Best Glue Gun Reviews 2017

Sticking things together will always be a part of our life. Since we were young, we are always exposed on tools that aid us in sticking things together like glues, tapes and many others. One of the most useful tool for sticking things is the glue gun. It might have problems when it comes to safety because of its heat but it is very efficient in doing its job.

There are a lot of glue guns available in the market and finding the best one maybe a pesky job. But, as long as you know how to evaluate a glue gun, this is not gonna be a problem.

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 25pcs Glue Sticks High Temperature Melting Glue Gun Kit

CC Better’s glue gun has been listed as one of thebest seller. There is no doubt to that as CC Better has been committed to provide quality products for several uses. One example of their products who never failed the expectation of their patrons is this glue gun.

Their glue gun can be used immediately because heating it will not take so much time. It would only take about 3-5 minutes for this gun to heat. It does not just heat up the glue stick but will also maintain the temperature for optimal use. This makes it ideal for office and school use. Aside from the magnificent temperature control, it will also help you save more money by not allowing too much stick glue to be melted. The gun is also made with high quality materials that made it even stronger and more durable than other glue guns available in the market.
This gun is perfect for both adults and kids. This is not only good at making things stick together but will also keep you from being burnt.


BSTPower has been one of the best producers of glues in the market today. The glues they are producing can work perfectly well with any platforms. They have created a name in the industry and have been protecting that name for so long now. They are producing glue guns that are perfect for their stick glues.

This hot glue gun has adjustable temperature control unlike other glue guns you can find in the market. The temperature that this glue gun could achieve ranges from 100®C to 220®C making this glue gun perfect for both hot and cold applications. This could be heated as quickly as three minutes. This also comes with an indicator light that will tell you if it has already achieved your set temperature. You do not need to worry about this overheating because this is made with PTC thermistor and a lot more features. The features do not only protect this glue gun from overheating but it will also enhance its durability. It is also an energy saving glue gun making you more confident in using it as long as you want. This comes with different nozzles for different applications. You can always change the nozzle for a specific use. The good thing about this glue gun is it is lightweight. You can easily carry this around and use it.

This glue gun is perfect for various applications. This is not only good for adults but is also safe for kids with enough supervision.

Dual Temperature Mini Glue Gun kit

This glue gun here is one of the cheapest you can buy in the market. Though it is cheaper than the rest, the quality of this glue gun is not compromised. This is perfect for definitely everything. You can adjust the heat of this glue gun depending on the application you have in mind. It has two temperature settings—the high and the low. You can use a high temperature when you are working with woods and other thick and hard materials. The low temperature setup is good for light materials like ribbons and other craft related materials. This glue gun does not heat as fast as others but it can still do its job. It can be ready to use in five minutes. It is small too, making it easier to carry around.

If you are the kind of person who likes cheaper option, this one is for you. The thing about this is that it is not good for frequent usage. If you just need a glue gun once in a while, this one is perfect for you.

Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun

Surebonder’s products have been proven to be very efficient and deliver the tasks perfectly. They have been rated as one of the most trusted brand when it comes to sticking things up.

This glue gun ranked the best among the amazing glue guns Surebonder has been producing. You can easily control the temperature of this glue gun and can manipulate it according to use. You can bond metals, heavy woods and thick materials when you set the temperature to high. If you are working with light materials, you can just easily set the temperature to low. It has a stand with it so you do have a problem putting it aside when you are doing something. The thing about this is that if you want to turn it on, you will just simply plug it. Unplugging it from the socket is how you turn it off. This does not sound safe for kids so if a kid is around you better buy other glue gun. If you are the type of person who puts too much weight on safety maybe this one here is not for you.

Overall, this glue gun does its job perfectly well. It is good for both hard and soft bonding jobs.

Adhesive Technologies Two-Temp Glue Gun

Adhesive Technologies is known to provide the market very efficient products at a very affordable price.They have installed new features to every product they have that makes it even more desirable. They have brought a brand new way in using a glue gun.

