Best Hair Ties Reviews 2017

Our hair is our crowning glory, and most girls by nature are more serious about keeping theirs to look good all the time. Be it in a bun, braids, classic ponytail, or pigtails, it’ll take the best hair ties to maintain the style. Hair ties come in different colors, shapes, and styles, but it always goes down to purpose. And for the very purpose of hair ties, aside from adding a touch of fashion to the hair of course, they should be able to withstand constant pulling and stretching through the quest for the best or comfortable updo.

Scünci No-Damage Hair Ties

Ship From USA--HipGirl Boutique Girls 12pc Set 3" Grosgrain Ribbon Korker Hair Bow Pony Holders

If you want to get a little stylish with your hair without the flamboyance of most hair ties, you can always count on Scünci No-Damage Hair Ties for that. The package comes with 36 pieces of soft, metal-free elastic hair ties so no painful snaps as you stretch and pull them to achieve your desired hairstyle. As the name states as well, they guarantee no-damage hold on your hair since they’re resilient and don’t stretch out or break too easily.

They’re perfect for working out or playing if you wish to go all out without your face getting whipped by your hair every now and then. They also conveniently come in assorted sizes from 2 mm to 4 mm for different hair thicknesses. You can have them on your wrist, too, because you can never go out of style with basic black. Pony up elegantly without the flaunting colors.

Scünci Effortless Beauty No-Damage Hair Ties

Scunci Effortless Beauty Thick Hair No-damage Bright Elastics, 5Mm, 24-Count

Scünci Effortless Beauty No-Damage Hair Ties are still from one of the largest homes (manufacturers) of scrunchies, only these hair ties come with colors this time. Like the previous ones we’ve mentioned, these hair ties are soft and metal-free as well so you can still style your hair in any way without worrying about painful snaps as you stretch and pull them. At 5 mm, they’re specially designed for thick hair and can hold it in a tight ponytail without stretching out or giving away too soon. That’s the “no-damage” essence right there.

The pack has 24 hair ties in assorted colors from vibrant ones to neutral shades. Achieve an effortless, beautiful hairstyle with these colorful hair essentials.

Goody Ouchless Gentle Elastics

Goody - Ouchless No Metal Gentle Elastics, Assorted Colors, 72 pack

Goody guarantees us an “ouchless” hair styling with Goody Ouchless Gentle Elastics. They’re vibrant hair ties in assorted colors and one pack has 72 pieces all in all. They come in a bunch as well so you can always have one or more on your wrist any time you need to pony up. With their beautiful colors, they can be as fashionable as bracelets, too.

These hair ties are mainly great for medium to thin hair as they’re thin themselves but very flexible. They don’t have metals on them unlike most hair ties so you can pull and stretch them to get that hair style you want without worrying about painful snaps (ouchless indeed). Soft and easy to use, they won’t pull or snag your hair as well.

Vidal Sassoon Medium No-Crimper Elastics

Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics, Neutral, 30 Count

Vidal Sassoon Medium No-Crimper Elastics are hair ties with gorgeous, neutral colors. Although they don’t come as vibrant as the others, they can help you in styling your hair while adding elegance to it. Some girls find it inconvenient when their hair ties snap on their hands as they style, leaving slightly painful marks from the metals which most hair ties have.

Like the others we’ve mentioned earlier, these hair ties have no metals on them as well so they’re conveniently gentle but definitely won’t stretch out or break easily. Your hair will be safe from snag, pull, or break, too. Simple but still fashionable, you can wear one or more on your wrist and count on them whenever you need to have your hair in a tight ponytail that’ll last long. They’re also perfect for any occasion because their neutral colors can compliment anything you wear.

Kenz Laurenz No-Crease Hair Ties

No Crease Hair Ties 20 Pack By Kenz Laurenz

Now let’s go to the revolutionary side of hair ties. Kenz Laurenz No-Crease Hair Ties are definitely for the girly girls out there. With their vibrant colors and beautiful designs, these ones will flaunt your hair style even more and also leave no crease on your hair after unlike traditional ties. It’s the no-crease feature that’ll easily make these hair ties become every girl’s best friend.

The pack comes in two sets with ten hair ties each. The first set includes plain but colorful and vibrant hair ties while the second set has neutral and gorgeously patterned ones. They’re crafted from soft and stretchy material so they’re gentle on your hair and won’t snag or pull, too. Knotted and like ribbons, you can wear them as bracelets or anklets as well. You can also wash them by hands and use them again and again as you please.

HipGirl Bow Ponytail Holders

Ship From USA--HipGirl Boutique Girls 12pc Set 3" Grosgrain Ribbon Korker Hair Bow Pony Holders

HipGirl Bow Ponytail Holders are flamboyant hair ties that show off a little, but only to give your hair more style. They’re basically round elastics with a bunch of colorful twirls and swirls on each of them. Appearing like tiny pompoms, little girls will definitely want to have them on their hair for a vibrant and funky edge.

They can make your pigtails more playful and your ponytails more lively. The set includes 12 pieces of the hair ties in different colors, patterns, and styles. You can choose one or two from the beautiful array to compliment your mood for the day, your dress for a certain occasion, or your activity for the afternoon. They’re great for holding your hair into a tight bun that’ll surely last long as well. Since they come as stylish accessories, you can wear one on your wrist any time. It’s all about confidently wearing them in any hair style you don.

Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailers

Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailers, Girls, Assorted Basic Colors, 42-count(1942341)

Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailers are made for girls with sensitive scalps. Unlike elastic hair ties, these ones are more soft and smooth courtesy of their terry material. They guarantee no painful hair snags or pulls for a gentle wear all day. Although they don’t hold hair as tightly as the elastics, they can secure it for your comfort as you do your activities so say goodbye to accidental hair whips in your faces.

They come in a 42-piece set with an array of different vibrant and neutral colors. You can now beautifully and easily style your hair in whatever way you want without the painful snaps of metals and snagging of rough hair ties. These ouchless ponytailers are made more gentle for a comfortable, all-day wear.

Kenz Laurenz Elastics Ponytail Holders

Kenz Laurenz Elastics Ponytail Holder (100 Hair Ties - Solids)

Here’s another bunch from Kenz Laurenz. This time, these hair ties are plain and solid but nevertheless, they can bring more life to your hair style. Kenz Laurenz Elastics Ponytail Holders come in a set of 100 pieces of vibrant and neutral no-crease hair ties. Their soft and stretchy material makes them gentle on the hair, won’t snag or tug, and will leave no dent once removed. You can have comfort and convenience in the form of hair ties.

They’re specially made for thin to medium thick hair, and guarantee to last long with all the pulling and stretching for that style you want. These ponytail holders are also as resilient as they are stretchy so no easy breaks and stretching out too soon. The set is a big value pack of 100 hair ties all in all, giving you more options to suit different styles and needs. Plain and solid, but you can always never go wrong and outdated in fashion with basics.

Goody Ouchless Elastics Hair Bands

Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Bands, No-metal, Black, 70 count

t’s almost a crime to leave out basic black, and we’ve said this before but we’re going to say it once more, you can never go out of style with it. Thanks to Goody for giving us a whole set of black hair ties in Goody Ouchless Elastics Hair Bands.

The set comes in a convenient package with a small handle on top. All in all there are 70 pieces of hair ties inside so you can always have one on your wrist all the time. They’re incredibly elegant and fashionable as they are that you can also choose to wear them like bracelets. Made tough but no metals, style your hair with them in any way you want without worrying about snaps and marks. They won’t also snag or pull so they’re gentle on and safe for your hair as well. With a thickness of 4 mm, these hair ties are intended for medium to thick hair and can hold them in a tight bun or ponytail that’ll last long. No ripping hair or easy breaks, hair styling will be more fun and enjoyable with them.

Scünci No-Slip Grip Evolution Jelly Ponytailers

Scunci No-slip Grip Evolution Jelly Ponytailers, 14 Count, Colors May Vary

Scünci No-Slip Grip Evolution Jelly Ponytailers are another revolutionary hair ties in the market. Created with a unique no-slip grip technology, they guarantee to hold your hair in a tight and long-lasting grip all day long. They’re great for active girls and women who don’t want the hassle of getting whipped in the face by their hair as they move or work.

Their no-slip feature is courtesy of silicone material that ensures these hair ties will last for many hair styling years to come since they won’t break easily or even stretch out. They’re also easy to wear and pull from the hair. No snags or tugs that can be damaging. The pack includes 14 pieces of these hair ties in different colors or opaque. They’re like solid yet fashionable bracelets so you can always wear one on your wrist all the time. For both women and girls who are active in sports or at work, these are hair ties that can keep up with you.

What to Look For

In general, hair ties should uplift you in any way, be it in flaunting a beautiful hair style or by simply giving you a comfortable and fresh feeling as you move or work. A variety of hair ties are available in the market, and they come in different colors, designs, styles, and patterns. But remember: it always goes down to purpose.

They’re mainly intended for hair styling so they’re meant to be pulled or stretched to their limits for that perfect updo you want. This means they shouldn’t break easily or stretch out too soon. Another important thing is that your hair’s safety must be considered in choosing hair tiesas well. Some ties snag or pull hair strands and can cause damage not only to your crowning glory but also to your scalp. There are also ones that have metals on them that can cause painful snaps. Styling shouldn’t make us suffer even in the smallest way.

As hair accessories, hair ties are made fashionable as possible to stand out on their own or to flaunt hair styles even more. Vibrant colors, neutral shades, plains and solids, patterned, flamboyant, basics, and the list of their diversity goes on and on. Choose what suits your needs. If you’re looking for a hair tie that’ll compliment your elegant dress for a party, go neutral or basic with black. If you’re more active and move a lot, you’ll need one that can keep up with you without breaking too soon and can tightly hold your hair all day long. And if you just wish to add a little fashion to your hair, wear one that isn’t big on gripping but stylish enough to liven up your hair. Little girls can also enjoy pigtails more with colorful hair ties.


You’ve just read about the best hair ties in colorful details: what to look for, the pros and cons of each, choosing the perfect compliment, and many more. Now we hope you can easily figure and pick out from the vast array of options which one is really best for you. We’ve only made clear and simple points about hair ties, but we leave the choosing to your discretion.

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