Best Headphone Extension Cords Reviews 2017

Headphones provide intimate experience while listening to music. It has been covering our ears since 1919, so it is only logical that the industry has garnered over 1 billion dollars in sales. From the invention of Nathaniel Baldwin’s first successful headphones to the leading headphone today such as skull candy and beats, it is guaranteed that this item is one of the leading items in the world as of now.

Despite being a useful piece of item, headphones cannot function on their own, with the right connectors and cords however; you will be able to achieve an optimum experience like you have never felt before. Additionally, these cords contain different kinds of TRS (tip, ring and sleeve), which only works if it contains the same size as the device.

So, if you are looking for the leading headphone extension cords in the market, then you have found the right page! In this page, we gathered and carefully collected the best headphone extension cords, guaranteed to give you the best experience. Likewise, if you’re interested in getting to know this item deeper, then you must also check what we included down underneath.

Ugreen Stereo Auxiliary Cable

The Ugreen Stereo Auxiliary Cable is certainly among the top headphone extension cords. This one is currently being offered in different sizes such as 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet and 15 feet. This is so you can easily attach your aux port to any devices such as speakers, headphones, car stereos and phones. Furthermore, with this one, you can effortlessly protect your 3.5 aux cable from constant plugging and unplugging.

This one fully supports several devices such as android and iOS phones, it also works well with windows and mac laptops. For maximum durability and conductivity, this one is made out of oxygen free copper. Additionally, to prevent corrosion and guarantee you a lifetime optimum sound quality, this one uses gold plated connectors. Moreover, for easier storage, this item is also designed to be tangled-free.

Microphone for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone

Are you buying a headphone extension cord? Then you will surely like the Microphone for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone. This audio cable is built with OEM quality, which means that it comes with a good performance. It is compatible, but not limited to devices such as iPhones and Android devices, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and many more.

It has a cable length of 1.5 meter and equipped with 1 male straight (3.5mm) and 1 90 degree L shape (3.5mm). Additionally, this extension cord also features an in-line remote control unites as well as a built-in microphone where you can use for phone calls and music. All in all, the Microphone for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone is definitely a good headphone extension cord that you will love.

Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter

As one of the cheapest headphone extension cord brand, the Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter are certainly a good deal to be in. This product can be bought in two colors such as black or white, and can also be bought in two shapes like the y-shape or standard. This splitter allows you to connect 2 headsets in 1 jack for better and easier convenience.

It is very easy to use, flexible and considerably an inexpensive headphone extension cord. Furthermore, this splitter also prevents diminishing the audio volume, so the quality isn’t chopped. It works great with mobile phones, laptops as well as car stereos. It works just like it was advertised, so as one of the most inexpensive item in this list, getting the Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter will definitely be a smart choice.

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones

As one of the best headphone extension cords for sale, the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones is surely a must have. This extension cord can be bought in two colors namely black and blue. Furthermore, this one can be the exact replacement for the 56 inch cable you have. This item also comes with an inline mic or remote so you can access calls from your android devices or iPhones.

Additionally, this product is also compatible with devices such as the Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones. It gives you the best convenience as it can be connected with a lot of devices and also gives you freedom to select your desired track, volume and voice applications. In conclusion, if you are hoping to find new headphone extension cords then go for the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones.

Hosa HPE-325 Headphone Extension Cable

The Hosa HPE-325 Headphone Extension Cable is also another cheap headphone extension cord deal. It is available in two sizes namely: 10 feet and 25 feet as it is designed to extend to hard-wired headphones that come with a stereo phone plugs. For better quality and durability, this one uses nickel-plated contacts to give you efficient signal transfer.

Additionally, for enhance signal clarity, this item also uses OFC or oxygen free copper. The OFC spiral shield is very effective for EMI and RFI flexibility and rejection. Furthermore, its connectors are 1/4 in TRS to 1/4 in TRS. As one of the most affordable headphone extension cords in the industry, getting the Hosa HPE-325 Headphone Extension Cable will definitely be a clever choice.

What is a headphone extension cord?

Headphones were originally an earpiece and can be compared to a stethoscope. It was first sold and used by the U.S Navy to elevate their work. As the use for records intensified, so did the use for headphones even though they weighed 5 pounds. In 1937, the first ever dynamic headphone was invented, which are still in being sold until today.

Headphones may be helpful, but they cannot work on their own. On that note, it is important to know which cable connectors are meant for your device. In the world of music, there are 6 common types of cable connectors that you’ll always see. These are TSR, XLR, RCA, TS, banana plugs and SpeakOn.

What to look for in a headphone extension cord?

Shielding – normally, there are 3 types shields used for cables or extension cords. These are serve shield, braided shield and foil shield. Serve shield are the ones with wires that are spiral-wrapped, it is very flexible which makes it extremely desirable to be used. Braided shield on the other hand, are copper strands that are shielded in the center conductor, this type of cord provides consistent coverage which makes it ideal as a cord.

Conversely, foil shield contains layers of Mylar-back aluminum infused with copper drain wires. Foil shield are extremely inexpensive, which makes them popular in the music world.

Type of cable connector – there are different kinds of cable connectors for headphones, some of them are: AES, BNC, Elco, 1/8 diameter plug, Y cable, DB25, FireWire, PDIF, Optical and Tiny Telephone. Before purchasing a headphone extension cord, make sure that you are buying the right connector meant for your device.

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