Best Golf Bags Reviews 2017

Golf is indeed one of the most popular sports in the world. This game is usually held in a club where players are required to hit balls on certain holes in a course. The place and date where golf originated from is still unclear for historians and researchers because this game can be traced back to several countries such as Scotland, China and Persia. Nonetheless, when golf was established as a sport, this game can be played with either 9 or 18 holes.

This sport comes with a pretty pricey lifestyle. If you’re a golfer, then you know how vital it is having and carrying your own golf bag. A golf bag is a special type of bag with numerous pockets and spaces to accommodate your important golfing equipment. Whether you’re looking for a replacement or just searching for a new golf bag, we’d like to present you the best golf bag deals in the industry today.

Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag in 5″ or 7″

Looking for a cheap golf bag? Then the ProActive’s Sunday Bag is something we absolutely advocate for you. Regardless of its economical price, this one is big enough to carry and handle all the clubs you need in the golf course. It is equipped with multiple dividers and space, so you can place your important belongings inside. Moreover, this product is made out of polyester, guaranteed to last for a long time. For novices eager to have their first golf bag, this Sunday bag is going to be wonderful for you, with its lightweight dimension and compact size. Additionally, to provide you better comfort and prevent shoulder pain, this one has padded shoulder straps.

RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bag

The RJ Sports EX-250 is a cart bag you’ll be proud to call your own. This bag is made out of durable nylon with a mossy oak camo design, so it is guaranteed that you’ll turn heads playing with this one. This one is equipped with 14 way divided top, 6 easy access pockets and an insulated beverage compartment. Moreover, this golf bag has more beneficial features with its 2 external putter tubes and a rain hood. For better convenience, this one is lightweight and can accommodate most of your needed stuff. So as one of the prominent and top golf bag in the industry, you won’t regret spending time with the RJ Sports EX-250.

Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag may not be the inexpensive golf bag you’re looking for, but we encourage you to give this one a chance. Been a golfer for a long time? Then you know how popular the Callaway brand is in the world of golf. To prove you its competency, this bag has a 14 way top divider, 12 convenient pockets such as: GPS pocket, utility pockets, apparel pockets and a thermal-lined cooler pocket. As a bonus, this bag has an E-trolley base system to securely protect the bag. In summary, as the leading golf brand in the industry, we can guarantee you of a pleasing time with this one.

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case

Looking for a cheap golf bag for starters? Then you’ve found the right golf bag for you! Despite its price, this product can hold up to 6-7 clubs, perfect for novices. Moreover, with its detachable shoulder strap, and an improved zipper direction and padded handle, using a golf bag has never been so convenient. As a plus, this one is amazingly made out of water resistant materials, and the overall weight of the bag is very light. The K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Golf Bag is perhaps the most reliable yet affordable golf bags in the market, so we encourage you to purchase one before it is too late.

What is a golf bag?

A golf bag is one of main essentials of a golfer. This bag keeps your stuff and gears safe, accompanying you all over the golf course. If you’ve been a golfer for long time, then you know how important it is choosing the best possible golf bag for you. If you’re pretty new and still a novice, don’t worry! We got you. Below, we’ll give you better information about golf bags, their types and what to look for in a golf bag.

There are different types of golf bags for sale in the market. Knowing which one fits your style will matter significantly because your own golf bag can improve or worsen your overall performance on the course. There are varieties of ways to check out a good golf bag brand, but now that you’re here, we encourage you to read below.

Cart bags – this bag, just like what its name suggests is intended to be carted on a golf cart. This type of bag is lighter and smaller in size, around 5-7 pounds, marketed specifically for elder golfers. If you despise carrying a heavy golf bag around you, then a cart bag would be nice. The ideal cart bag would give you several pockets and spaces where you can place your necessities as well as your belongings.

Stand bags – features two retractable legs so your bag can stand on its own whenever you’re playing or resting. If you’ve been to a golf club, you’ll notice this type of bag right away because it is one of the most popular type of bag by golfers. A stand bag will approximately weigh about 5 pounds more or less, depending on the brand you choose.

Staff/Tour bags – another most used type of bag is a staff bag. A staff or tour bag is the largest type of golf bag specifically used by professional golf players. This type of bag may be pricey though, because not every company makes this available for the regular golf players. Moreover, it is also significantly heavier than other bags with a weight of 10 pounds.

Travel bags – isn’t exactly a type of golf bag, but in case you go out of town or you still haven’t bought a golf bag of your own, then a travel bag would be a good substitute. Moreover, the average travel bag has a huge dimension, so it is guaranteed that it can cater and protect your golfing utensils.

What to look for in a golf bag?

Just because a certain golf bag seems pricey, doesn’t mean it has everything you’re looking for. Whether you’re aiming for the most luxurious or cheapest golf bag, it’s still important to look for some notable features that will efficiently help your golfing better.

Divider – the divider is located at the top of every golf bag. When buying a golf bag, one way to know the right product for you is to determine how many golf sticks or shafts you own, then look for the bag that can accommodate all your belongings.

Pockets – most golf bags have several pockets installed around. These pockets will come in handy in case you want to put your shirts, towels, extra balls and other important stuff. Some well-developed bags may even have an extra pocket intended for your beverage or water.

Straps – it’s no secret that most likely, you’ll carry your own golf bag around. When purchasing one, take a good look where the straps and handles are made, and if they’re flexible and sturdy enough to handle heavy stuff.


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