Best Hard Drive Case Reviews 2017

Computers have always been an integral part of our lives; it is made out of several parts to make it functional and usable. One of the most important devices in a computer is a hard drive. The hard drive is responsible for storing all sorts of data and information that you put in your computer. It also contains your operating system, which manages both your software and hardware resources.

There are two types of hard drives, the internal hard drive and external hard drives. Internal hard drives are typically installed inside a computer; external hard drives on the other hand are used to be back-up storages for internal hard drives and can be brought like a USB device. Internal hard drives are protected inside a CPU cabinet or a laptop, but an external hard drive will need a case.

Hard drive cases need protection more than anything. If you have an external hard drive around then you must certainly get a hard drive case. So, are you looking for the best hard drive case that is the perfect fit for your hard drive? Then go read what we wrote below. Furthermore, if you want to get to know these products better, we also included some history and beneficial information about these items.

AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case

The AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case is compatible with hard drives that are 5.39 x 3.54 x 0.59 in size. It may be one of the cheapest hard drive cases in the market, but it comes with a soft-line feature along with an inner mesh compartment where you can also place your other accessories such as USB cable.

Additionally, this case also comes with an interior strap along with zippered closure so you can effectively secure and lock your hard drive case. It is very durable yet stylish as is comes with a tough exterior that is able to protect your hard drive for jostles, scratches and bumps. For anyone looking for an inexpensive hard drive case that they can bring anywhere, then go for the AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case.

Lacdo EVA Shockproof Carrying Travel Case

The Lacdo EVA Shockproof Carrying Travel Case is definitely among the best hard drive case deal that you will ever find. This carrying travel case comes with an EVA shockproof feature so it can protect your battery packs, GPS cameras or external hard drive. It is made out of PU Leather that is water resistant and extremely durable.

It comes with a built-in soft sleeve case and strap along with a carabineer clip and dual buffer layer to give your items an optimum protection. Furthermore, to accommodate your other accessories, this one also has a built-in pocket and holding belt. It has an internal dimension of 4.8 x 3.5 x 1 inches, so if your hard drive has the same size then you must certainly go for the Lacdo EVA Shockproof Carrying Travel Case.

Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case

If you are hunting for a good hard drive case, then we suggest looking at the Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case. This product is currently being offered in 3 colors such as black, grey and red. It comes with an interior dimension of 3.3 x 1.2 x 5.3 inches so if you have a hard drive that fits this one then you are in luck. Furthermore, this item also has a slimline feature so it can protect your device anywhere you go.

It uses a semi-rigid exterior that is durable enough to protect your valuables. Moreover, it comes with an internal mesh pocket where you can place your power cords as well as an elastic strap to keep your hard drive in its place while you are travelling. All in all, if you are searching for a new hard drive case then we recommend the Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case.

Hard Drive Case by iXCC

As one of the top hard drive case brand, getting the Hard Drive Case by iXCC would be a smart choice. It is compatible with any hard drive with a 5.4 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches dimension. Furthermore, it uses a shock-resistant sleeve cover so you can place your other items such as cameras, passport essentials, powerbank and GPS devices.

It uses an exterior made out of oxford cloth to protect your case against dirt, a middle layer made out of EVA for an anti-shock feature and an interior later of soft polyester fabric to protect your device from scratches. It has a built-in strap and a buffer layer to successfully protect your hard drive from getting shocks, bumps and drops. As one of the most affordable hard drive case in the market, we certainly endorse purchasing the Hard Drive Case by iXCC.

Kmashi Weatherproof External Battery Bag

The Kmashi Weatherproof External Battery Bag comes with dual zippers to allow you to access it form any angel. Furthermore, it is suitable for any device that has a dimension of 6.1 x 3.74 x 0.98 inches, so if you are buying a hard drive case then this is a smart choice. Additionally, this item comes with a compact design and durable exterior so it can fully protect your hard drive.

The interior comes with security straps that can hold and protect your devices while you are travelling. Moreover, there are also built-in pocket and string bag inside so you can place your cords and other accessories inside. As one of the cheap hard drive case for sale, we definitely push you to give the Kmashi Weatherproof External Battery Bag a try.

What is a hard drive case?

As one of the most fundamental part of a computer, a hard drive is definitely a significant device. Hard drives were first invented around 1890 by a man named Herman Hollerith so he can make a way to record files due to the request of the US Air Force. Later on, he made a company known for their technology, the IBM.

Around 1962, IBM produced a hard drive named 1301 with a capacity of 28 MB. Manufacturers saw this as a good potential for a project, so they started producing and selling products the same as 1301. In 1908, the first hard drive to contain gigabyte storage with a price of $44,000, it weighs about 550 pounds.

Hard drives have always contributed a lot in the history of the modern world. Along with computers, they are the epitome of the modern technology. Even when IBM sold their data storage to a company named Hitachi.

What to look for in a hard drive case?

Size and shape – picking the right size and shape for your case are extremely important. We suggest getting a hard drive case that is meant for the size of your hard drive. Before purchasing one, you must first check its internal dimension and if it can accommodate other accessories as well such as USB cables and other paraphernalia for your device.

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