Best Heat Gun Reviews 2017

The best heat gun is atool that directs pinpoint heat in one direction. It uses fan and heat controls to manipulate how much heat will strike the object. It can be used for stripping paint, loosening rusty nuts and bolts, and even shape plastic pipes without breaking them. They come in several wattage configurations in several options too.

Wagner 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun

Wagner Heat Gun is the 1200-watt, multi-purpose heat gun for a variety of uses. This tool will and loosen rusted bolts by heating it up. The option has two alternative temperatures and multiple fan speeds that’ll adjust to specific heat conditions whatever it is. Powering the gun is 1200-watts/ 4100 BTU’s of heat generated during operation of the unit. A setting of 750 and 1000-degree is used for home project use. The 750-degree F is used for thawing, defrosting, and other light applications of heat. If you use the 1000-degree F, it will apply massive amounts of heat that’ll chip paint off furniture, heat up and loosen rusted nuts and bolts. If you need to take away plastic parts, it can melt it off and minimize damage to the affected area. The 4100 Btu’s will do short work of larger areas that needs heating applied to it.

Otheruse of controlled heating is heating up plastics and other softer materials for shaping! This will be auseful tool for heat applicable uses that will allow the material to be handled and shaped without breaking them. Direct focused heat into a concentrated area where it’s directed will remove paint, heat frozen pipes.

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer

Nubee Temperature Gun is the non-contact digital laser Infrared IR thermometer tool for remote temperature sensing. This is tool has features that will enable you to take heat reading without going near the source. If you need an accurate reading without any contact, it has a directed laser that is aimed at the target and the temperature is read with accuracy because of the precisely aimed laser light. The reading taken by this device will register in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the laser remotely reads the heat source to do this. Integrated into the tool is an auto shut down and low battery power warning light. Powering this thermal reading device is a 9-volt battery, for that express purpose. All the reading will register in the led display when you take remote readings. Some other use for this gizmo is checking if the tub is hot or too cold, checking for temperatures and other relevant temperature readings. This is one useful tool that is not only for simple heat checking but it can be used for a host of purposes, wherein taking the temperature taking is important. It may be unusual but this gizmo that can check heat remotely is very useful.


PORTER-CABLE is the 1500-Watt heat gun that you’ll need in your toolbox. Just look at what you get if you decided on this great heat gun option. The features it has that’ll make it perform is the dual fan speed selector that will regulate the fan speed in coordination with a variable temperature control dial. Using these controls, the amount of heat that goes out is manually regulated for any purpose it’s needed. When you need to let go of the tool for a moment, it has an integrated hands-free support for that purpose. To make sure that cordage is more than needed, a 6-foot length is standard to it. If storing is a problem, don’t worry because it has a hanging hook on it. This is a light tool at two pounds, if you placed it in your work bag or toolbox, it won’t be so heavy. This is perfect for paint stripping, plastic manipulation, welding /bending plastic, removal of adhesive tiles, and shrinking plastic tubing too. This is a good option to choose, because of its versatile use and home improvement applications it can be used for. Get this and you’ll have a great tool that’ll do any applied heating task very well

NTE HG-300D Mini Heat Gun

NTE HG-300D Mini Heat Gun is the mini heat gun you can use for big heat gun jobs. There are many heat guns you can get for the job, but this mini wonder will outperform the bigger ones with all features thatguaranteesagreat tool and superlative option for your compact choice! For versatile control over the heat ejected from the tool, it has a two speed and two temperatures setting that can be manipulated for precise and smart heating on any application. No one likes to get tired when at stake is precise workmanship, this is one comfortable and lightweight option for you! When the slightest fatigue will tell between great work and a sloppy joe work style! Whenever you work on any surface and need to prop up the tool, for support a built-in bracket will be used for that purpose. Always mind all the safety warning and labels when using the heat gun for added safety! It rates at 350-watts and it’s UL approved heat gun that is perfect for tube shrinking, embossing, drying any paint, glues, and inks too! This is the mini heat gun that will blow your socks off with all this sweet usefulness!

Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

Genesis Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit is the versatile heat gun kit just for you. This tool runs on a 12.5-Ampere Motor and is rated at 1500/750-watt heat gun that isdualvoltage for versatile use for applicable uses. The setting date placed in thetemperature setting of high and low, depending on the required task. Included in the package is a deflector nozzle that is used for protecting glass and similar heat susceptible materials. If pipes need a thaw to be done, it has reflector nozzle that’ll make thawing a bit faster to do!

