn using a single stitch, so unless you have plans to sew it yourself, you might want to look for other more suitable garment bags for frequent travelers. Other than that, most travelers who only sought temporary protection for their clothes, are satisfied with the functionality of this product.

Traveler’s ChoiceAmsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag, Black, One Size

Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag is a rolling garment bag which is perfect for those traveling wth more suits and gowns. It’s a rolling bag made of durable and high-quality materials. (Very surprising for a travel garment bag with such low price). The size of the bag perfectly fits in the upper compartment of planes (good as a carry on luggage). The fabric is also breathable–perfect for keeping your clothes fresh.

This garment bag is well-built. The hook where you hang your clothes is heavy duty. The wheels and handles are intact and secure. The build of the bag exceeded most consumers’ expectations. It may not be an ideal investment for those people who travel a lot, but casual travelers find it as a perfect travel garment bag that meets their needs. Noother garment bag with the same price can offer the same consumer satisfaction like Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag.

Richards Clear Vinyl Frameless Suit Bag

Richards Clear Vinyl Frameless Suit Bag is a jumbo garment bag with clear plastic front and fabric back and sides. It’s a heavy duty travel garment bag which you can also use inside your cabinet. It’s an on-the-go bag since it perfectly hangs on almost every clothes’ rod– you can go from transferring it from one cabinet to another easily. You can hang it inside your cabinet, hang it on a clothes’ hanging pole while on the go, and hang it to your destination’s cabinet or pole. It also accommodates a lot of clothes with its large size.

One common complaint among consumers is the opening on top of the garment bag which can be a perfect mode of entry for bugs and other insects. This drawback can easily be fixed using a heavy-duty duck tape. It’s still a highly functional travel garment bag given its low price. With proper care and handling, this garment bag would last long. It’s not recommended for frequent travelers since the materials and design is not suitable for successive travels.

WallyBags Garment Bag

WallyBags 40 Inch Garment Bag, Black, One Size

A durable, portable and high-quality travel bag. That’s how you would describe WallyBags Garment Bag in few words. It’s entirely made of tough yet breathable fabric. It also has a travel loop at the bottom so you can easily fold it in half when you are on-the-go. This product features trademark WallyLock to hold all your hangers on top for convenient and easy packing. This lightweight garment bag features a full-length front open zipper which grants easy access to your clothes.

Superior build and construction guarantee that your clothes will remain fresh, neat, and wrinkle-free for a long time. It’s designed to stay long which makes it a great investment for frequent travelers. The fabric is also water-repellent which adds an extra layer of protection to your beloved suits, gowns, and other garments. It’s pretty large and can accommodate more than 6 garments. It’s the perfect garment travel bag that you are definitely going to love.

B&C Home Goods Garment Bags with Shoe Bag

An incredibly well-built travel garment bag with a deluxe feel! B &C Home Goods Garment Bags with Shoe Bag is no ordinary travel garment bag. It’s built and construction will totally amaze you and would not even want to try other travel garment bags. The fabric is made of the industry’s toughest fabric yet designed to let air pass through. Not only the fabric, but the zipper is heavy-duty! Even the more expensive travel garments are reported to have problems wth the zipper in the long run. Not with B &C Home Goods Garment Bags with Shoe Bag! They made sure that the zipper is heavy-duty and would last long!

This travel bag is a great bargain since it’s sold in sets. It also has a water-resistant heavy-duty shoe bag! No other travel garment bag offers this impressive build and functionality. The clear window in the middle of the bag is made to display the contents– no more guessing what’s inside. A metal travel loop is also built in the middle bottom part of the bag so you can easily insert the top strap (folding it in half, for easier packing and traveling).

Richards Homewares Clear Vinyl Storage Suit Garment Cover

f you are only a casual traveler and you just need an economical travel garment bag then you might want to try Richards Homewares Clear Vinyl Storage Suit Garment Cover which is a clear plastic travel garment cover. It’s made of clear plastic so you know what’s inside. It keeps your clothes not only wrinkle-free, it also keeps it away from bugs, moths, and other insects. It also features a self-correcting zipper. It may not be the travel garment back that you expect since it has no travel hole at the bottom to fold it in half, but still does a pretty neat job in doing its primary purpose– protecting your clothes.

