Best Grill Cover Reviews 2017

The barbecue grill is a staple equipment in the backyard of every full-hearted American. We grill and cook barbecue in almost every event we celebrate- summer parties, the Super Bowl weekend, Memorial Day, NBA Finals and birthday parties! We love grilling burgers, potatoes, different vegetables, ribs, and sausages. Oh, I can instantly smell the fragrant scent of cooked burgers or the sweet and salty scent of barbecue sauce! Barbecue is happiness, right? But in between those occasions, the grill needs to be securely kept and cared for. You need to protect it from outside elements, like dust, wind, rust and water. You need the best grill cover! Fortunately, we have the list for the best grill covers for you! Is the best product protecting your barbecue grill right now?

Weber 7107 Grill Cover

Weber has been creating top gas and electric grills for a number of years. It has gained popularity for both commercial cooking and home grilling. It isn’t a surprise that they would create a grill cover that provides toughness, durability and protection to their barbecue grills. The Weber 7107 Grill cover is specially designed for Genesis Gas Grills, one of the go-to grills if you opt to choose gas over charcoal in cooking your barbecue.

The Weber 7107 Grill cover is made of one hundred percent polyester. If you are going to use the barbecue grill, it will be easy to pick it up and lift the grill cover because it is lightweight and portable. You can keep it inside the house or in the garage using the included storage bag for the grill cover. If your grill is not Weber, you can still purchase this grill cover because included in the grill cover design are Velcro straps that can be used to snug fit the grill cover to any type or brand of grill. If your grill does not have any roofing on top, don’t you worry! The grill cover is UV resistant to protect it from direct sunlight. You never have to worry about grill covering ever again.

Garden Home Outdoor Grill Cover

For outdoor barbecue grills with sizes above 50 inches, most consumers choose this grill cover from Garden Home Outdoor. The grill cover is designed for huge outdoor cart- style barbecue grills. Even if you can roll the barbecue grill in and out of the backyard, the grill still needs protection from outdoor dust, ultraviolet radiation and water. The Garden Home Outdoor Grill cover is made of heavy duty materials to provide full protection for your grill. It also has a splash guard skirting which eliminates rusting caused by water from floors and backyard lawn.

The Garden Home Outdoor Grill cover fits most branded cart-style grills and it is able to give full protection even in the most hazardous weather effects like heavy rains. It has tightening straps to fit it perfectly on your barbecue grill. For other barbecue and grilling items, the grill cover provide zipper pockets. Your other tools for cooking will never be misplaced. Overall, this grill cover is one of the high quality covers in the market today.

LiBa BBQ Grill Cover

If you are looking for a grill cover with one of the thickest fabrics out there, then look no further. We have, third on our list of best grill covers, the LiBa BBQ Grill Cover. The grill cover boasts a thickness of 600 denier fabric. For those who do not know what denier is, it is defined as a unit of weight to describe the thickness or fineness of a fabric. Believe me, 600 denier is thick. It is strong enough to protect your outdoor grill from heat, sun rays, hail, snow, and hurricanes. That is the definition of a strong grill cover! Aside from being weather resistant, the LiBa BBQ Grill Cover is also flame resistant and rip resistant.

The strength of the LiBa BBQ Grill Cover is partnered with the ease of cleaning . You can remove all outside elements that the cover accumulated by just watering it down with a hose! So, if it is the time to crack up the fire, burn the fuel, and cook your favorite ribs and burgers, you just remove the cover and you can start cooking. You never need to worry about this tough grill cover from LiBa.

Texas Gas Grill Cover

Our fourth on the list of best grill covers is the Texas Gas Grill Cover. It is a grill cover that fits most grill in the market today like the Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grill. This gas grill cover is perfect in the outdoors because it is water resistant and provides protection against ultraviolet rays. In times when you are not using your delicious food maker, you can be sure that your grill is in good hands with the Texas Gas Grill Cover. The grill cover is also very durable against elements during winter, rainy and summer seasons because of its specially designed material. Your grill will last for a long time because of this awesome Texas grill cover protecting your piece of equipment.

The Texas Gas Grill Cover is one of the heavy duty grill covers available. It also has Velcro straps to perfectly fit on most types of gas grills. Another feature that this grill cover has is its crack resistance. It means that the material that the grill is made of does not crack easily even after exposed to much sun and snow. The cover will stay perfect and keep your gas grill safe outside your house.

