Best Hacky Sack Reviews 2017

If you are found of playing ball games especially football, you might want to consider having a hacky sack. A hacky sack is also called as a dirtbag or a footbag then, later on, became a sport. It was made in 1972 and popularized in the 1990’s. Hacky sacks are one of the most popular toysthat are being played by children. And throughout the years, they have developed different kinds of hacky sacks. They even made it as a sport. There are different categories on how to play this game. There is freestyle, net, circle kicking, and much more. The beauty of this sport is thatwhatever category or kind of game you play, the mechanics are always simple to learn and fun to master. Each child or player have their own preferences when it comes to the things that they need and want. The feel of the bounce of the sack, the interior stuffing, and the material used to cover up the filling and even the shoes used to play this game. These are a small type of balls that is filled with sand and can sit on your palm. You can let your kids play with it for it is a child-friendly toy. There are a lot of hacky sacks found in the market, but you would always want to choose the best hacky sack out there.

Dirtbag Footbag Classic Sand-filled Hacky Sack

The Dirtbag Footbag Classic is the basic kind of a hacky sack. It looks like a miniature football and can be tossed and played around. There are a lot of colors to choose from. It is filled with sand so that it bounces off from your shoe or leg smoothly. And it weighs around only 58 grams. And has the size close to an orange fruit with a diameter of 2.25 inches. And it is covered up with eight-panel synthetic suede so that the hacky sack will keep its fillings intact and won’t spill out. There are a lot of colors to choose from. These hacky sacks are veryeasy to use and play even if it is casual playing. Dirtbag Footbag is one of the most popular hacky sacks sold. And it is durable and won’t break off during its use.

These kinds of hacky sacks are also used by footbag players because ofits durability. And can last long no matter how many kicks that will hit them. Due to its synthetic suede covering and fine tight stitching, You will be confident that this hacky sack will last longer than the ordinary ones.

Set of 6 Hacky Sacks Multicolor

There are a bunch of hacky sacks out there that are sold by the piece and you often get disappointed when you will not get your favorite color. Good thing that you can now purchase them by sets and can have different colors. These hacky sacks are filled with tiny plastic beads and it is covered with crochetedexterior covering and weighs about 6.4 ounces for a better bounce and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Crocheted hacky sacks are advisable for indoor playing. And not for those who are really into the sport. The exterior covering is made out crochet, and you don’t want your hacky sack to burst during the first try.

These type of hacky sacks are not advisable for those who are serious in their footbagging career. But they are durable enough for your little kids to play with. Especially if they are still learning different colors. These 6 pack of hacky sacks comes in different colors. It will be surely enjoyed by your little ones.

Sandmaster Footbag

If you are serious about getting your hacky sack skills to the next level, you might want to consider in purchasing the Sandmaster Footbag. It is one of the most common hacky sack that any foot bagger purchase. It is long lasting and makes every bounce feel right. This hacky sack is filled with 14-panel sand so that whenever you will kick them, it bounces off with a nice feel and retains its circular form no matter how many kicks you will give to the hacky sack. It also has 2.25 diameters and weighs 60grams and it is covered with synthetic suede and being stitched tightly to avoid bursting of the sand that is filled inside the hacky sack and for it to last longer than any hacky sack in the market. One of the great features of these hacky sacks is that it is not that hard to bounce. It is soft and easier for you to keep it up on theair for it is not that full. These hacky sacks are made originally from Pakistan and are being distributed all throughout to the different countries. The Sandmaster Footbag is one of the highest recommendation of World Footbag Association when it comes to the kind of hacky sack to use during a game.

The Sandmaster Footbag is one of the highest recommendation of World Footbag Association when it comes to the kind of hacky sack to use during a game. Because of its fine linings and stitching and its sand filling, it will surely go for as long as it can. Even during game time.

Hackey Sacks Knitted Kick Balls

If you are considering a hacky sack as one of your home decors, Hackey Sacks Knitted Kick Balls are the ones for you. These kinds of hacky sacks are best played by kids and not by the ones who are really into footbagging. It is made out of crocheted stitching and it is filled with plastic beads. It can only handle the kicks of a small kid and not by a professional for it is too soft to handle hard kicks. But if you are into juggling, well, these hacky sacks are perfect to practice your juggling skills. They are not too heavy and not too light. They are just right to toss around and up on the air. And maybe in different kinds of friendly games too, these hacky sacks can be useful. They can also be used as a home decoration. Its multi-color design is very attractive that it is also suitable to be displayed in your home.

