Best Hair Mousse Reviews 2017

Do you constantly find yourself having a bad hair day? Do people often ask you if it’s windy outside, even if it wasn’t? Do you have curly hair but it isn’t noticeable because your curls look dead and dangling? Do you have straight hair that’s so flat that people sometimes mistake you for balding? Or do you have hair so frizzy that it may seem like you are always being electrocuted? If you answered at least one question with a YES, then I think it’s probably the right time to look for something that could ease your hair problems.

It’s time for you to look for the best hair mousse that you could use to fix your bad hair day! Hair mousse is the best product to use because it doesn’t give a sticky and stiff feeling like that from using a hairspray. This is because the mousse comes in a foam form which gives it softness. For curly haired people, using a mousse will define curls more and for those with straight and flat hair, it can give volume and body. So what is recommended for you?

got2b Mousse

got2b fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse 8.50 oz

The got2b Mousse comes with 5 different styles to choose from depending on your needs. The prices vary depending on the variant of your choice. It’s a pretty value for money buy and it seems that most people attest to it since this one is a crowd favourite. This mousse isn’t only for women to use, but it’s actually for both sexes to enjoy.

The first variant (curling) is for the curly haired people and it comes in an 8oz bottle. It gives definition and anti-frizz properties to your hair once applied giving those dead dangling curls a good bouncy body. The second variant (plumping) mousse is perfect for giving volume and life to thin, flat hair. It gives hair a sense of thickness, density and elasticity especially because collagen is infused in each 8.5oz bottle. The third variant (mind-blowing quick shape) comes in an 8oz bottle and it contains Ionic+ Power to give you a salon-like result. The fourth variant (smooth operating smoothing luxury) gives a straight and shiny result, clearing away frizz on your hair. It comes in a larger 9oz bottle, perfect for your everyday use. The last and most expensive variant (volumizing) comes in a lesser 7.2oz bottle but a little amount would surely go a long way and give you that extra body your hair needs. got2b surely knows how to offer different kinds of mousse for every one’s need.

Bed Head Totally Baked Hair Meringue

Tigi’s version of the hair mousse which is one of their best sellers is the Bed head Totally Baked Hair Meringue. Unlike the previously mentioned one, Tigi doesn’t have a lot of variants which specializes in different kinds of hair problems. Instead, they came up with a single formula that could be an everyday bad hair day solution that isn’t too much spending. A little of this mousse can easily go a long way, so you won’t have to keep on buying products each and every week.

Tigi’s hair mousse has a sweet smell that would definitely soothe you because of ingredients like milk, vanilla and soft moss. You won’t have that strong hair product scent and even feel because it’s very light on your head. Although, you might feel a little sting or cool sensation on your head once you use it since the formula contains a bit of spicy notes. All of these ingredients combined give a long lasting volume and good texture all throughout the day, even if you walk outdoors. You just simply apply an ample amount of the mousse all over your damp hair, and you’re already on your way to complete a week without any bad hair days!

Roux Fanci Full Mousse

Roux Fanci’s Full Mousse has 14 different variants but it’s not according to hair style such as curly, flat or frizzy. Their mousse actually focuses on their user’s different hair colours such as chocolate kiss (for those with light to medium brown hair), hidden honey (for those with gray and blonde hair) and sweet cream (for those with pale ash blonde and bleached hair). Roux Fanci’s mousses first and foremost target is to enhance the hair colour of its user. It aims to keep hair looking healthy and at its best even though you are in between hair colour treatments.

The bonus that it gives is that it gives your hair the body and volume it needs. When you think about it, it seems like a complete hair colour spa treatment from a high end salon. Most hair colour treatments will leave your hair looking dead and dry. But because Roux Fanci infused together two hair concepts, hair colouring and hair mousse, then most of hair colour lovers do not need to worry about harmful treatments and chemicals that could be damaging to their hair. Who says you can’t have coloured, bright and vibrant hair along with a bouncy, full-bodied and no frizz hair? Not Roux Fanci!

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Mousse

Agadir Argan Oil Volumizing Styling Mousse, 8.5 Ounce

One of the most highly regarded hair products available nowadays is Argan oil. It’s actually referred to as liquid gold for your hair because of its many benefits, and considering that it’s 100% natural and 0% harmful to your hair. Argan oil naturally conditions and shines your hair, giving long lasting effects as it heals hair in the long run. That’s probably why Agadir chose to infuse their Hair Mousse with Argan Oil. Considering that their 8oz bottles of mousse contain “liquid gold”, the price isn’t pretty bad as it doesn’t do much dent on your bank account.

