Best Gel Polish Reviews 2017

They say “you can tell a lot about a woman just by looking at her nails or hands”. Her personality will be reflected by how well she maintains her nails. Good thing gel polish was made! Unlike the traditional gel polish, it stays longer and is known to be “safer” for your nails. Gone were the days that you would actually be helpless for minutes waiting for your nails to dry– only to end up chipping or cracking within a week. Here’s the list of the best nail polishes that you’ll definitely love to have!

Sensationail Gel Polish

Alright for those who are beginners into the new gel polish thing, you should try the starter kit first! It has everything that you need to have in order to optimize the effects of having a gel polish manicure! The kit contains a gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish, topcoat, lint-free wipes, double-sided nail buffer, manicure stick and ofcourse, the Sensational PRO 3060 LED LAMP. Yes, the names of the products can be overwhelming but if you have been doing your manicures in quite a while, this means that more likely, you already own most of the items included in the kit.

This gel polish is neat and fresh! Yes, it will retain the “mirror-like” shine that you get when the nail polish is still wet. It will still look new for as long as two weeks! It’s really satisfying and rich color that you will sure fall in love with. The LED lamp is also of high quality and you’ll love to keep it even after finishing up with your starter kit products. Traditional UV nail lamps is a major concern of some health gurus, but with this LED lamp, you can now enjoy your gel polish without extra worries.

Gelish Gel Polish

This Gelish nail polish is such a heart rob! It comes with wonderful colors that would leave you breathless! Each color nail polish will absolutely look new, fresh and shiny up to 3 weeks! That’s without chipping, peeling, or anything! You can cure this duo using both UV light (2 minutes) and LED light (30 seconds). The instructions are included in the purchase.

The fact that theses nail polish last almost a month is just awesome. Great for busy ladies who find it hard to find time doing their nails. If you are a beginner, you can purchase the Gelish Nail Polish Basix Kit, (it’s a bit pricey, but it has everything you need to start your best gel polish experience, so it’s sort of like an investment at first). Once you try Gelish, you will find it hard to switch to another brand (unless you really can’t afford it any longer). It’s totally worth it, though. You get fresh and lovely nails for almost a month with just one session of getting your nails done. That is definitely something that you need to consider with its price.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color

This is another great gel polish that lasts 2 weeks with the mirror-shine finish! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color guarantees a salon-like finish and no air dry time (unlike traditional acrylic nail polish). Going to the salon to have your nails done could be pricey (plus the fare or gas you’ll spend). This product will give you the same result in the convenience of your home and you can do it up to 10 times for each set of gel polish!

The salon grade finish only includes three steps. Applying the base coat, then the gel nail polish and the top coat. Ofcourse everything is pulled together with curing using LED light. Curing takes just a few seconds, unlike the traditional air drying with traditional nail polish which takes a lot of minutes. Just imagine what you could have done with those precious minutes of your life instead of waiting for your acrylic nail polish to dry! There are some people who had a negative experience with the product around the internet, but most people who gave it 5 stars claim that those people may have not religiously followed instructions so they just didn’t get the desired results.

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish is another high-quality gel nail product that you would love! It’s almost impossible not to! This one has glitter in it! If you think that having a deluxe and premium nail polish with glitters is already jaw-dropping, wait until it changes colors! Yes, it has temperature sensors! The pink glittery nail polish turns white when your hands are hot. When it’s warm it’s light pink and it turns to a strong pink when it gets cold. Guess what– it comes with a lot of variation of color changes to choose from!

Trying just one of these amazing cuties will make you crave for more. Who wouldn’t? On top of having a low maintenance nail polish which stays around two weeks on your nails, it’s also fun to watch it change colors! Your nails will easily catch the attention of everyone. This gel polish is quite thick because of the glitters, but will still work out great on your nails. Don’t miss out on the excitement of having this kind of gel polish on your nails.

OneDor® One Step Gel Polish

f you think that switching to gel polish is very time consuming since you’ll have to prime nails, have to apply a base coat, then the polish and the top coat, no need to worry! OneDor® One Step Gel Polish will save the day! No more hassle of applying base coat and Top coat. Just apply the gel polish, cure it, and you’re done! Imagine all the time you would save and still get the best results of having a reliable gel polish that looks fresh and shiny for up to two weeks without getting dull. It also does not leave any sticky film that most gel nail polish do. This saves you more time in cutting the nail prepping time (redoing the nails).

Remember to cure the nail polish with LED or UV light just like you would with regular gel polish to get the desired effect. This particular gel nail polish also works well with Holographic Laser Powder to get a wonderful holographic and shiny nail art design on their nails. You can mix and match different gel nail polish colors and powders to come up with the most artistic and gorgeous designs!

