Best Headbands Reviews 2017

Headbands are a fashion statement for all genders and ages. Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, you could take your look to another level by throwing on a cool headband. They come in various styles – such as the ones you wear during the workouts, for parties, for kids, and more!

They ensure you’re comfortable by keeping your hair from falling on your face and eyes, while also giving your personality a strong confident appeal. In this article, we introduce you to some of the top headbands that are available on the market.

Qing Outdoor Stretchy Athletic Bandana Headbands

Qing Outdoor brings to you these sweat wicking stretchy athletic bandana headbands that are available for you in an extensive range of colors. Perfect for yoga, running, jogging, or any other sports activities, this is also a stylish headband that’ll make heads turn as you walk past!

These bands are soft and give a great comfortable feeling every time you wear them as they’re made from polyester and spandex. They can absorb sweat, while keeping you cool and stylish throughout your workout regime. The breathable soft fabric makes it ideal even for people with sensitive skin.

If you’d like, you could fold them into a thinner band to make them go with your casual wear. You could also use them to tie your pony tail. They come in so many different colors that you won’t have any problem matching them with your outfits.

The band has elastic in the back to make sure it stays put and fits your head perfectly. Not too tight to cause discomfort but just about right to stay intact. These machine-washable headbands come in a pack of 6, so just select the colors and order a pack now.

Mookiraer Baby Girl Newest Turban Headband

Mookiraer® Baby Girl Newest Round Dot Turban Headband Head Wrap Knotted Hair Band (5 Pack) (min01)

Mookiraer brings to you these turban headbands for your baby girl to keep hair from falling on her face and also to add a little bit of brightness and color to her look. Kids look great when they dress in bright colors and accessories. Don’t they?

Each one of these headbands are perfect for everything that would attract or suit your sweet little baby girl. They are bright with vibrant eye-catching designs and shades. If you’re worried about the material used to make them, you can stop now. Because, they’re made from soft cotton cloth. Nothing’s better for your baby’s skin than cotton! The bands also have a knot right in the front to add that added spark and cuteness.

These adorable headbands are a great gift idea for little girls around you. These bands are stretchy, soft, and extremely comfortable. Great for all types of occasions and will easily go with any outfit your little rockstar wears!

Tough Headwear Men’s Headband

A guy’s headband is all about exuding confidence, making a style statement, and of course for keeping you away from sweat and moisture. These bands from Tough Headwear give you all that, and much more.

Now, keep your hair and sweat getting into your eyes every time you’re working out. These bands effortlessly absorb sweat and moisture from your skin and also get dried pretty quickly, to keep you comfortable throughout. Whether you’re working out in the gym, playing tennis, soccer, or basketball, it’s time to play in style and with confidence.

They’re made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex to give it a little stretch. These bands are super soft and comfortable when wearing as the stretch makes sure they stay in their position the whole time you wear them. You can wash them without thinking twice as they’re built to retain the colors, shape, and elasticity intact.

They come in so many colors that you’ll be spoilt for choices. If you’ve never worn a headband before or you think you need to try out some new ones, check out these cool headbands for men right now. You’ll love them!

Nike Swoosh Headband

Brought to you by Nike, these are extremely cool and one of the top-selling headbands available out there. They feature Nike’s trademark – a swoosh right on the front. The bands are simple in their design but also very classy and stylish!

Perfect for guys as well as girls, this band is made from 69% cotton, 26% nylon, and 5% rubber. These are machine-washable bands keeping you away from sweat and moisture during all your workout sessions. You’ll love them so much that you’d want to wear them even when you’re not working out or playing. And that’d be cool too, because they could be worn with any type of casual outfit for all your causal occasions.

What’s more? They come in over 10 different colors, ranging from the darker shades of Black and University Blue to the lighter shades such as Pink and Gray. Backed by the trust of Nike, it goes without saying that this band has incredibly high quality and lasts really long!

Qing Outdoor Fashion Headwraps

These stylish front-knotted headwraps are brought to you by Qing Outdoor. These headbands are great for people who’re looking for a combination of comfort and style. These bands are designed to give you the highest level of comfort while working out as they effectively keep sweat and moisture away from your face and especially eyes.

Now, do your Yoga, Pilates or CrossFit, go jogging or play your games with complete focus as there will be no hair or sweat drops dangling on your head to distract you. These bands have excellent moisture wicking capability keeping you dry even after an intense session of workout.

They’re also great to be worn with your casual outfits to give your look a huge boost. The headbands make a style statement in a way that no accessory could do. Plus, they make you look attractive and confident.

Made from the best quality rayon/viscose, these bands are quite thick and therefore highly durable. The fabric is breathable and stretchable, so your band stays put in its position. But, it also makes sure you don’t feel restricting in any way. The machine-washable bands are great for all head sizes, so grab your pack now. Each pack has three bands.

COSMOS Stretchy Yoga Sport Headband

This colorful pack of stretchy Yoga and sports headbands by Cosmos is a great way of working out. Why? These bands wick sweat and moisture away from your eyes and face, and keep your skin dry during all your workout sessions. Whether you’re doing yoga, running, jogging, working out in the gym, or playing any sport; these bands will make sure that sweat or your hair don’t come in your way at all!

Every pack consists of 8 colorful headbands that are super soft and comfortable. The colors are pink, blue, orange, green, light blue, white, gray, and black. Now, you could have a headband that’d go with each one of your outfit, right?

They have about 2.5 inches of width which is perfect, not too narrow and not too wide, just about the right size suitable for all sizes of heads. They’re great for kids from 5-6 years to adults. These stretchy bands stay intact even when you move around intensely. However, the stretch doesn’t make you uncomfortable at all!

Vancrown Headbands

Vancrown brings to you this pack of versatile headwraps that you can use in an excitingly wide range of ways to spice up your style! They could be worn as a mask, headband, hairband, headwrap, bandelet, neckband, armband, waistband, bandana, scarf, handkerchief, and more…Really unbelievable, isn’t it? But 100% true!

The design is such that wear them any which way you like and you’ll still feel equally comfortable and stylish. Made from 100% polyester, these headbands absorb sweat and moisture just fine. They’re soft and stretchable to fit your head size perfectly without causing even an ounce of discomfort to you.

The manufacturers have conducted various tests to prove the quality and durability of these headbands and they have cleared every one of those tests. So, there’s no reason you should be worrying about the quality. All you need to think about is the colors you’re going to pick for you!

HipGirl Girls/Women Jewel Headbands

HipGirl Girls / Women Jewel Headbands (7pc Set Bejeweled Sparkle Headbands)

HipGirl brings to you these elegant and chic bejeweled sparkle headbands to light up your look and personality. These are gorgeous and stunning headbands that’ll bring lots of compliments your way, that’s a guarantee!

Pair these bands with your bold solid dresses or the bright and colorful ones – they’ll go with all kinds of dresses. You could also wear them with tees and jeans. The pack contains 7 different colors of jewels so you could match them with your outfits.

Whether you’re a young high school girl or a working woman, these bands suit women of all ages. If you have a little daughter, she’d love wearing them too! Lovely headband set for a great price, you should definitely not miss it!


As we promised in the beginning of this post, we took you through some of the really cool and stylish headbands that are out there available for purchase. By now, you know what the qualities of some of the best headbands are, so when you’re shopping for headbands the next time, you’d know exactly what features to look for.

Stay cool, stay stylish!

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