Best Guitar Stand Reviews 2017

Being musically inclined is one of the best talents you can have. If playing the guitar is what you’re more into, that’s really cool. When you play your guitar, you’ll need the best guitar stand in order to have a safe and durable place for your precious guitar to rest on when you’re not using it. There are many guitar stands in the market, how do you choose? Here’s a list of the best guitar stand we gathered.

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stand

The first guitar stand on our list of the best guitar stand in the market is the Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stand. This is an adjustable guitar stand you can use if you have an electric, bass or acoustic guitar in hand. The materials used for this guitar is made of lightweight material with a durable steel tubing that has a soft rubber padding in order to protect your guitar from damage. It’s very light to carry unlike other guitar stands made of heavy material that you have to toil around to carry where you needed to place the guitar with its guitar stand.

This guitar also has a rubber security strap and non-slip rubber feet so that you can be surer your guitar is well secured and won’t fall off easily. Guitars don’t come cheap, you know? You wanted to keep them in a safe place where you can have easy and quick access to it and the best way to do that is to place your darling guitar on a guitar stand such as this one. The non-slip rubber feet will ensure it won’t slide needlessly and damage your guitar even on a slippery surface. It has a wide tripod base to secure the weight and balance of your guitar even at rest. You can easily fold this guitar stand when you’re not using this. For such an affordable guitar stand you can have a durable and sturdy one for your guitar.

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand

Next on our list of the best guitar stand is the On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand. This single guitar stand is compatible to use for electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. It has a friction locking know design that locks into the “V-groove” of your guitar in order to prevent your guitar from rolling when you place this on your guitar stand. Some guitar stands don’t have this feature that’s why your guitar tend to roll around and gets dangerously close to falling on its own.

Other great feature this guitar stand have are the stepped yoke as well as solid steel rod which also has a locking keyway which can secure your guitar to this contraption comfortably and well. The bottom of this guitar stand has some non-slip rubber end caps so you can feel assured that your guitar and this guitar stand won’t slide even on a slippery surface. You won’t have to trouble yourself about your guitar falling over with this design. Also included in the design of this guitar stand is a leg housing made of heavy duty sheet metal for a better guitar security. This is very affordable yet quite a good buy. You won’t be disappointed at all.

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand

Another guitar stand we found in the market that we’d like to introduce to you is the ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand. This guitar stand has a secure lock so you can be sure to keep your guitar is safe and secure in this stand. This is an A-Framed Universal guitar stand which can accommodate bass guitars as well as acoustic and electric guitars. It’s very light in weight and durable since it’s made of high-quality metal construction and durable materials for a long-lasting guitar stand function. It has rubber feet that’ll keep your guitar secure and upright even if you place this on a slippery surface.

If you wanted to store this when you’re not using it, you can easily fold this in just seconds, it’s that easy. You can carry this around when you travel with no problems and store this efficiently and conveniently. The design on this guitar stand includes a stepped yoke where you can safely and securely place your guitars. It has some soft foam arms so the paint and finish of your guitar won’t be scratched or damaged. It also has a rubber back rest so that your guitar is better protected. For such an affordable price you can have a pretty compact guitar stand where your guitar won’t bump or roll around. You can place this anywhere in your room or at your stand for you to have easier and safer access to your guitar.

7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage 7 Holder Rack Guitar Stand

The next item on our list of the best guitar stand in the market is the 7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage 7 Holder Rack Guitar Stand. This guitar stand can hold as much as 7 guitars, how cool is that? It’s made of strong metal tube design for increased durability and has a padded foam tubing in order to better protect the guitars from damage. One thing to look for in choosing the best guitar stand is whether it has some protective gear to make sure that your guitar’s lovely paint and finish won’t be damaged when placed on the stand for safe keeping. This multi-guitar stand also has an added safety feature which is a non-slip rubber foot that supports the guitar stand for more stability.

This product has the following dimensions 34.5”L x 16.5”W x 31”H which is big and roomy enough for seven guitars to comfortably rest on. You’ll notice that the best guitar that can fit this contraption are electric guitars. If you have multiple electric guitars that need a sturdy and safe place for you to store them, then this is the perfect guitar stand for you. It’s a very sturdy and portable guitar stand that can give you quick and easy access to your guitars on the get go. It doesn’t seem to loosen even how long you use this. Over time you can use this for multiple guitars you might have, but you might notice that after a few times of use the padding might get reshaped which is normal. For its price, it’s a good buy indeed and constructing it isn’t difficult.