Qimisi Soak Off Gel Polish Lacquer

This lacquer gel nail polish is highly recommended for people who tend to bite their fingers. The ingredients used in this product are non-toxic and odorless resin. Makes it the number one choice of women who has low odor tolerance. It will give you a beautiful finish on your nails that lasts 2-3 weeks given that you strictly follow the instructions and guidelines to achieve the desired durability.

Qimisi Soak Off Gel Polish Lacquer is one of the toughest and most durable gel polish that stays on your nails. What’s even more surprising is the price–one of the most inexpensive yet high-quality brand of gel polish out in the market! Another great thing about this nail polish is also very easy to remove. You don’t need to exert more effort in trying to chip it out or to rub it off using acetone. You only need to soak it into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes and gently ripping or peeling off the gel one by one. It’s also not too thick–the consistency is like the traditional nail polish. Don’t get confused. Always remember that like any other gel nail polish, you need to cure it with UV or LED light to dry.

Gellen Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish

Gellen Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish comes in pretty pastel colors that you will definitely love! This gel polish is proven to last up two weeks provided that you strictly follow their specific instructions. Yes, signing your using gel nail polish requires a lot of steps but considering the drying and the curing time, it’s actually faster than traditional nail polish– where air-drying alone takes about 45 minutes! Remember, that’s it’s also very important to make sure that no product goes to your skin before curing it under LED or UV light to prevent it from premature peeling off. This product also cures nicely sand quickly– faster than other brands.

One common drawback of this particular brand of gel nail polish is the absence of a color indicator on the bottle. This is not a problem if you have a sharp memory and you only have few bottles. It gets very confusing once you get more bottles. You can work around this issue by painting the product on a sticker, curing it and attaching it to the bottles. Otherwise, you’ll have to open each bottle, every time you need to choose a color.

BMC UV/LED Nail Lacquer Gel Polish

BMC 6pc Nude Color Themed UV/LED Nail Lacquer Gel Polish Master Set - Oasis Collection

One of the cheapest gel nail polish that will absolutely surprise you with the results! It is comparable to higher end products that are almost thrice its price! This stunning nail polish is not too thick yet not too thin to run down your skin quickly. You can easily cure it with any UV or LED lamp! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cure!

BMC UV/LED Nail Lacquer Gel Polish may not be as popular like the products you hear in the ads. Even so, this product is proven to hold up around 2 weeks just like the higher end nail polish! It comes in various colors that you will absolutely love. You should give this product a chance to prove that a high-quality gel nail polish doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even have to come from a famous brand. There is no harm in trying and with the incredible price? There is nothing for you to lose–yet more to gain! If beauty has a price, this one comes in a great bargain. You can use any top coat and base coat with this product.

MelodySusie Gel Nail Polish

MelodySusie Gel Nail Polish Set, Lux Classics 1 Step Nail Gel Kit, Six Colors with Black, Long Lasting, No Base and Top Coat Needed, Quick Curing with LED or UV Nail Dryer, Easy Soak Off

Here’s a gel nail polish like no other! MelodySusie Gel Nail Polish is not only a one-step gel polish. It is also available at an incredibly low price. You are going to save money and time for not needing a top coat and a base coat. It also cures beautifully under LED lamp for 30 seconds and UV lamp for 2 minutes. Imagine all the time you save by choosing to be a wise buyer! It is also non-toxic and doesn’t have a strong smell.

This gel nail polish comes in gorgeous colors with creme, matte, and glitter finish. It’s not rocket-science to get familiar with the steps you need to take to properly apply the product to get the optimum results. Basically, all you have to do is prepare and clean your nails (like you always do with all nail polish), apply the gel polish (make sure to get rid of the excess product that goes to your skin) and cure it under UV and LED lamp! Isn’t that simple? You don’t spend an hour to finish all your nails on your fingers and toes! It also lasts about 2 weeks!


Gel nail polish is no doubt, one of the greatest innovation in the beauty industry. It provides women with beautiful gorgeous nail color that would last 1-3 weeks depending on the brand and the application process. Each brand has various and definite instructions to help each user achieve the best results. Some nail polish brands offer a starter kit for beginners that would help them get oriented about the entire process of applying a gel nail polish. The step often includes prepping the nail, applying a base coat, the gel nail polish, and finishing off with the top coat. It is also a huge requirement to cure each nail under a UV or LED light every after each coat. Some gel polish is easier to use since it doesn’t require a base coat and a top coat.

Since gel polish is undeniably durable, it is also difficult to remove. Some brands feature “soak-off” capabilities where you just dip your nails in a specialized acrylic solution to loosen and get rid of the gel nail polish easily. With various brands out in the market, it is highly recommended to research the best and most affordable gel polish to prevent over-spending. With this type of economy, every consumer should take the extra time to research about various products to compare the quality and the price. A wise buyer is someone who always gets the best value for every penny he or she spends.

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