Best Hair Towels Reviews 2017

Nothing is more irritating than having a sopping, wet hair that slaps you on the back, shoulder, and face as you get out of your daily shower. Luckily, hair towels arethere for you. These absorbent pieces of fabrics have been around since the Middle Ages and was considered in history as a precious property that never leaves the owner’s side.

Here are the most popular hair towels for sale.

Cotton Salon Towels

Cotton-Salon-Towels Gym-Towel Hand-Towel 24-Pack Black - (16 inches x 27 inches) 100% Ringspun-Cotton, Maximum Softness and Absorbency, Easy Care - By Utopia Towels

A cheap hair towel sets made of highly absorbent and super-soft 100% ring-spun cotton. Its large size is suitable for salons, home shower, and gyms. It is also machine wash safe, so you won’t have to worry about its fabric shrinking in the wash.

A great hair towel deal for those who wants to buy a hair towel for every member of the family.

Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel

Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel, Lisse Crepe, White (19 x 39-Inches)

This hair towel costs a little bit higher than the other towels in this list because it is made from Aquitex microfiber, which absorbs moisture faster than other hair towel brands. The ultra-fine microfiber also reduces the risk of split ends or falling hair even as you rubbed it on your wet locks.

A good hair towel to purchase for those who like to treat their crowning glory extra special.

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel (2 Pack) Light Aqua - Dark Aqua

An affordable hair towel set, this product is also made of a one-size-fits-all-head-sizes microfiber with a unique twist and loop system to help your towel stay locked in place.

This top hair towel item is a must for all travelers and those little kids who can’t handle the full-blown weight of a hair towel fixed on their heads.

Comfy Microfiber Salon Towels

Comfy Black Microfiber Salon Towels, 10 Pack

This inexpensive hair towel pack features ten microfiber towels made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, making it extra absorbent and soft.

An ideal hair towel for those with extra curly hair so they can dry their locks without creating any frizz.

YogaRat The Hair Towel

NEW The Hair Towel by YogaRat! 100% microfiber. Super-large, super-soft, super-light, super-absorbent! 24" x 44"

Made of 100% microfiber, this lightweight towel can surprise anyone with its large 24×44-inch dimensions. This a towel you can certainly use other than just drying hair.

This towel is ideal for those with thick, flowing, long locks that can be stressful to towel dry.

What are Hair Towels?

Towels are well-known pieces of fabric or paper that can absorb moisture through direct contact with the wet surface. There are several types of towels depending on where you are planning to use it. In the bathroom alone, you will see the bath towel, hand towel, face towel, and the hair towel.

Hair towels are made of woven textiles specifically used and designed to aid in the drying of your hair. Though initially, there’s no gaping difference between an ordinary bath towel and a hair towel, modern bath towels, use microfibers rather than the standard cotton or rayon because of the supposed super absorption powers of microfibers.

What to Look For

The first thing you need to consider with hair towels is the fabric. Microfibers are a better choice in drying hair than cotton or other common hair towel fabrics. The fine fibers tend to be gentler on your hair shaft and follicle than a regular cotton or terry cloth towel.

A microfiber is synthesized from polyesters, polyamides, or polypropylenes to produce a fine, strong thread. Fabrics, woven from microfiber are tougher, softer, and more moisture absorbent than other natural and synthetic fibers in the market today.

Microfiber hair towels are more expensive than other hair towels made of other fibers, but it’s super absorbency, along with its ability to dry quickly and tendency to be gentler on your hair strands, makes it an excellent choice for a hair towel. They are also easier to pack so you can bring these towels in your travels without occupying too much luggage space.

The only disadvantage with microfibers is the way they are processed. If you are all for eco-friendly products, then you can steer clear from microfibers and stick with natural or organic cotton.

If you go for a cotton towel, then choose between ring-spun or terry cloth. These two types have the most luxurious feel without burning a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, the way they are woven maximizes the cotton fiber capacity for moisture absorbency. The best cotton hair towels are made of either Egyptian cotton or America’s pima cotton.

Another earth-friendly fabric is the bamboo or bamboo/cotton blend. Although understandably pricey, hair towels made of this fabric are highly absorbent and have a natural antibacterial characteristics, which you might find useful.

The next thing you have to be wary about is the size of your hair towel. Typically, this should solely depend on the type and thickness of your hair, but standard hair towels should have a dimension of 27×54 inches (same as a bath towel) to accommodate all your hair.

The problem with using the standard size is that it tends to be too heavy to carry around, wrapped on your head, especially when it is wet from all the hair. Some individuals choose the smaller dimension of 16×30 inches (same as a hand towel) for patting hair dry, though these are much too small for head wrapping.

Another factor you have to consider is how easy to clean your hair towels will be. For convenience’s sake, choose a white hair towel over those dyed with color – particularly so, if you are buying cotton towels.

Don’t use your hair towels right away after purchasing it. Always manually wash new hair towels to rid any excess chemicals it might contain, and to know if your new towels have a tendency to bleed their colors while in the wash. This will save you from a potential heartbreak of laundering your normal clothes with your towels, only to find out that they have inevitably transferred their running colors in your machine and all over your other clothes.

With white hair towels, you would minimize the risk of that worst scenario from ever happening. Just be careful not to use any bleach as it would weaken your hair towel’s fiber, which will lead to a very short hair towel lifespan. Also, be sure to wash the hair towel regularly so your white towel won’t inevitably turn into gray or off-white color after a couple of uses.

Lastly, you will save more money if you buy those hair towel set deals instead of buying a singular hair towel in every purchase. Since it is highly unlikely that you will be the only one to us a hair towel (unless, of course, if you live alone), then it will more economical to avail those hair towels in packages of 10.

The common ratio is three hair towels per every person: one currently in use, one for future use, and one is presumably still in the wash. So if you live in a big household, it is only more rational to purchase one of those numerous hair towel packs instead.

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