Best Hair Dryers Reviews 2017

A hair dryer can be your greatest ally in creating volume and taming your frizzy hair into submission. Contrary to popular belief, a good hair dryer can be purchased and used by almost everybody, and with enough practice, can create great looking hairs without needing professional experience.

Here are the best hair dryer brands that you should try out at home.

Revlon RV544PKF Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Best Hair Dryers

From a famous personal care brand, this inexpensive hair dryer is powered by 1875W source and features two heat speed settings, a cold shot button, and concentrator and diffuser attachments to complete the set.

It also boasts an ultra-lightweight design, a sleek finish, and a silent blower that lets you dry and style your hair in peace.

xtava Allure Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryers

Powered by a 2200W AC motor, this hair dryer costs a lot but its ionic technology promises to dry your hair 80% faster than regular dryer and its concentrator nozzle can tamed your wild frizzy hair.

If you want a hair that looks as if it came from a salon every day, you might to consider purchasing this top hair dryer.

Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Best Hair Dryers

This ceramic and not-so-cheap hair dryer features a comfortable, stylish rubber housing for easy grip, and an instant cool shot button to lock moisture in. It also features 6 speed and heat settings with a narrow barrel and micro concentrator nozzle attachment to discipline you’re your frizzy, dry hair.

The infrared heat protects your hair from further damage. It has a powerful 2000W motor that is unexpectedly gentle on the hair. This is one of the greatest hair dryer deals ever.

Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Best Hair Dryers

If you want a new hair dryer that is portable for travel, then you should try this model. This is an affordable hair dryer that is foldable, and thus easy to pack. It features a superior tourmaline titanium technology and is powered by 1000W. It is also dual voltage so you don’t have to make any additional purchase if you happen to go to a country that uses 220V.

With this tiny hair dryer in your purse, there is no more fear of bad hair days.

Remington AC2015 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryers

This new hair dryer boasts a unique ceramic pearl technology and ionic conditioning to produce the smoothest hair with its bonus concentrator and diffuser attachments. Its 1875W motor promises 40% faster drying time and thrice the motor life.

With this in your hand, you will never want to buy a hair dryer of different brand and make ever again.

What are Hair Dryers?

Hair dryer is a fairly new invention, only a century old since its original conception in France. They work by blowing air over damp hair to fasten the evaporation of water particles. The blown air can be temperature-controlled using the pre-set settings available on the dryer.

Hair drying by the use of blower can temporarily produce voluminous, shiny, and smooth hair though it will go back to its natural state (i.e. dry or frizzy) once it gets wet, either by shower or by sweat.

What to Look For

With hair dryers, more expensive means higher quality. Cheap hair dryers can fry your hair and might even pose as a security and safe hazard since it has to be plugged to work. A standard hair dryer should have a wattage of around 1800 or higher. Wattage can dictate how hot the blower can get or how fast your hair can dry when using that specific hair dryer.

Household hair dryers need not to go over 1875W since you are most likely not to need a salon-fast hair dryer.

If you are given a choice, always go for ceramic hair dryer over metallic or plastic-made. Plastics melt when placed on high temperatures while metals conduct heat that you might end up with a hotter hair dryer and a still wet hair. Ceramic tends to distribute heat evenly and gently so it can protect your hair from further heat damage. Ceramic hair dryers are also suitable for almost all hair types from the dry, frizzy, fly-away hair to thick, wavy curls.

You might notice hair dryers that boasts using ionic or tourmaline technology. Tourmaline hair dryers tend to emit gentle infrared heat that makes your hair look smooth and shiny by sealing the moisture on your hair’s cuticle. Similarly, ionic technology hair dryers emit negative ions that traps moisture and decreases drying time without causing damage to your hair.

To get better results on frizzy hair, you can always buy a hair dryer that features both technologies. Best if you can buy a ceramic, tourmaline ionic hair dryer to magnify all the advantages these features can give.

Next thing to consider is the heat and speed settings. Though there are a vast number of hair dryer models that offers as much as six different settings for drying your hair, you would only need three settings if you are to use a hair dryer at home: cool, low heat, and high heat.

The high heat setting is only applicable for those with thick or coarse hair while the low heat setting is most suitable for thin or fragile hair. The cool shot button is mostly used to help set your hair to your preferred style.

Most would say that even if you have thin or fragile hair, you can use the high heat settings especially if you are aiming to dry a very wet hair. But doing so only increases the chance of damaging your hair.

Never start blow drying when your hair is soaking wet. Use a microfiber towel to absorb most of the water then let it air dry while combing it with your fingers for a few moments before starting to blow dry it. Always start the hair dryer when you already have a damp hair as opposed to wet, and don’t start brushing if you are not 80% hair dried yet.

Choose a hair dryer that is lightweight and portable. It does not need to be foldable. It doesn’t even have to fit your purse, but it would help if you can pack it inside your suitcase and bring it along in your travels with no worries. Furthermore, having a hair dryer with a dual voltage can help get you a long way without having to make an additional purchase for power converters.

Some hair dryer include diffuser and concentrator attachments. Though it might not be important for some, these attachments can be useful especially for those who are obsessed with getting a salon-styled hair at home. Diffusers are most used by those with naturally curly or wavy hair while concentrators are great for taming and disciplining frizzy strands.

A hair dryer attachment helps to either focus or spread the air flow on a specific area to create more stylish hair outcomes.

Lastly, it would immensely help if you can get some sort of safety certification from your hair dryer manufacturer that guarantees that their product is not a fire hazard. Some hair dryers just can’t take the high wattage and short-circuit, which can lead to terrible accidents like unintentional burning of hair and skin.

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