Best Gingerbread House Kit Reviews 2017

Gingerbread houses used to be such a hard dessert to make. Even a few years back people had to carefully create one from scratch and try to make sure that every piece fits and that it all looks nice. With its rising popularity and the fact that it’s become a holiday staple it’s only logical that manufacturers create a kit that’ll allow you to setup a gingerbread house in just minutes. You’ll just need to decorate it the way you want to and it’ll feel as if you’re the one who made it from scratch. Like a lot of products in the market there’ll sure be a ton o competition and with competition there’ll be a bunch of different features and price points that you’ll surely feel confused regarding which to get. Now you don’t have to be confused anymore cause we listed down the best gingerbread house kits in the market.

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit, Deluxe Model

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit, Deluxe Model net wt.2.66 lbs

Are you looking for a last minute gift who has a sweet tooth? This gingerbread house kit from create-a-treat might be the perfect one for you! The kit is packaged in a box that really doesn’t need any gift wrapping. The box is decorative and is the best guide fro anyone who would be making the gingerbread house. This kit is also a no hassle kit since almost everything you’ll need to create the perfect gingerbread house is included in it. It has a ready made icing, pre-baked gingerbread, and lots of candy. This kits provides the perfect activity for the whole family that both adults and small children could enjoy and participate actively in. If you’re still a bit confused on how to build the gingerbread house, you don’t need to worry anymore cause the kit includes easy to follow instructions so you won’t have to struggle with trying to fit the pieces anymore.

This gingerbread house kit received generally mixed reviews from its consumers, opinions on this kit is so mixed that people who loved it and does who were a disappointed are almost half and half. Those who loved the product were impressed that the package arrived in one piece and it wasn’t broken like what happened to the other packages. They also loved how sturdy the gingerbread cookies are and how they stayed up even after displaying it for hours. Those who were disappointed by the product were generally unhappy either because they received a package with broken pieces or an old stock which is contradicts the advertisement that its freshly baked. Despite the mixed reviews regarding the structure of the kit, they all did love the wide array of candies included in the kit. The icing was also nicely made and tasted good and not commercial like other pre-made icings taste like.

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit

Another gingerbread house kit from Create-a-treat but this time its the non-deluxe version of the product. The main difference between the two is the packaging. This kit does not come with a house-like packaging like the deluxe model instead it’s inside a box packaging which also has pictures of the gingerbread house kit. Another difference is the price, this one is cheaper than the deluxe model.This kit also includes everything you’ll need to create a great gingerbread house. It had pre-made icing, 6 pieces of pre-baked and pre-constructed gingerbread house pieces, 3 gingerbread characters, and lots of candies. With this kit you’ll be able to create the same gingerbread house for a cheaper cost and it’ll still be as enjoyable for the whole family. This is perfect for those that wouldn’t mind not getting the deluxe house packaging but would still want the same items available for them.

Unlike the deluxe model, this Create-a-treat gingerbread house received generally bad reviews. Most of the reviews centered on how almost every piece of the product was broken when they received it. This is mostly either the distributors fault or the shipping company. They were also a few complaints about the gingerbread cookies and candies being inedible so even if you were able to salvage the pieces the gingerbread house will only be used as a decoration and not for eating. Despite a lot of them being really disappointed by the broken gingerbread pieces they all agreed that the kit had everything they needed to create a great gingerbread house and said that there were enough candies to completely decorate the gingerbread house as you pleased. They also loved the packaging that comes with the gingerbread house kit. To void receiving broke pieces or old stock make sure that you’re buying from a great distributor or getting it from the store.

Wilton 2104-1910 Mini Village Gingerbread

Looking for a gingerbread house kit with lots of design options? Then this one from Wilton might be the perfect fit for you.It contains instructions on how to build the gingerbread house and a lot of design options you could follow. It’s a great way to teach you children how to follow visual instructions too while they’re having fun and getting into the Christmas spirit. The kit contains icing mix and pre-baked gingerbread house pieces. It also has lot of candy and other decorations such as candles so you could really feel like you built a house complete with their own lighting.