Weber 7106 Grill Cover

Admit it or not, most of the barbecue grills in our backyard are mostly Weber. And we choose the barbecue grill that is not too big, but not small either, just big enough to serve our family, friends and other guests during holidays and other events and parties. If you have purchased a Weber Spirit 220 or Spirit 300 series, or a Spirit 210, then the Weber 7106 is the grill cover for you. Just the same as the best brand for creating bbq grills, Weber has created the best high quality grill cover for your barbecue grills. It is made up of heavy duty materials to withstand different kinds of weather and environment, from summer to winter to rainy season. It is also lightweight. If you want to use your barbecue grill, you can quickly lift the cover up and start grilling. It also provides snug fit protection to your grill through it s Velcro straps strategically placed on the grill cover sides.

If you are looking for the grill cover that best fit your Weber grill, then you have to check out and purchase this product from the same brand.

Kingkong 7553 Gas Grill Cover

Another Gas Grill Cover designed to perfectly fit Weber Genesis E and S series is the Kingkong 7553 Gas Grill Cover. Admittedly, Kingkong is marketing it as a replacement for your Weber 7107 grill cover. It is indeed a lot cheaper than its Weber grill cover counterpart. As tested by the users and consumers of the product, it does fit well on the Weber Genesis E and S series.

The Kingkong 7553 grill cover is made of high quality vinyl to provide protection to different outside conditions. It is water resistant, to keep rain away. It is UV resistant to protect the gas grill against the ultraviolet rays of the sun when not in use. The grill cover is also crack resistant. Since it is made of heavy duty materials, this grill cover will last a long time and give adequate protection for your Weber gas grill. To keep it perfectly fitted on the grill, Velcro straps can be adjusted and secured.

Char-Broil Burner Grill Cover

Char-Broil Burner Grill Cover made our list of the best grill covers in the market today. Char-broil has produced different grill covers for grills with 2 or more burners. If you own a grill that has 2, 3 or even more than 5 burners, then Char-Broil has made a grill cover just for you!

The Char-Broil Grill cover is made of heavy duty polyester. It is also one of the thickest fabrics of grill covers available. It is more resistant to wear and tear than ordinary grill covers. I can withstand damage from different weather elements like ultraviolet rays from the sun, rust-causing water from rain and even snow from a blizzard. To secure the burner grill cover, Char-Broil provided side closure straps to fasten the cover. If you are wondering if it will fit your Weber grill, the answer is yes. For a multiple burner Weber grill, this cover also fits very well.

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

The last grill cover on our list is the Gas Grill Cover from Homitt. Homitt is a known brand that has been retailing different outdoor tools and devices like hoses, LED lights, camping hammocks and gloves. One of its best seller is the Homitt Gas Grill Cover.

I know the first question in your mind. Will it fit my Weber grill, or my Holland or Char-Broil grill? Well, the company has made different sized grill covers for different sizes of grills. It has up to 72 inches length of grill cover for the big grills out there. It also has a 30 inch grill cover. For the material, Homitt boasts a 600D sturdy Oxford fabric that will be able to withstand the strongest of damages from different kinds of weather. It is practically made not only to cover the grill against normal conditions but to protect it against dust, dirt, water and snow. To make the grill cover wind resistant, Velcro straps are attached on both sides. The Velcro straps can tighten or loosen the grill cover, depending on your need and preference.

What to Look For

Check first the size of your barbecue grill. For the Weber series, the brand has specific grill covers for each of the grill sizes they offer. If you want to use replacement grill covers from third party brands, then be careful in choosing the right sized grill cover. Do your research.

I suggest that you spend a little more for your choice of grill cover. Some products are pretty cheap but will not last long. Some grill covers gets ripped open after just a rainstorm. Look for a brand that offers rip resistance. Look also for the brand that offers thick fabrics for the grill cover. Some may be heavy but it sure won’t be blown away easily by wind. Check also the grill covers for straps. You do not want to spend money on a grill cover and losing it after being blown outside your house! Lastly, check if the product is weather resistant. Most brands now offer grill covers that are flame resistant, wind resistant, crack resistant and water resistant.


You have already purchased a beautiful piece of equipment, which is your barbecue grill. You can start cooking barbecues, burgers, kebabs, hotdogs and sausages. It is admirable that you love to cook for your family and friends. But the truth is, you will not use your barbecue grill, whether charcoal-powered, electric powered or gas-powered, everyday of the year. More often than not, you will use it on certain occasions only. There will be times when you just have to keep the barbecue grill and put it on the side. I guarantee you that it will accumulate dust and dirt. It will collect rust if water starts creeping in the corners of the grill. Once this happens, the condition of your barbecue grill will start to deteriorate, up to the point where you cannot use it anymore. No more laughs with family, no more backyard partying during the Super Bowl, no more hotdogs in the fourth of July. But you can prevent all of these by purchasing a grill cover for your barbecue grill. There are a lot of choices out there depending on how sturdy and how lightweight you want your grill cover to be. Spend a little on your grill cover rather than spend more in buying a new barbecue grill!

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