It offers great protection and you can use it in your cabinet as well. It’s a multi-purpose garment bag. Like other low-end garment bag offered within the same price range, this clear garment bag is not suitable for frequent travelers. For occasional or one-time travels, this garment bag is your best bet. It’s pretty neat, durable, and you can even use it at home as in-cabinet garment cover if treated with proper care and handling.

World Traveler Hanging Garment Bag

World Traveler 40 Inch Hanging Garment Bag, Black Trim Damask, One Size

A trendy and durable travel garment bag. Nothing beats the functionality and portability of this travel garment bag. It comes in various designs and prints! It features a front zipper travel garment bag. It’s lightweight nd easily folds which make it a very convenient travel companion of any fashionistas. You may think that this well-built travel garment bag is expensive, but it’s surprisingly not.

Once you unfold this hanging travel garment bag, you’ll be surprised by the number of extra pockets installed for added space. Frequent travelers also find this bag able to hold up. It keeps your garments safe from harmful stains and pests in a very fashionable way. The materials used are also of high-quality and breathable. It’s a hanging bag– not the usual length of travel garment bag that you’re used to so some consumers may find it small. Other than that, this travel garment bag is one of the best and it’s made to last a long time. Machine washing is not recommended, but can easily be cleaned using a wet towel or sponge. It also makes a cute and trendy carry-on luggage when you are traveling by air.

Bags For Less White Breathable Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag

This long and durable garment bag is made specifically for wedding gowns, but can also accommodate other gowns. It’s also multi-purpose. You can use it as a travel garment bag and an in-cabinet bag. It’s the longest garment bag out in the market. It’s made of durable fabric that is breathable and see-through. It’s the perfect garment bag of choice for your most prized and treasured gowns such as your wedding gown.

It looks very elegant and has a vinyl pouch for easy labeling. It’s built to last–protecting your gown from stains, bugs, moths, and other insects. This classy and tough travel garment may look expensive, but you’ll be surprised to find out its incredibly low price. Once you try this travel garment bag for your wedding gown, you might be tempted to buy more for the rest of your formal gowns, and it’s absolutely okay. It’s an affordable travel garment bag. Cleaning it’s also convenient and easy! it’s completely machine washable! Bags For Less White Breathable Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag has everything you want for a travel garment bag.

Bags For LessBreathable Suit/Dress Black Garment Bag

A multi-purpose bag for travel and storage, this bag is very functional yet affordable. It comes in high-quality black fabric that is breathable. It also has a hole at the bottom for convenient folding while traveling. This travel bag stands out from the rest because it’s very eco-friendly–made of 100% recyclable materials. That also means that the fabric is designed to last over the years. It protects your clothes from dust, stains, insects and water! Yes, this bag is also water-repellant!

With the price and quality, let’s say that this bag is absolutely a good bargain. Take note, that it’s not suitable for frequent travelers. It requires proper care and maintenance so that the zipper won’t easily get broken. If you know how to properly use this garment bag, then you’ll absolutely enjoy it for a long time. Many consumers are also giving positive reviews about this product because it’s not only affordable, it also offers one of the best protection for your garments.


Like mentioned in the reviews, durable and reliable travel garment bag need not be expensive. All you have to consider is the frequency of use, handling and caring for the product, and the price. Purchasing a high-end travel garment bag and ending up using it only once is not a very practical thing to do. Otherwise, if you travel a lot, going cheap and affordable is not your best option. You need something that could come up with your travel needs. The products listed in this article give a great value for your money. They get the best customer satisfaction ratings. Even the bag listed for the frequent traveler is not the most expensive travel bag out in the market. This only proves that you can not judge a travel bag based on its price.

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