It doesn’t matter how badly damaged; dry or stressed your hair may be because the Argan oil will automatically give it a brand new shine and softness. Your hair will gradually become bouncier and full body as it holds moisture. You would also begin to notice that the frizz will slowly smoothen out as the Argan oil continues to condition your hair naturally. The mousse itself also isn’t sticky to use and it wouldn’t leave you with a stiff and icky feeling. Who says gold is expensive and unreachable? With just a few bucks, you could already give its nutrients to your hair for a glowing and healthier feel.

Kenra Extra Volume Hair Mousse

f you don’t want to spend a lot of time to look for the best hair mousse for you and if you want something easy and direct to use, without any different kinds of variants to make decision making harder, then Kenra’s Extra Volume Hair Mousse is perfect for you. You don’t have to choose between other variants as this mousse which comes in an 8oz bottle gives you everything you need in a hair mousse and it isn’t too expensive as well.

What’s great about Kenra’s Extra Volume Hair Mousse is that it protects your hair even under the heat of the sun or hot conditions. Heck, even the humidity couldn’t do damage to your hair as this hair mousse gives it extra protection and resistance. For their mousse formula, they use ingredients which are not harmful or toxic to your hair. They don’t use alcohol in their formula and the scent is very mild that it doesn’t overwhelm. So you’re assured that using this hair product wouldn’t leave your hair dry and brittle. Not only that, but it’s been tried and tested to give hair full body, glow and shine up to around 60 hours! No more bad hair days, indeed.

Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse

Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse, 8.5 Ounce

Most people think that Moroccan Oil is just the same as Argan Oil, but it’s actually not. And they actually quite have a huge difference. First difference is that Moroccan Oil is much more expensive than Argan Oil. That’s why Moroccan Oil’s Volumizing Mousse is probably one of the most expensive hair mousses on this list and even in the market. But of course, along with the price tag also come added benefits and much effective formulation.

Moroccan oil, combined with the effects of a hair mouse, would truly give one of the best results any hair product can give. Moroccan oil is used most especially for dry hair as it nourishes hair and makes it healthier again. It gives it a natural shine and takes away frizz that gives hair roughness and dryness. In effect, hair will be bouncier, lighter and shinier. It gives certain softness to your hair that even if you use this mousse, you will still have a flexible hold on your hair but still retain that body and volume. Want to have a more natural and healthy looking hair? Then this is the product you could invest in, in the long run, it just might save you from any bad hair days.

John Frieda Collection Full Hair Mousse

John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse 7.50 oz

The John Frieda Collection Full Hair Mousse has a fresh and feminine scent which doesn’t overpower or overwhelm, especially if you are looking to go out and use this hair product. It won’t give off a nasty stench that makes passer-by’s a glaring look because of your strong hair product smelling hair. The mousse is very light and gives off a natural feel, most especially for giving life and bounce to curly hair. For straight hair, it gives a full feeling and adds great volume. If you use a hair dryer, it gives a more natural soft feel but still retains body and lift.

You actually don’t need to spend much just to make you feel luxurious with your hair. John Frieda’s Collection Full Hair Mousse does just exactly that. It’s a great way to pamper your hair without even spending so much. It doesn’t leave your hair sticky and heavy, even if you use it over damp hair. Its consistent is very easy to manage and won’t leave you with dirty and sticky hands after use. A luxurious hair treatment can be easily attained in the comforts of your own home!

It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Mousse

It's a 10 Miracle Styling Mousse for Unisex, 9 Ounce

Unlike other gender-sensitive hair products, It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Mousse is unisex and perfect for anyone who’s looking to find the best hair mousse to use. It doesn’t come cheap but it does come in a large 9oz bottle which lasts for a long time. It may seem like this is a better buy option than other cheap hair mousse which may run out quickly, causing you to buy more and end up spending more. This Miracle Styling Mousse is made with high quality materials that will not be harmful to your hair. You won’t experience brittleness and dryness on your hair because it’s formulated to be effective, safe and very easy to use.

This hair mousse is perfect for any kind of hair problem needs, whether if it’s for curly hair, straight hair or frizzy hair. At first, it may have a hair product scent that could be troublesome for quite a few people. But it’s suggested that you use a hair dryer after applying the mousse, and you won’t be bothered by the scent any more. Nonetheless, It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Mousse surely does its job as a combat to messy, frizzy, dead, and dry hair.


You don’t need to spend so much on hair product because you actually don’t need a lot. In fact, you could simply battle bad hair days with just a simple hair mousse in hand. But make sure to find the perfect one that best suits your needs. First, you have to assess the quality of your hair and what you need it for. Once you have the answers, finding the best hair mousse would just be a breeze.

It doesn’t have to hurt your bank account but make sure to find something that does its job and would give you the best benefits. Once you have that hair mousse in hand, it would be like you just stepped out of the salon all day, every day. No more bad hair days for you!

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