Best Hair Cutting Scissors Reviews 2017

They might all look the same but choosing the wrong scissors to cut your hair will have dire consequences in your entire look. This is why there are specialized hair cutting scissors for sale in the market to keep you from using your handy kitchen scissors inappropriately.

There may be only two major hair cutting scissors brands that is sweeping all salons and hair stylist today but these two offer a wide array of hair shears that you can still end up confusing yourself in the process.

Here are some of the good hair cutting scissors they have to offer.

Utopia Professional Barber Hair-Cutting Scissors, 6.5” with Adjustable Tension and Finger Inserts

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

This top hair-cutting scissors from Utopia is made of 100% stainless steel for durability with sharp blades and ergonomic grip for easy use. This rather inexpensive hair cutting scissors also features an easy to use spring leaf tension, removable finger insets to fit all finger and thumb sizes, and a cushioned black leather zipper bag for convenient storage.

This device also comes with serrated blades to make it a perfect cutting tool for barbers and hair stylists.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Cutting Scissors, 6.5″ with Fine Adjustment Tension Screw

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

This hair cutting scissors costs surprisingly cheap. It boasts Japanese stainless steel blades to deliver picture-perfect haircuts. The golden and silver tension screws can be adjusted to your preferred tightness while finger rests are customized to fit any individual. It also comes with a protective case for those who are required to perform a haircut on the go.

The most recommended shears by barbers and beauty salons. If you are looking to buy hair cutting scissors, then you should consider getting this one.

Utopia Care Ice Tempered Stainless Steel Styling Shears, 6.5″

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

This cheap hair cutting scissors have handcrafted stainless steel blades that promises optimum control, comfort, and balance. It is a classic hair shears that guarantees customer satisfaction, else they will give your money back if the item is returned within 30 days from date of purchase.

You’ll get your money’s worth with these sleek, easy to use scissors.

Equinox Barber & Salon Styling Series Barber Hair Cutting Scissors, 6.0” with Detachable Finger Rest

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

An affordable hair cutting scissors made of high-quality stainless steel with a mirror finish. It also features comfortable and detachable finger insets to allow size adjustments.

For the reduced price, it is a great hair cutting scissors deal to avail.

Utopia Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Razor Edge Series, 6.5 Inch

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

New hair cutting scissors need not too cost so much. This hair cutting shears is made of 100% Japanese stainless steel with hollow convex blades for an improved razor edge. It also includes removable rubber insets to help adjust to any finger size.

This pair can work with both left- and right-handed folks. Best priced for all first-time hair cutters.

What are Hair Cutting Scissors?

Unlike regular scissors, hair cutting scissors’ blades are significantly sharper. Furthermore, one of the grip usually feature a finger brace for additional control when cutting hair.

Hair cutting shears have the standard size of approximately 5 to 7 inches long, from grip to tip of the blade.

These devices can also have texturizing blades that can create a layered effect on the cut hair.

What to Look For

Not all hair cutting scissors are created equal. For barbers and hair stylists, a hair cutting scissor (along with the hair comb) is their primary weapon in dealing with unruly hair so it isn’t surprising to see them shelling out a considerable amount of money for a decent pair of shears.

The first thing most professionals consider is the length of the scissors and how big are handles. Barbers prefer longer blades while hair stylists might favor the more proportioned pair of shears to get the job done.

Next thing to consider is the quality. Japanese stainless steel blades ranks the highest in terms of ideal hair cutting scissors. A high-quality blade will ensure that your shears will last even after the one hundredth haircut. Verify the hardness of the blade as the harder it is, the more uniform your cut is going to be.

Blades can either be convex or beveled. Beveled edges are great for first time hair cutters as they are far safer to use. It usually offers a serrated edge that stops hair from sliding while you cut. They are also cheaper. However, this type of shears are far inferior in terms of quality and might not last as long as those with convex blades.

Convex blades, on the other hand, are well-known to be sharp. Not unlike sword blades, these can chop hair in just one snip. These type of shears are the ones more preferred by professional hairdressers as it can cut quickly and rapidly without making much of a fuss.

You should also consider the grip. The handles should provide maximum comfort and control. There are different handle styles to suit every hair cutting scissors user. The most basic are the level handles wherein the scissors’s ‘eyes’ are leveled with each other. Most popular, on the other hand, is the offset handle where one handle is longer than the other, making it more ergonomic and easy to use.

The most preferred choice, though, is the crane handle which is slightly similar to offset only the top handle is not as curved.

Some handles even feature removable rubber or plastic liner to make it more comfortable on the fingers. Always try a pair of scissors first to let your hand have a feel of what it is like to hold them. Some hair cutting scissors require too much wrist movement, which can lead to a more serious hand injury in case of continuous use.

Another important consideration is whether your hair cutting scissors can be used ambidextrously. Despite the fact that most scissors favor the right-handed, there are still some brands and makes out there that design scissors specifically for the left-handed brethren. Some scissor pairs can be used with either hand.

Again, it is always imperative to try a pair of scissors first, especially if you are left-handed since forcing yourself to use right-handed scissors can put an enormous amount of pressure on your wrists, which can result to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lastly, hair cutting scissors are not immune to dulling. Always choose a scissor brand that does a reasonably-priced service maintenance on their blades. Don’t just go for the cheapest sharpener as it may affect the quality of your scissors.

Furthermore, it is always wise to keep several hair cutting scissor backups as most service centers tend to keep the scissors for a couple of days for sharpening. It won’t do your business good if you are left without any dependable hair cutting scissors on hand.

To lessen the risk of ruining or staining your hair cutting scissors, always clean them with clean cloth. Never neglect to oil them, at least once a week, to keep the blades sharp, and always use the case it comes with the purchase for better safekeeping.

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