Best Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews 2017

A lot of people now are choosing to purchase a gun as they feel safer and more secure knowing that they can defend themselves. With buying a gun you’d also need to get the tools and other equipment that you need to have with it. The most urgent one would be probably be a gun cleaning kit. With the numerous kits out there it can be a bit too much for first time buyers and even those that have had a gun for a long time to choose the one that’s best for them and the gun they have. Calm down, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the best gun cleaning kits in the market at the moment.

GUN CLEANING KITS by Sage & Braker.

This Sage and Braker gun cleaning kit takes the place of rods, brushes, and patches and saves time since you’ll only be using one device. Aside from using only one device, you only need one pass to clean your gun making it safer and more convenient for everyone. It’s also made with the highest quality components. The copper brush detaches from the rope making cleaning safer and easier. If you think the kit is not enough you can add your favorite lubricant toadd as a cleaning agent.

The product generally received great reviews! A lot of the consumers gushed about how easy and conveninet itis to use the product. Others even claimed that they didn’t find the need to use a solvent for cleaning their guns. The only criticism it got is that the rope started fraying after continuous use but once the manufacturers were contacted, they gave replacements for the rope. This kind of customer service that they portrayed together with the quality of the product are great reasons for anyone to put this product in their top lists of gun kits to purchase.

Real Avid .223/5.56 Pro Pack Premium Maintenance Kit

This Real Avid kit is great for those looking for something that’s all-in-one. This kit combines three kits from Real Avid in just one comprehensive kit. It’s perfect for quick cleaning and for maintenance run on your rifles as well. The kit includes a portable gun cleaning kit, a scraper, and a field guide which would give you all the information you would need for cleaning and maintaining your gun.

The Pro Pack Premium kit received generally great reviews from consumers. A lot of them said that it was able to clean their guns and riffles efficiently and quickly. Another thing that probably added to customers being satisfied with the item is the fact that it comes with an instruction manual which is a great thing to have for those who are just starting out with guns or those who just lately purchased a new type of gun. So if you’re a newbie and looking for something that can set you up with using guns then this product is definitely perfect for you.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod, .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol

The Hoppe’s no. 9 cleaning kit comes with a lubricating oil and a cleaning solvent. It also comes with a brush with aluminum rod that is great for cleaning out your guns. It’s 100% designed and tested and can withstand the toughest of situations. This means that you’re sure that your cleaning kit will last you for a while. However, it must be noted that this particular kit is intended for a specific caliber. So better check before you purchase this product.

This cleaning kit received mostly good reviews from consumers. It does what is advertised and is a great starter kit for those who want to feel out the field and not wanting to spend too much yet. However, there are complaints that the rod and brushes broke off just after a few uses. If you use your gun or rifle more than most then this might not be the right kit for you, as continuous and regular cleaning are not the strong qualities of this kit.

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

This kit from Hoppe’s is universal and unlike the previous product could be used on different kinds of guns and rifles. It comes with an aluminum cleaning rod, bronze brush, and a swab. It contains various sizes of brushes and swabs which could be used depending on what type of gun you have. This is a perfect feature for people who have more than one gun and would like to have a single kit for all of them.

Hoppe’s is a brand which has been around for a while now and have stood the test of time. Like with most brands who have been present for a long time the quality is expected to be better than its competitors. With the great reviews it got from consumers it does show that the quality of the product is great and reliable. There have been a couple of complaints about the sturdiness of the rods but aside from that most consumers seem to be happy about the results they got from this kit.

Otis Elite Cleaning System with Optics Cleaning Gear

The Otis cleaning kit is a great all-in-one kit that would surely be a perfect fit for those looking for something that really has it all or for those that are new in the gun industry. It contains a bronze bore, chamber brushes , and all its patches are cotton. Unlike in the previous kits, its rod is not aluminum and instead is a nylon coated memory flex rod that is perfect to get to the harder to reach places. It also contains almost every brush size to make sure that it’ll be the only kit you’ll need for you gun collection. The maintenance guide included is a great feature as well which would definitely be helpful to all gun enthusiasts of varying levels of experience.

This kit is loved by most of its consumers. They’ve gushed about how well the cleaning kit did its job and the fact that you only, essentially, need one kit for your entire collection is a big plus for them. The only downside of this “elite” kit is that it also comes with an “elite” price; but if you take into account the number of brushes it has (40!) then it’s actually quite a bargain.

Outers 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest (.22 Caliber and up)

This gun cleaning kit from Outers is another kit that could be used for your entire gun collection. It contains strong, solid brass rods with high quality tips and brushes. It also contains solvents which are reliable and are said to be of the highest quality. All these quality features on its own are already great selling points for this product; but what really sets this apart from all the products on the list is its elegant wooden case. This kit is encased in an aged-oak wooden container and would definitely look incredible in anyone’s shelf.

