Best Hand Mirrors Reviews 2017

Mirrors have existed since the beginning of time, maybe not the traditional back-silvered glass we know today, but on water or anything that reflects light. Mirrors are objects that you and I use to check on ourselves. It may sound vain and narcissistic, but it’s true, we all love looking at ourselves. Nowadays, of course, we have modernized the looks of our mirrors, and most of them are applied with copper or aluminum.

Whether we deny it or admit it, mirrors have always been a huge part of our lives; can you imagine a home without any mirrors? There are several types of mirrors as of today; there are decorative, wall, and floor mirrors. In this article however, we’re going to discuss the best hand mirrors for sale. Buying a hand mirror may sound irrelevant, but we urge you to take this sincerely. Are you ready to find your new hand mirror? Check our list below.

Goody 11″ Large Hand Mirror

If a simple yet affordable hand mirror is all you’re looking for, then the Goody 11″ Large Hand Mirror may be the mirror for you. This mirror is highly ideal as a styling tool with its plain design. Moreover, this one has a size of 11 x 7.5 x 0.2 inches, perfect for daily use or to be put in a salon. With its pretty large square shaped mirror, checking yourself out won’t be as hard. What’s best is that the Goody 11″ Large Hand Mirror is probably one of the cheapest hand mirrors deals you could possibly find.

Ivenf Heart Shape Hand-Painted Royal Vintage Princess Metal Hand Mirror & Comb Set

The Ivenf Heart Shape Hand-Painted Royal Vintage Princess Metal Hand Mirror & Comb Set is possibly every girl’s fantasy. With its royal and vintage design, anyone using this would definitely feel like a princess or a queen. This mirror set is currently available in two colors, the pink and silver one to give you and other customers some options. Moreover, this hand mirror along with its comb is specifically hand painted and designed to represent fashion and elegance. This product has a dimension of 8 x 7.8 x 1.2 inches, so it is guaranteed that it will easily fit inside your bags or handbags. As one of the top hand mirrors brands, it is guaranteed that you won’t regret buying this one.

Ivenf Vintage Handheld Metal Oval Make-Up Mirror, Peacock Closed Tail

Another contender from Ivenf and this time, it’s the Vintage Handheld Metal Oval Make-Up Mirror Peacock. This mirror is presently available in two colors, the rose copper and bronze. Having this one in your bag won’t be much of problem with its compact size of 7.5 x 5.6 x 0.9 inches. Moreover, this one is specially designed with a classy peacock design made out of metal, which is sure to last long. Furthermore, besides being a hand mirror, this one has a bendable leg, so it can stand on its own when folded. The Vintage Handheld Metal Oval Make-Up Mirror Peacock looks like an artwork to look at, so it is ensured that any girl would love it.

Ivenf Large Size Vintage Foldable Metal Handheld Oval Make-Up Mirror, Peacock Couple In Woods

Buying a hand mirror that looks like a fashionable statement may seem hard, but that’s possible with the Ivenf Large Size Vintage Foldable Metal Handheld Oval Make-Up Mirror. Compared to the previous Ivenf mirrors, this one is slightly bigger with a measurement of 10 x 5.4 x 1 inches. This hand mirror is intricately designed with embossed peacocks and flowers, so we are certain that any lass would love this. Moreover, this mirror is foldable that can stand on its own, in case both of your hands aren’t available. As a summary, we believe that this one is a good hand mirror you’ll be proud to have inside your handbag.

Ivenf Antique Pewter Castle & Flower Square Vintage Compact Purse Mirror, Christmas Gift

If you want a cheap hand mirror and still interested to keep the Ivenf brand, then this Ivenf Antique Pewter Castle & Flower Square Vintage Compact Purse Mirror is the perfect one for you. Unlike other models in this list, this one is a foldable mirror, likely to look like a wallet with a size of 5.2 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches. So with its pocket-sized scope, it will be easy to travel around with this one. Furthermore, with its embossed vintage castle design and wonderful color combination, any woman would love getting this one. As one of the most inexpensive hand mirror in this list, we’re sure that buying this one will be worth it.

What are hand mirrors?

Hand mirrors come in compact sizes and shapes; it is why we, the consumers likes carrying it around, because it’s so easy to place them inside a bag or a purse. However, where did these mirrors originated from? How exactly are they made? And what are the types of mirrors we have today? We’ll answer these questions in a little while.

Just like what we mentioned earlier, the first versions of mirrors were reflected through water. It is true, that mirrors have existed since the beginning of time, we mean… almost. The earliest records of mirrors date back to 6000 BC. In fact, there’s even an artwork, where an ancient Greek woman is holding a hand mirror. The artwork is currently residing in Athens, at the National Archeological Museum.

Mirrors are typically made out of glass, coated with components such as silver, aluminum, copper or thin metal on the other side. The usual type of mirror we have today are plane mirrors, mostly because they reflect things and objects more accurately compared to other types of mirrors. Additionally, there are several kinds of mirrors because they were all made differently. There are aluminum glass, low aluminum glass, silkscreen printed glass and silver glass mirrors.

Hand mirrors aren’t just used to check ourselves out, but they also serve to signify a fashion statement. Many are not aware, but hand mirrors were usually made and collected by the most elite families, especially through 12-16th centuries. Like most of our mirrors in this list, hand mirrors were designed differently to stand out from each other. Nowadays, we have a combination of Victorian, baroque, Georgian, neoclassical, Edwardian and modernized designed hand mirrors. What’s best is that most of these products are very affordable hand mirrors.

What are the advantages of owning a hand mirror?

Unless you’re planning to buy antique mirrors, regular hand mirrors are undeniably cheap. Aside from that, owning a hand mirror is much convenient because they are usually smaller in size. Their compact sizes makes it easier to bring them out anywhere, so you can easily check yourself out while you’re heading to work or school. Lastly, hand mirrors, particularly the ones in this list looks fashionable, so it is guaranteed that you’d love showing these off to everyone.


Owning a hand mirror may not sound as a necessity, but when it’s time to check yourself at the most inconvenient time, they will come in handy. So as a summary, we absolutely think that buying a hand mirror will be good. On top of that, hand mirrors are very cheap and economical in price, so thinking about money won’t be much of a problem.

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