This kit is another perfect all-in-one kit that’ll provide you with almost everything that you need to build the perfect gingerbread house. However, the icing is not pre-made so you’ll need to make it using the mix included. This is a good thing fro those who would rather control how runny or thick their icing is or would want to add some other ingredients. But this might be a bit of a hassle for those who would rather just open the box and get straight to making the gingerbread house. This gingerbread house kit received generally good reviews from consumers. They all loved that there were a lot of candies and other decorations available this made decorating easier and also gave them more choices on the way they’ll decorate the gingerbread house. They also loved how it is to put together since it does have all the pieces you’ll need. The instructions were also really easy to follow. The size was another plus for a lot of the consumers it was bigger than most gingerbread house kits available. However, some of the kits also arrived with a few broken pieces but non were broken beyond repair so the icing would be enough to repair it.

Gingerbread House Wonka Gingerbread Cottage Candy Kit

Wonka is a brand that’s really well known when it comes to sweets so it’s no surprise that they also produce gingerbread house kits. If you’re looking for a kit that comes from a brand that’s familiar to you and have an idea as to how the candies and the cookies would taste then this kit might just be the one you’re looking for. This kits contains half pound of candies like Nerds and Bottle Caps which you’ll surely wish to have some left over of so you’ll be able to munch on them after you’re done making the gingerbread house. The kit also contains a pre-baked gingerbread pieces, pre-made icing, a decorator bag, and the set-up tray.

This Wonka gingerbread house kit received mostly great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how easy it was to set up and the fact that it contained everything they’ll need to make a great gingerbread house. But what everyone really loved is how great the candy collection is especially if you compare it to other kits that only have candies that aren’t as appetizing. Despite receiving mostly love from its consumers it also received some complaints about the make of the gingerbread cookies since it was a bit too soft for some making it hard to keep upright. The icing also missed the spot for some of the consumers saying that it doesn’t taste good and doesn’t really glue the pieces as well as you’d expect it to. There were also those who received broken pieces with the packaging which they did try to salvage using the icing. Generally, the packages that people received weren’t of the same quality some icings were too watery while others were just the right thickness. To get something of great quality its best to buy from a trusted distributor or from your local store.

Brand Castle Llc Cookie Sugar Frozen

Is your child still not over the Frozen craze and is still obsessed with all the songs and the characters from the movie? If yes then this kit would surely make her day. Now she can recreate the frozen castle that Elsa made and pretend that she built it using her “snow powers” as well. This kit also contains the characters of Frozen in paper form so your child will surely love having these to play with as well. The design isn’t the only thing that’s good with this kit, it also has everything you’d need to create your own version of Elsa’s castle. It contains ready to use icing in white, blue. It also has blue color powder and blue sanding sugar which will all add to the “ice castle” feel of your gingerbread house. It also has tools that you’ll need for decorating like food brush, decorating stencil, and a piping bag.

If you’re looking for something that’s unlike the traditional gingerbread house then this one might be perfect fit for you. Sadly, despite all the cuteness and excitement from this kit it did receive mixed reviews from its consumers. Everyone agreed that it’s a breath of fresh air from the traditional gingerbread houses you’ll usually get. However, a lot of them found it too hard to make. They felt like the kit, although seemed like it contains everything you need, isn’t enough to recreate the castle that is advertised on the cover of the kit. It also takes more time to build the kit than what they advertised so be prepared to invest more than 30-40 minutes in making this kit. Some people also received some broken pieces which seems to be a trend when it comes to these gingerbread house kits. Despite polarizing opinions on the kit they all did agree that it’s fun to make and was a great bonding activity for the family just don’t expect to recreate the exact castle that’s advertised.

Trader Joes Gingerbread House Kit

Trader Joes Gingerbread House Kit, Authentic German Hexen Haus with Candy and Cookie Decorations, Make A Special House for any holiday - St. Patricks, Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

Trader Joe’s is another brand known for its sweets especially for its cookie butter spread. Coming from a brand that’s trusted a lot, their gingerbread house kit is something that you’ll definitely be interested in. Aside from the brand it’s also the only gingerbread house kit that looks like an authentic German Hexen Haus. So if you’re looking for something traditional then this kit might be the one you’re looking for. It’s also a recreation of the witch’s house from the Hansel and Gretel tale. It includes gingerbread house pieces and candy decorations you’ll need to re-create that house from this beloved tale. The only drawback to this kit is that it’s not complete and you’d need to add egg whites and lemon to build it.

