Best Headphone Cases Reviews 2017

They say music is the art of sound, it makes time move quicker and causes a person to feel intense emotions they have never felt before. To make listening to music more intimate, most people opt for a headphone. Headphones are devices typically plugged into a computer, mobile phone or speaker so a person can listen to music without troubling anyone else.

Surprisingly, getting a good quality pair of headphones is pretty pricey and costs a lot. There’s no doubt that most users like to keep it safe and sound most of the time. On that note, one of the best ways to guard your headphones is to purchase a headphone case. They help you secure and prolong your device in its optimum health.

Are you looking for the best headphone cases in the market? Then you have found the best page! In this article, we are about to drop the leading cases perfect for your headphones. Furthermore, to know this item better, we also included some informative details about this product. So if you are eager to know more, go ahead and read our article below.

Cosmos Headset Carrying Box

The Cosmos Headset Carrying Box is among the top headphone case brand in the bunch, so we encourage you to give it a chance. This headset case comes with a unique oval design that fits most LG electronics tone. Moreover, it also has a special slit that is molded for a USB power adapter. This product also uses a hard shell case that is made out of PU leather to secure you a durable case.

To give you a guaranteed protection, this case also comes with a soft interior layer and a durable zipper. It is made out of high-quality materials with a dimension of 7.5 x 6.2 x 1.2 inches. Additionally, the case also has a mesh pocket inside so you can place your other accessories. All in all, as one of the most inexpensive headphone cases in the market, getting the Cosmos Headset Carrying Box would be a smart choice.

Slappa HardBody Headphone Case

The Slappa HardBody Headphone Case is certainly among the best headphone cases for sale. This product comes with EVA protection as well as MOLDED DURO-SHOCK, which makes its water resistant, shock resistant and fire retardant. Moreover, to prevent scratches, this one uses a soft velveteen interior.

To prevent getting problems with zippers, this headphone case uses 2 molded alloy zipper pullers. Furthermore, this one also comes with an external loop that you can attach to the carabineer clip. Additionally, it also has a dimension of 4.2 x 7.2 x 8.8 inches and is currently available in two colors such as black and gold. To put it briefly, if you are buying a headphone case that is trusted by many then go for the The Slappa HardBody Headphone Case.

LG Tone Case by EliteCase

The LG Tone Case by EliteCase is a cheap headphone case for people on a tight budget. Despite being an economical product, this one is guaranteed to be made out of high quality materials. The company used PU leather that is superior in quality, which makes it is able to withstand shock and water. For anyone owning LG electronics Bluetooth headset, this case is the most ideal item for you.

It has a dimension of 7.9 x 6.3 x 1.4 inches, which fits every type of compartment and bag. It is extremely lightweight yet durable at the same time. Additionally, if you are planning to place more for your accessories, this one comes with an additional pocket. The LG Tone Case by EliteCase may be low-priced, but is a good headphone case that you must not miss.

ELEGIANT Headphone Carry Case

As one of the most affordable headphone cases in the market, we are positive that you’d love having the ELEGIANT Headphone Carry Case. This item comes with a durable lanyard that is made out of velvet and nylon to make it as convenient to carry around. Additionally, this one is made out of hardened interior shell as well as nylon fabric for its exterior to effectively protect your headphones.

This one has a dimension of 8.4 x 2.4 x 7.4 inches, which makes it an ideal item to buy as it can accommodate most headphones. It has a nearly 360 degree zipper so you can easily open and close your case. To cut a long description short, the ELEGIANT Headphone Carry Case is definitely the item you must look out for.

What is a headphone case?

Just like music, headphones are almost a necessity in life. They help us concentrate better and get through the day; after all, not everyone likes the same music genre, so it is only logical to get yourself a new pair of headphones. The earliest headphones weren’t used for music in the beginning; in fact it was first used by telephone operators back in the 1880s.

Furthermore, just like the newest versions of these inventions, the first headphone weighs about 10 pounds, just like what you are thinking, it was weird and awkward. Fast forward to 1895, headphones transformed into a much lighter device although they still looked large and can be compared to a stethoscope for its looks.

Around 1937, the first dynamic version of headphones were invented by Beyerdynamic, these kinds of headphones are still popular as of today. Now, we have all kinds of headphones such as ear buds, ear phones, ear canal headphones, canal buds, stereo headphones, noise cancelling headphones and many more.

Not to mention, most of these items and devices range from mid to expensive prices which makes it extremely valuable. If not protected, chances are, you are ought to buy new ones which causes you to pay more. So, what better way to protect your headphones but through a headphone case?

They are cheap, tough, versatile and keeps your headphones safe and sound. Furthermore, headphone cases also help you save more space, giving you freedom to place more valuables inside your bags.

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