Crocheted hacky sacks are ideal for kids. Because kids don’t exert that much effort to destroy a toy.

Hacky SackImported From Guatemala

There are a bunch of hacky sacks that can be bought around the world. but the Hacky Sacks Imported from Guatemala is one of the most common hacky sacks. They are one of the direct suppliers and providers of hacky sacks. But the kind of hacky sacks they make are not the ones that real time footbag players use. But instead, they make the basic kind of hacky sacks where your kid will enjoy it while he or she is playing with it. It also comes in different colors to choose from, but when you buy directly from the supplier, you will get multiple colors so that you will still be able to use them as home decor or more toys for your kids. It weighs about 3.2 ounces and has a diameter of 2 inches. Perfect for your kids to play around and to keep them away from playing too much video games.

World Footbag SandMaster Hacky Sack Footbag

Another kind of a hacky sack is the World Footbag SandMaster Hacky Sack. This hacky sack is also used by footbag players. It is made out of soft synthetic suede and yet it is still very durable. This is a 14 panel footbag to keep the round shape of the hacky sack no matter how many kicks you will exert to it. It is filled with sand so that it will be easier for you to kick and for it to bounce easily off of your shoe. The World Footbag SandMaster Hacky Sack is one of the recommended hacky sack by World Footbag Association because of its durability and its ability to last long during a game or a match. Also during a freestyle footbag event that requires a lot of kicks of the hacky sack. Because the longer you can hold the kick the hacky sack, the more chances for you to win.

But even if you are not a footbag player, these hacky sacks are fun to play with. They are very durable and comes in different colors for you to choose from.

Penny Lane Brand Hacky Sacks

Penny Lane is one of the most popular brands of hacky sacks. They provide good quality than those that are made from China or any imitations that are being sold in many places. The Penny Lane Hacky Sack will stand out whenever you place them with the ones that are cheaply made and those that are fake or imitation. They have a fine crochet stitching lines and weighs perfectly for kicking and bouncing. It is durable and can last long. Your kids can play with the Penny Lane Hacky Sacks, and so as those who want to improve their freestyle hacky sack skills. Because of its beautiful colors, it is also a perfect gift for the holidays or even a decoration inside your house and whenever your kid wants to play with it, he or she can play whenever they want to. And you will not have to worry about placing it in a toy box, you can just gather all hacky sacks in one bowl and make it as a centerpiece on your table or bar.

World Footbag Dirtbag Hacky Sack Footbag

The World Footbag Dirtbag Hacky Sack Footbag is the most commonly used by freestylers in footbagging. It is made out of synthetic suede to have a full protection on the exterior coverage. And it is filled in with sand so that it will be easier for the player to toss and bounce around. It may be filled with sand but it is soft and easy to control unlike the other kinds of hacky sack. It is a little bit bigger than the normal hacky sack but it is the most recommended kind of hacky sack if you are still starting your skills in freestyling in footbagging. it has a diameter of 2.5 inches and weighs enough for you to control where the hacky sack goes. There are a lot of colors to choose from. And the brighter the color, the easier for you to aim where to kick or hit the hacky sack.


The hacky sack has only one feature. It is round, small, and fun to play with. The only difference from the others is their brands and the materials used to make them. There are some who would prefer to use the one with sand as filling and there are some who would prefer to use the beads. But whatever the materials used for the hacky sack, it’s still as fun as its other variants. The materials have varying effects when you are playing with a hacky sack depending on the material being used. There are some that won’t bounce well and there are some that bounces too much. But either way, it is still fun playing with them. In the world of sports, Footbag uses these hacky sacks as if it is already part of their lives. They take a close pick on what kind of hacky sack they want to use during their game. The game’s mechanics is similar to Sepak Takraw, a popular sport in South East Asia. It has a small ball where your feet is the only part of your body is allowed to touch the ball. Nevertheless, I recommend that we make this game known to the different corners of the world so that a lot of sports enthusiasts and non-sports enthusiasts would be able to experience playing this flexible game. The world will always be better of with more activities like these. It is one way of uniting the people across the globe through sports and many more.

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