Best Griddles Reviews 2017

Are you looking for a good griddle? How do you know what to buy? Which brands are worth a solid investment? How low can you go before an affordable price will compromise on quality? What are the benefits of different surfaces, and which griddles will work best for the foods you tend to grill the most? Lets take a look at five of the best griddles on the market.

Firstly, take into account the type of food you tend to cook, and how much of it you want to cook at a time. The top five griddles listed here offer great heat dispersion, so a smaller griddle represents better value as long as you can still cook the same amount of food.

Secondly, take into account the hob you are using. Some designs work better on a specific hob. Maybe you’d prefer an electric griddle? This review has you covered.

Le Creuset Enamelled Cast-Iron Square Skillet Grill

Best Griddles

Enamelled cast iron is a robust material that performs well with modern requirements for food preparation and cooking, which is why this stylish classic keeps getting top-ratings from home cooks and professional food critics. Cast iron performs well for either slow cooking or high-temperature searing. Oven safe but hand washing is recommended.

From spicy vegetables to delicious steak, shrimp and chicken, the square Skillet Grill offers all the flavor of the best outdoor grill, and then serves foods stunningly at the dining table. Moreover, high ridges let excess grease and fat to drain, and spouts on 2 sides allow for drip-free pours.

Scanpan IQ Deep Grill Pan

Best Griddles

This Danish designed, traditional griddle offers solid craftsmanship and the latest advances in technology. Scanpan IQ is suitable for induction and all other hobs. The finest thickness of the pan base stops damaging and maintains the pan base completely flat, especially crucial when used with ceramic hobs or glass top. The pan thickness and unique ceramic-titanium surface allows for browning, searing and deglazing. Durable surface allows use of metal utensils. Unlike Teflon, Scanpan’s Green Tek non-stick surface is PFOA-free. This griddle is usable for high heat frying and it is oven safe to 500-degrees, and features ergonomic handle design and lid knobs.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Best Griddles

This multi-functional griddle will work wonders with all your desired foods. Besides, Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle is necessary for tortillas, big breakfasts, roasted vegetables, grilled sandwiches and quesadillas. Its cast iron surface will perform equally well on a stove top, an oven or on a campfire and can slow-cook your foods without roasting. It retains temperature well so that you can sear veggies at higher heat and will keep your tasty foods warm for a longer period of time. This virtually indestructible griddle should be very durable.

Coghlan’s Non-Stick Two Burner Griddle

Best Griddles

Looking for a good value griddle to take camping? This camping griddle by Canadian company Coughlan’s has a lot to offer for a good price: heavy gauge aluminum creates good heat conduction and keeps the griddle lightweight, while the non-stick coating makes cleaning up while at camp quick and effortless. Designed to extend over two burners in most camp stoves, this top griddle provides adequate room for a hearty breakfast in the great outdoors. Coughlan’s still make this griddle in Winnipeg, Canada, which makes it the best griddle for buyers who want locally made. And surprisingly cheap, too.

Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Panini Maker Grill

Best Griddles

This griddle by Oster is a well-designed and great piece of equipment. It has a large surface area for a sandwich grill but is sleekly designed and light. The essential impressive feature of the Dura-Ceramic Panini Maker is the innovative ceramic non-stick coating for the reversible cooking tray. This is a natural material, free of PTFE and PFOAs, bonded to the aluminum cooking surface, and in fact much quicker to heat and longer-lasting than conventional alternatives. It won’t flake or peel, but it will provide exception non-stick performance, for up to four times longer than Teflon. Easily wipes clean.

What to Look for:Cheaper,More Affordable, Budget-friendly Griddles

When you are looking for a new griddle, you want something that heats up fast, a griddle that gets super hot, super quickly. You should also be looking for heat-retention, a pan that doesn’t lose any of its heat while you are cooking with it. Next on the list is some decent non-stick functionality. Whether you’re going to choose a cast iron, ceramic, or plastic-based non-stick coating, any pans you look at have a scale of better to worse as far as food sticking during cooking goes. After that, look at the ridges. To get a perfectly seared stripe down your food, ridges should be high and in fact slightly pointy rather than rounded. Next, consider drainage. Sloped sides or moats are a big plus if you want to be able to sizzle something but let the extra fat run away. Finally, check how heavy it is before you buy it. Griddles are a particular item of cookware that tends to be overly heavy, and not everyone can flip a steak in something that weighs a ton.

Advantages of Owning a Griddle

A well-chosen good quality non-stick frying pan can be used for lots of other items aside from steak. Basically, a griddle pan’s design creates a chargrilled finish including darkened, seared stripes and speedily, juicy cooked fish, veg or meat. The briefer the cooking, the more flavorsome and nutrient-rich your food will be, so best to avoid lengthy, flavor sapping cooking and unnecessary time spent stirring a pot. The super-heating ability of the best griddles is thanks to the griddle’s weight. Its thick base conducts heat rapidly and retains it successfully – besides, the ridged surface raises most of the ingredient from the base, preventing it from steaming in its own liquid. There are some griddles, which are designed so that juices and fats seeping out of the sizzling food are channeled toward moats and captured there – a pouring lip on the side of most good griddles allows you to pour this out and keep your food extra lean, or you can store juices and flavorsome fats to use later.

When buying your new griddle, select the size of pan according to the amount of food you normally would cook, but remember that if you can’t find one big enough to serve a family of six in one go, meat requires resting anyway, so you can place it in the oven when you grill the rest. Heavy-duty griddles are heavier but stronger than those sporting a thinner base, and thick cast iron griddles are generally better at withstanding drops, knocks and scrapes.

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