This also has an air reduction nozzle accessory for use, and it can strip paint and varnish, putty and caulking will be turned to mush. This is good at removing stuff like adhesive labels, cold pipes, gutters, refrigerators, rusty nuts and bolts and any that can be brittle and removed later on. This one tool for using heat can do many things, that will be hard to do like stripping paint! What are you waiting for? This great tool that will be very useful and give good results too. Just go click it now, and see what it can do for home or any projects!

DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun

DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun is the best option for your home use. This is an imported heat gun product that’s manufactured in China. This tool is made for ease of use for any applied heating projects, which it’s used for. The functions of this optionisthat it uses a multiple variable temperature control with fine adjustments for heat setting, which means more precise control formoreprofessional finish. To prevent blowouts, overload protection circuit that’ll shut down its heating component and keep it from burning up to save it from getting busted. To store it anywhere, ahangring that’ll keep it stored anywhere. To provide support when not used, a kickstand to steady it, whether in use or not. Protecting the cord from damage is a protector that keeps it connected, and an ergonomic grip is for more hours of relaxed use. This is a heat gun that’s lightweight and compact with the necessary functions forsafetyof use, under any circumstance! If you have no extension cord, this has 10-ft ling cord, and back by a 3-year warranty on materials or workmanship. If your unit gets busted in a year, it will be fixed with no questions asked!

DEWALT D26960 LCD Heat Gun

DEWALT D26960 LCD Heat Gun is perfect for the tool nerd. If you want a prime option, then get this and end up with all the heat gun goodness it has for you. What you get in thisprimotool is an LCD window that will exactly show what minute adjustments in 50-degree adjustments you can do! No fears that’ll go overload city, because it has an auto protector circuit that turns off the heating component and burn-up of the tool! A ring for hanging and locking on your tool belt is included in the design, this makes perfect sense if you need to stow it properly anytime. No way that the cord will tear away from the housing because of the protector that prevents that. Other features like kick stand and ergonomic comfort grip will give this tool all the extras that will be good to have in hand! Comfort grip and lightweight will make you use this tool with ease and lots of control anytime without fatigue. It weighs in at 2.3-pounds and at powerful 1500 watts. This has a limited warranty for 3-years, 90-day refund, and also for added service is a one-year service contract! Get all this and real tool goodness if you decide to get this super option today!

Wagner (0503010) HT1100 Heat Gun Kit

Wagner Heat Gun is the heat gun with 1200-watts and is multi-purpose heat gun for a variety of uses for home improvement! What you got is a well-balanced tool that’ll loosen rusted bolts by using heat directed on it and pry it loose later. Do you want an option with two alternative temperatures and multiple fan speeds that’ll adjust to specific heat conditions that’ll conformto aspecific task? Topowerthe gun is 1200-watts of electricity and 4100 BTU’s of generated heat for any purpose or use. Just set it to 750 and 1000-degrees for different home projects. Choosing the 750-degree F for thawing, defrosting, and other light applications of heat. Need heavy-duty heating? Just use the 1000-degree F, and it’ll apply massive amounts of heat that’ll do the chipping of paint, direct heat on rusted nuts and bolts to loosen it fast! If you need to do away with any plastic parts, the gun can melt off the affected area. Getting the 4100 Btu’s to do short work of larger areas is so easy with this option. If you want controlled heating for heating up plastics and softer materials for any shaping job! This will be the best tool for heat applicable uses that will shape without breaking the material for it. Other great stuff you get is three-heat concentrator tips and a two-year warranty!


Why should you get the best heat gun? How will you choose what product will be right for you? The thrust of this guide is to inform of all the features and characteristics of this tool that uses applied heat in a steady stream to do tasks like paint stripping, making hard nuts and bolts come off, manipulate plastic by heating it up without breaking, then shaping it! As tool a tool this is powered by 1200-watts of electricity and it could emit about 4100 Btu’s that can affect a much larger area, depending on the models available. There are big and small models one can get tousethough.

The method by which heat is applied is controlled by blower speed and heat setting that is crucial to get the right mix of heat and air. The settings are either 750 or 1000-degrees depending on the use it will be put to! To keep a safety just in case it does malfunction, there is an IC that will cut-off the heating component to prevent a blow-out that can injure the user. Now, we come to the part wherein you decide if any of these options are for you! But, always remember to keep in mind what is important to your needs, then decide based on that decision. Right or wrong your choice is what you want!

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