Best Hard Hat Reviews 2017

If you’re someone whose job puts you at risk for falling, bumping, or getting hit by hard objects to the head, then the best hard hat can give you safety all the way. A hard hat is mainly built with tough, durable plastic to guarantee you a very reliable head protection. We can never tell when accidents will happen so it’s better to be prepared at all times. Keep yourself safe from any danger and choose one hard hat from our list of the bests.

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is a type of hard hat with a full brim. It comes in different colors for you to choose from such as rocket red, natural tan, tan, blue, brown, or red orange. The exterior portion of this hat is sleek while the interior side is integrated with the Fas-Trac suspension. Fas-Trac suspension is aunique technology which makes this hard hat ergonomic and at the same time comfortable to wear or remove without the risk of pulling your hair, pressure headaches, or any discomfort that can come with use of hard hats.

This protective helmet has a standard size that can accommodate a head diameter between 6 1/2 inches to 8 inches. It’s made of a high-tensile, durable Phenolic material which ensures to withstand any pressure without breaking all the while supporting your head from the impact. With its versatile design, this hard hat can be used in different jobs such as agriculture, wielding, or construction among many others. It’s also certified by the American National Standards Institute to be of highest quality and excellent standard. Now we know why we have it on the number one spot.

Pyramex Safety Hard Hat

Pyramex Safety Hard Hat is another hard hat with a full brim design. It’s also as sleek as the previous one we’ve mentioned but this one has a low profile design. It has minimal grooves and undulations which serve as a pathway for the rain or water to follow through to the sides and back of the helmet.

The interior space of this hard hat has a capacity to fit any head with a standard diameter so anyone can wear it, too. Built with your safety in mind, its main shell is made of high-density and durable polyethylene material to ensure reliable protection from any impact without getting damaged as well. It also utilizes an ergonomic ratchet suspension which is easy to modify so the user can efficiently adjust its fit for comfortable wearing all throughout. This hard hat allows other working accessories to be integrated as well because it has universal accessory slots that can fit cap-mounted ear muffs or even chin straps. An additional point about this one is that its soft brow pad is also replaceable and washable, and the suspension can be removed and changed, too, when worn off but not after many years of use. It’s great for use in any hazardous workplace.

Safety Works Hard Hat

Let’s take a break from the full-brim hard hats as our next one has a regular cap design. Safety Works Hard Hat comes as a protective cap in white color and has minimal grooves placed all over to ensure that water or rain will stay away from your face as you work. The interior space is of the right size to accommodate any standard head diameter but its capacity is modifiable as well, thanks to the nylon crown suspension straps that it’s integrated with. The convenient straps allow you to efficiently adjust the size for your comfort and to bring out the best in you for quality work performance.

Although lightweight, this hard hat is durable and tough which meets the ANSI specifications for a Type 1 helmet. Its overall materials can guarantee you a reliable protection from possible impacts or blow to the head without giving away too soon itself. The suspension system it has not only offers the right fit but can also give you comfort while wearing it without worrying of pressure headaches. It ensures not to snag your hair as well while removing.

Safety Works Full-Brim Hard Hat

Safety Works Full-Brim Hard Hat is another one from Safety Works but this time it has a full brim. It has a capacity to accommodate standard head diameter but the fit can be modified through the use of its suspension system. This hard hat utilizes fas-trac suspension system which is easily adjustable to achieve your perfect fit by simply rotating an adjustment dial in the back of the hat itself. This system also ensures comfort while wearing the hat with no possible pressure headaches or removing it without pulling your hair.

Although the brim is all around this protective helmet, it’s short enough to allow upward vision without hindrance but at the same time efficient in protecting your ears or neck from rain, water, or sunlight. Its main shell is made of a sturdy polyethylene material which guarantees to give you a reliable protection from possible impact and ensures to prove its durability for a long lasting use.

ERB Omega II Hard Hat

The fifth best hard hat in the list is something the women with tough job will love. ERB Omega II Hard Hat comes as a sleek, pink hard hat and we’re more than sure that it has a lot to offer beyond its colorful look. But you can also choose to have it in other playful or neutral colors such as yellow, black, beige, dark blue, brown, fluorescent lime, or even one that glows in the dark. Its interior space can adjust to accommodate head sizes most efficiently between 6 1/2 inches to 8 inches.

It also has a 6-point woven nylon suspension along with a chin strap as well to achieve comfortable fit and stabilize to your head for optimum security. The interior portion is cushioned with a thick sponge padding for maximum comfort while wearing it, and the system ensures not to snag your hair as you remove the protective helmet after use. Other features include retaining slots of your goggles and a moisture wicking brow pad which is conveniently removable, washable, and replaceable. It also has a capacity to keep the perfect fit on your head even under fast-paced or rough work courtesy of its no-slip hold.