This ddglue gun has a removable cord. This makes it usage limitless. You can carry it around anywhere without worrying about the cord buzzing your working area. But it will not last that long enough without its cord because it can only work without it for only five minutes. Aside from this very amazing feature, the nozzles are insulated and it is more comfortable to hold on because of its soft to touch grip. It has power switch too making it safer to work on with. It can adjust its temperature according to use making it perfect for all work platforms.

This is perfect for all usage. You can use this glue to stick woods, craft projects and a lot more. You can even use this for home repairs and home decors. This is a very good choice for glue gun.

Surebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun

This is another amazing glue gun from Surebonder. It has more features to offer than the previous Surebonder glue gun introduced to you earlier. It can also do well with woods, plastics, metals, ceramics and more. You do not need to worry about accuracy because the extended tip will surely aid you in having amore beautiful and amazing work. Unlike their previous glue gun, this already has a power switch. This is a lot safer to use than the previous one. You can detach the auxiliary stand any time you want. It also has heat resistant to ensure that you will not be burnt when you accidentally touched it while it is working. So far, this is the best Surebonder glue gun available in the market today.

This is perfect for all people of all ages that love arts and crafts so much. This is a good option for you.

Hot Glue Gun – Heavy Duty 20 Watt Rapid Heating Technology

This hot glue gun will surely make everything stick to each other. It can heat in as fast as three minutes. This will surely help you get things done fast. It also has temperature control. The temperature control does not only keep your stick glue hot and ready to use all the time but it will also keep it burnt free. This feature will also help you save money because you do not get to melt your stick glues for nothing. When we are so overly focused on sticking things up we forget to turn off the glue gun that leads to the melting of stick glues for nothing. Aside from the temperature control technology that this glue gun has, it is also very safe to use. This is made with high quality raw materials. It has a safety fuse inside it that will prevent overheating. This also has an LED On and off display that will always alarm you if the glue gun is still working. It has a lot of features in it that will make you thing on its power consumption. Do not worry about this because this is very energy efficient.

This glue gun is surely a best buy. This is perfect for decorations, arts and a lot more.

Vastar Hot Glue Gun

Vastar has been is the industry for so long now. Their products are trusted because they have been producing quality products since their first appearance in the market.

This hot glue gun heats up in as fast as three minutes. This is perfect for people who are always busy and always want things done fast. Its design is specifically made to be safe. It has a LED light which notifies you whether the glue gun is working or no. It is safely fused to ensure that the glue gun will be as durable as your first bought it. The nozzles are insulated for more protection. You can also detach and attach the stand whenever you want easily because the auxiliary stand is detachable. It is also made to maintain the temperature so that you can work more efficiently.

This glue gun will certainly help you create wonderful artworks and other things you want done with this glue gun.

Surebonder DT-270KIT Full Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun

This is another amazing and versatile glue gun brought to you by Surebonder. The name says it all; it can surely bond things up. It has the features that the usual Surebonder glue guns have but with more add on for your comfort. It has a dual setting that makes it versatile. It can work well both with hard and soft materials because you can adjust the temperature of this glue gun. If you worry about carrying a lot of things when doing crafts work and other home decors, this is perfect for you. This glue gun is lightweight so carrying it when making something is never an issue. It heats up incredibly fast that will help you do your job as quickly as you needed it done. It is also safe to use because it is made with durable materials that are overheating resistant.

This cheap, durable and does it job. This is perfect for all art-loving and home decor makers of all ages.


You have just read the best possible glue guns available in the market today. Always check its features before buying anything in order to make sure that your money is worth it. There are glue guns that are safer to use than the others. Make sure that you will choose the one that has a power switch and is heat resistant.

There might be glue guns that are cheaper than the rest and also there are glue guns that are way more expensive than the others but the price does not speak it all. Remember, check the quality of the materials it is made of and the features. Doing artworks are a lot better when your glue gun fits your needs.

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