Hola! Portable Stand for Acoustic and Classical Guitars

If you’re looking for an affordable guitar stand that can do a great job of securing your guitar’s safety when you’re not using it, then this might be one product you’d be interested in checking out. This stand can fit all sizes of classical as well as acoustic guitars that you might have. It has a soft silicon cushion that comfortably cocoons the bottom of your precious guitar so that it won’t suffer from having any scratches, marks or untoward damage when placed on the guitar stand. All the contact points of your guitar will be guaranteed safe with this special cushion design and material. It also has a non-slip silicon feet design for an added stability when you store this anywhere.

When not in use, you can safely and quickly store this guitar stand. You only have to fold it and it becomes a compact device measuring 12” x 6” only for easy storage. There’ll be no hassle in keeping this guitar stand at all. This is a perfect guitar stand to use when you’re doing some gigs or having some backpack travels that needs a guitar stand for your guitar to safely sit on. It’s so light weight too so you won’t suffer from carrying such a big and heavy stand, unlike other guitar, stands in the market. It’s very compact and convenient for on the go trips with your guitar or if you’re just tired of lugging around a big and heavy guitar then this is the perfect one for you.

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand

This is another highly recommended guitar stand you can use for your precious guitar. The Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand is a reasonable prices guitar stand that has garnered quite a lot of good reviews from many people. It also has very high ratings, that’s how satisfied they were of its function. This guitar stand utilizes the AGS yoke System in securing your guitar’s safety. This has an SFF rubber on its legs which allow the entirety of your guitar body to have a safe and secure rest without incurring any harm to the guitar’s paint or its finish. It can hold any guitar weighing as much as 33 pounds, it’s quite sturdy and durable.

You’ll be happy to find that this guitar stand is well-built and is actually a superb guitar stand you can find at the market. For its price, you’ll get your money’s worth and your guitar will be safe and sound when using this as a resting place. This guitar stand is rock solid stable on any surface you place this on as long as it’s reasonably flat. It has a wider than usual base so you can be sure that it’s pretty stable and well-balanced so that your guitar won’t topple over and get damaged in the process. You don’t have to worry about your guitar falling over with this guitar stand’s design. It works very well and flawlessly at that. This can fit acoustic as well as electric guitars perfectly which are a plus. Many people highly recommend this guitar stand.

ChromaCast 2 Tier Adjustable Upright Guitar Stand

Another guitar stands you might be interested in looking at is the ChromaCast 2 Tier Adjustable Upright Guitar Stand. This is very affordable for such a heavy duty guitar stand. There are a lot of expensive guitar stands in the market, but if you’re not really ready to invest in such a pricey guitar stand for your guitar then you might be interested in this product right here. For such a cheap guitar stand, this is made of heavy duty metal tubing so this isn’t your usual cheap guitar stand. It has two tier that serves as a support rod for your guitar that is conveniently adjustable so you can be sure your guitar fits just right with this stand.

The neck support of this guitar stand is superb. It has a rubber cradle for your guitar’s neck which actually helps keep your guitar finish and paint safe from any scratches, marks or other damages which other guitar stands sometimes don’t have. It also has a rubber neck guard with a locking latch that can keep your guitar and your guitar’s neck in place even if you accidentally knocked over your guitar slightly. In transporting your guitar stand or when you need to store this, it’s super easy to fold since it has a collapsible design. Carrying this around isn’t hard at all. It’s super lightweight and the dimensions are just perfect for any guitar you might have.

Certain Way Guitar Stand for Acoustic, Electric, Classic and Bass

Last on our list of the best guitar stand in the market is the Certain Way Guitar Stand for Acoustic, Electric, Classic and Bass. This is the ultimate portable musical instrument holding contraption that you can find in the market and the price is so reasonable you won’t be problematic in purchasing this at all. What you get for the price is an upgraded version of this brand’s bestselling guitar stand. The materials used for this new version is lightweight and has a stronger design compared to the previous model. It’s very easy to setup and use, too, unlike other guitar stands in the market.

It has a reliable and stable A-frame design that has a secure and extended base in order to hold and cradle you precious guitar in place. This is coined as the ultimate portable guitar stand since it has the simplest storage operation in all the guitar stands available at the market. You can fold it down in a flash and voila! It’s not ready to store or transport anywhere you can. It’s also made of aircraft grade aluminum tube that’s surprisingly lightweight so you can be confident in purchasing this product since it can last for a very long time.


Having the best guitar stand is important for musicians and music lovers alike in order to have a safe place for your guitar to rest on where you can easily have access to it whenever you want to. Finding the best one for your guitar ensures the longevity and safety of your guitar’s beauty and function as well as preserve its precious paint and finish.

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