3M Hard Hat

3M is probably one of the largest and most reliable companies all over the world when it comes to home or work supplies so with this, we’re already sure that anything from them has an excellent standard.

3M Hard Hat is a hard hat that has a full brim. It’s certified by the American National Standards Institute as an ANSI Type I hard hat which is highly resistant to any impact and at the same time lightweight and comfortable to use when worn. The comfort it can give you is further supported by the suspension system which sits lower on head to reduce pressure points so you’re guaranteed with no pressure headaches once removed. The smooth, 4-point ratchet system is efficiently adjustable as well and easy to figure out whenever you want to modify the hard hat’s head size accommodation capacity. To achieve the perfect fit for you, you can just easily turn the ratchet system, giving you the comfort to bring out the best in you at work. That’s efficiency and comfort coming hand in hand in this hard hat.

ERB Americana Cap Style Hard Hat

ERB Americana Cap Style Hard Hat comes as a sleek hard hat with an Americana cap style brim. It has an outstanding quality which is, like the previous ones we’ve mentioned, certified by the American National Standards Institute and meets the requirements for ANSI Z89.1 – 2009, Type 1, Class C, E, and G. It also has a versatile head accommodation capacity and can be adjusted to fit standard head sizes or diameter between 6 1/2 inches to 8 inches.

This protective helmet is built with high-density polyethylene material to ensure long-lasting use and a very reliable protection and safety. It also utilizes a 4-point woven nylon suspension system to efficiently adjust size and achieve comfortable fit that can bring out the best in you as you do your job. Nothing beats being able to give your all-out best knowing you’re safe from any possible danger to the head. Other useful features that can be found in this hard hat are a short peak and trim profile, additional chin strap for security, extra retaining slots for googles and other accessories, and a removable brow pad that’s also removable, washable, and replaceable.

Honeywell Fibre-Metal Hard Hat

Our last one but definitely not the least in our list is Honeywell Fibre-Metal Hard Hat. This hard hat is from the Roughneck P1 series of Honeywell, and is uniquely constructed to attain a heavy-duty quality. It’s guaranteed very durable because it’s one of Honeywell’s injection molded fiberglass full-brim hard hats. This excellent construction technology also ensures reliability in giving you protection and safety that you deserve while you work had.

It also utilizes the highly efficient adjusting system of ratchet suspension where adjustment can be done to the head capacity or size of the hard hat by simply twisting the dial right behind the hard hat’s interior side. It also features a frontal Terry Fabric sweatband which absorbs sweat or moisture to avoid getting into your eyes as you work. The full brim also protects your whole face from the water, rain, or sunlight. This hard hat exceptionally delivers on its purpose and is surely reliable for many years of use. You can have everything you need and more at a very reasonable price.

What to Look For

A hard hat is a protective helmet which is made as tough and durable as possible to withstand impact from any possible blow to the wearer’s head and all the while sturdy enough not to give away easily even when constantly used.

Since it’s a protective equipment, it’s very important that a hard hat is very reliable in keeping you safe. It’s mostly used by men or even women with tough jobs where any danger is possible to happen any time during work such as construction, agriculture, or wielding among many others. To guarantee optimum protection and safety, a hard hat’s overall materials and system should be both of excellent quality or standard.

The shell should be made of a high-density, highly durable material such as sturdy plastic or polyethylene. These materials can reliably endure heavy impact without becoming damaged too easily. It’s critical that a hard hat should have this quality because its shell is basically the wearer’s first line of defense against any harm to the head. The suspension system should also be efficient in achieving the wearer’s perfect fit to ensure optimum security and comfort while wearing the helmet. This allows the wearer to work best and bring out a quality work performance. The interior of a hard hat must also be cushioned as well to reduce the intensity of the impact to the head, decreasing the possibility of a more serious danger or injury.

A protective helmet such as a hard hat should be able to give you confidence as you do your job. Especially in a hazardous workplace, knowing that you’re safe and protected from any possible danger is enough guarantee and gives you a self boost that can bring out the best in you at work.


We’ve have just given you a lineup of solid hard hat recommendations that are surely the best among the bunch in the market. We’ve also highlighted the important qualities and features that you should look for in hard hats for a reliable protection and guaranteed safety while you work. Always remember that in order to be satisfied with what you buy, choosing wisely is key. Pick out the hard hat that best suits you and your taste while bringing into consideration its overall comfort, convenience, and quality at the same time.

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