This item received mixed reviews from its consumers. Generally, people were satisfied with the quality of the product and are very much impressed by the case that it comes with. However, there are a handful who claim that the case and the items on the kit, itself, are cheaply done and broke after a couple of uses.

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

This UTG cleaning kit is great kit for those who are looking for something that is specifically done for their 9mm pistol. It comes with a copper patch loop, bore brushes, and 2 cleaning rods. Its cleaning rods are made of alloy precision cleaning rods with tight tolerance threads for lasting use. All of these are encased in a black box so you’re sure to not loose any pieces of your kit.

This received great reviews from consumers. They were all satisfied by the cleaning power of the product and the quality of the brushes and rods. A downside is this product is probably the fact that it’s only for a 9 mm pistol. This would throw off a lot of the gun enthusiasts who have more than one gun and would rather get a comprehensive kit to save money and space.

PS Products AR15/M16 – Gun Cleaning Kit

This PS Products cleaning kit is probably the most portable device on the list. It comes with a bronze bore brush, cleaning rods, plastic bottle, dental-style picks, and pipe cleaners. All of these are inside a non-bulky Olive Drab nylon pouch that has two compartments and a Velcro closure. Now you can bring you cleaning kit to the practice range without feeling like you’ve brought your whole house. However, this is specifically for AR15/M16 guns so it may not be suitable for cleaning other gun types.

This received mixed reviews from consumers. A lot of the reviews praised how compact and efficient the kit is and how it allowed them to move freely from one point to another. However, there a couple of complaints regarding the quality of the rods. The rod even came off inside the rifle in one case. Although this may be a defect in only one or two items it’s best to take note of this as it’ll be hard to get the rod out if it does break.

Outers 28 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Box

This kit from Outers is an all-in-one kit that would surely be convenient for those with more than one gun. It has 28 pieces inside so you’ll always have the right rod or brush that’s perfect for the gun you have. It also comes in a stylish wooden box that would be a great piece to have in your shelf or your bag. Since it’s wood, it’s sturdy and would not break off or be deformed if you lug it around with you.

Another all-in-one kit from Outer’s but this time it has more pieces than the previous one on the list. More pieces means more chances of you not needing to buy another kit for other guns you have. It received generally great reviews from consumers and the kit was praised a lot for its quality and efficiency considering its price point. But do take note that this product is best for people who’ve only started using guns; more experienced consumers may find this a bit lacking since they’ll have more advanced skills and knowledge.

Science Purchase Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

Another universal gun cleaning kit but this time it’s from Science Purchase. It contains 24 pieces of tools that you would need to clean out your gun perfectly and efficiently. It comes with brushes, aluminum rods, cleaning patches, accessory adapter, shotgun and pistol handles, and slotted tips. The case is made of brass metal so you’re sure that it won’t fall apart if you ever drop it.

This universal cleaning kit received mixed reviews from its consumers. There were a few you were satisfied by the amount of tools they got for the money that they spent on the kit. However, there are also those that were really dissatisfied by the quality of the rods and the brushes. A lot claimed that these broke almost as soon as they tried to clean their guns.

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

This Gun Boss handgun cleaning kit is the real boss! It’s a cleaning kit you could use for your .22- .45 caliber handguns. Like other cleaning kits, it comes with various brushes, rods, and slotted tips. It has oil resistant tray that would be perfect if you’re the type who usually spills a drop or two when using solvents with your gun. The tray also acts an organizing tool for your kit, it stops tools for sliding off or being dislodged when you carry it around.

This kit received almost all praises from its consumers. A lot of them were impressed at the durability and quality of the tools considering that this is one of the cheaper kits in the market. The only downside of this kit is that it would only be perfect for guns and pistols, if you have other types of firearms then you would need to buy another cleaning kit for them. This might be a big dilemma for those that have multiple types of guns and would want to purchase only one kit.

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Soft-Sided Pistol and Revolver Cleaning Kit

The BoreSnake cleaning kit from Hoppe’s is another kit that’s intended for different kinds of pistols. It contains all the tools you need to keep your pistols clean and working. These are all great qualities but what really sets this apart from other kits is its portability. The case is small and compact and could be attached to your belt!

This product left consumers extremely satisfied based on the reviews it got. They were all satisfied by the quality and its ability to clean out their pistols. But of course there are those who were disappointed with the product and were unlucky to have gotten an item which broke off after the first couple of uses.


Finding the best cleaning kit for your gun is a top priority for all gun owners. Cleanliness and maintenance of the gun can, of course, affect the quality and the lasting power of your firearm. So we hope that the list above will help you find the best fit for your gun — or whole gun collection — and your level of expertise.

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