This kit received generally great reviews from its consumers. They love the structure of it and how it’s unlike the usual box gingerbread houses you buy from other sellers. They also liked that it was made of natural ingredients making them feel that its safe for their whole family to eat it. It’s also really affordable and one of the cheapest on the list. It’s price point allows you to make two of these gingerbread houses so you’ll have one to display throughout the holidays and another one for eating. There are a couple of complaints about this product. One thing that a lot of the consumers did say is that the gingerbread is soft so it was hard to keep it upright. The cookies didn’t taste that good as well so it was a bit of a waste for those who really wanted to devour the whole house. There also weren’t as many candies in the kit compared to the other kits on the list so it was hard to recreate the house on the box. If you’re looking for something to display and wouldn’t mind buying additional candies then this kit might be the perfect fit for you.

Candy Crate Trolls Gingerbread House Kit

Trolls Gingerbread House Kit

Is your child in love with the new trolls movie and insists on getting everything with these characters? This gingerbread house is for you then. It has everything you would need to build a gingerbread house for your child’s Troll dolls. The kit has pre-baked gingerbread cookies, pre-made icing, candies like gummies, candy jewels, mint swirls, and candy stars. It also has scene setters to help you recreate scenes with your favorite Trolls dolls. This no-hassle kit is perfect for those that would want to make their gingerbread house without having to use any other ingredients.

This product received really mixed reviews from those who purchased it. They all loved the overall packaging and how cute the house is set to look like. However, most of them received broken cookies and unlike with the other kits, they weren’t able to salvage it. The cookies were also too thin and easily broke when you try to build it up this made it really hard for them to build a good gingerbread house. The icing was also too thick making it hard to squeeze and spread it on the cookies. They also weren’t happy with the frosting that comes with the kit, it wasn’t enough to cover all the pieces of the cookies. Despite all these poor reviews it received there were of course those who loved this product. They generally lived that it includes cardboard characters which was loved by kids. The candies included also tasted good unlike other gingerbread house kits with almost inedible candies.

Cookies United LLC Despicable Me Minions Gingerbread House Kit Pre-baked

Despicable Me Minions Gingerbread House Kit Pre-baked

The Despicable Me franchise is such a huge hit with kids and adults alike. It has a bunch of characters that are well-known and beloved by a lot of people but the most popular of these characters has to be the Minions. I’m sure you’ve still got that “Banana” song stuck in your head. If you and your child are one of those fans who are still really in love with these characters then this gingerbread house kit might just be the one to satisfy you “Despicable Me” fix. This kit includes all pre-made ingredients you’ll need to create the perfect gingerbread house. It has pre-baked gingerbread cookies, pre-made icing, and a wide array of candies that’ll surely be more than enough to decorate you house whatever way you want it to.

This Despicable Me gingerbread house kit also received mixed reviews from its consumers. Those who loved it were impressed by the sturdiness of the gingerbread house since it was able to stand for weeks. However, there are reviews that claim the opposite. For a handful of the consumers, the cookies were broken into pieces when they received it. The other found the cookies to be to thin and when they tried to stick them together they ended up getting broken and falling down. The candies available weren’t also enough to cover the whole house so if you’re set on getting this one its best to buy extra candies as well. The frosting was also too stiff for some of the candies to stick to it so it’s best to make your own if you get a stiff one in your box. The reviews for this product are so polarizing that it seems to be a matter of buying your kit from a reputable distributor and a good shipping company.


We hope that with the list above you’d be able t choose the best gingerbread house kit for you and your needs. Remember that although the price may be a deal breaker for a lot of people it’s also best to consider the overall taste and quality of the gingerbread house. If it’s too bland and doesn’t really match with your taste palette it’ll be more of a waste of money than if you just bought something that’s a little bit pricier but you’re sure that you’ll actually eat it. Aside from the taste, you should also consider how well it stays up and how long it lasts since it’ll be a great waste of you just get to display it a couple of hours then it’ll fall apart on it’s on.

Overall, when you buy a gingerbread house it’s best to consider the totality of the product since for a lot of people this’ll be the center piece of their holiday parties. Making it is also a great bonding experience for families so getting one that doesn’t crumble with heavier touches of children would also be a great plus and will make your bonding time even longer.

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