Best Heat Press Machine Reviews 2017

Heat pressing has become one of the most practical methods for printing onto T-shirts and other variety of materials. Many graphic arts businesses appreciate the value of owning a heat press machine because of the many benefits it can provide – it’s versatile, cost-effective, easy to operate, and produces high quality prints.

Due to its popularity, dozens of heat press equipment are now available in the market, making it extra challenging for you to choose the best one for your business. Fortunately, our top picks for the best heat press machines are guaranteed to deliver consistent results complemented with fast and simple operation.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

Placed on top of our list is the new and bestselling digital heat press model made by Fancier. Operating with a power of 110 volts, the PowerPress industrial-quality heat press efficiently reaches to a maximum of 500F temperature. This digitally controlled and pressure adjustable heat press machine’s equipped with an electronic time and heat control for a precise time set-up. With a clamshell design, the Powerpress is also compact and space-savvy, with convenient features for incredibly quick and easy transfers. The press comes with a 15-by-15-inch sublimation transfer element which is great for printing on different flat surfaces including T-shirts, garments, bags, and ceramics.

BestEquip Swing Away Heat Press

Giving the best value for your money, the BestEquip Swing Away Heat Press is highly-recommended for its modern swing-away design and digital LCD timer and temperature control. As opposed to the traditional clamshell design, its swing-away design allows full 360-degree rotation of the swing arm, promoting even application and preventing accidental contact with the heating element. The digital controls, on the other hand, allow you to automatically set the right temperature and time to achieve accurate results and to avoid overexposure. This budget-friendly machine also heats up to 480F while its timer control can be adjusted to 999 seconds.

The BestEquip Heat Press is also known for its versatility. With a heating element measuring 11.5″ X 9″, this bestselling heat press machine can be used to transfer images and texts not only on T-shirts but also on flat surfaced metals, ceramic, glass and more. Other impressive features that ensure convenience and high quality print transfers include its pressure adjustable knob and an easy to operate handle.

Promo Heat 15”X15” Heat Transfer Press Machine

Great for daily use and long hours of production, the Promo Heat 15”X15” Heat Transfer Press Machine boasts of a great combination of efficiency, safety and ergonomic features. Its large 15″ x 15″ Teflon-coated transfer element makes it possible to transfer on any flat surface such as cotton, fiber, metal, wood and ceramics. Its compact clamshell design also saves space which makes it ideal for small offices and work areas.

Promo Heat also comes with a digital LCD timer and LCD temperature control for easy and accurate configurations. This mechanical heat press sounds an alarm when the time set’s complete and automatically stops the heating process when the desired temperature is reached. These features are important in preventing any incident of overexposure or any error resulting to damage of the material.

With its full range pressure-adjustment knob, Promo Heat also helps you achieve the best transfer results by allowing you to adjust the pressure depending on the thickness of the material you are working on. Other impressive features of this commercial-grade heat press include its parallel arm handle with ergonomic foam-grip and an adjustable multi-spring balancer for added convenience and consistency in pressure.

Mophorn Digital Swing Away Heat Press Machine

If you’re looking for an affordable yet efficient option for your startup graphic printing business, the Mophorn Digital Swing Away Heat Press Machine is your best choice. This minimalist machine may be compact and small but it’s packed with all the essential features you’ll need for quality prints on clothing, garments, and more. Its swing-away design allows 360-degree rotation of the upper platen while the elevated lower plate provides the space and flexibility to easily and safely fit the shirt or any material on the plate. Having these features allow you to work freely without the risk of coming in contact with the heated element.

As the newest model from Mophorn, the Mophorn Digital Swing Away Heat Press Machine is upgraded with improved features. Its 12”x10” transfer element is Teflon-coated and is equipped with a full range of heating coils for consistency and even heat distribution throughout its working surface. With a peak temperature of 446F, this affordable equipment is all you need for your personal and professional T-shirt printing and gift customization needs.

Mophorn 16×20 Inch Heat Press Machine

Equipped with a large working table of 16”X20”, the Mophorn 16×20 Inch Heat Press Machine gives you the space you need for virtually all your heat press projects. With a classic clamshell design, this versatile heat press machine features an elevated lower platen which facilitates the easy placement and safe removal of T-shirts to and from the press machine. Heating up to 446F, its temperature and time configurations can also be adjusted digitally for ease and accuracy.

In addition to the basic heat press features, Mophorn’s also favored for its comfort and convenience features. Its ergonomic manual handle is easy to operate to significantly reduce labor intensity while its pressure knob can be easily adjusted at the rear portion of the equipment. Moreover, this industry-grade machine is also known for its durability that makes it perfect for long-term and constant use. All these features and more make the Mophorn 16X20 excellent in printing graphics into clothing, ceramic, metal, and on many other gift and advertising items.

Mophorn 8-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press Machine

The Mophorn 8-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press may look just like any other heat press machines in the market but its true power lies on its high performance features. Its 12”X15” T-shirt press provides a large space for you to be creative. The Teflon-coated heat platen is made with a full range of heating coils that promote consistency in heat application, thus maintaining superior quality in all printing projects. In addition to the Teflon-coated platen press, this brand new machine also includes several must-have attachments such as a hat/cap press (6”x3”), four mug presses with different diameters for different cup sizes, and two plate presses.

Aside from being multifunctional, the Mophorn 8-in-1 also boasts of many other advanced features. Built with a rigid steel frame, this heavy-duty machine’s made to last and is known for its durability and stability. This commercial-grade machine also features an adjustable multi-spring balancer to ensure even distribution of pressure across the entire platen when closed. It also has an adjustable height of 13 ½” to 17”, allowing you to work with it in ease and comfort. Its modern swing-away design also promotes safety, efficiency and fast operation with full-360 rotation of the upper platen. This fully-assembled machine also comes with a long arm handle (2 4/5”) and a detachable lower platform.

Promo Heat Swing-away Heat Transfer Press Machine

With a great mix of essential and value-adding features, the Promo Heat Swing-away is the most versatile of all the heat press machines in this list. This average-sized, commercial-grade machine has a 12”X10” Teflon-coated and non-stick element that easily heats up to 750F and reduces instances of scorching. Being portable and lightweight, it’s great for use not only in permanent work areas but also in mobile trade fairs and events.

The Promo Heat Swing-Away is also designed to perform consistent and high quality transfers. With a digital timer and temperature control, it allows you to easily set the right time and temperature for the specific merchandise you’re working on. It also allows you to adjust the pressure depending on the thickness of the material. These configurations ensure that you only produce excellent transfers on clothes, wood, metal, ceramics, and many other flat surfaced materials imaginable.

The Promo-Heat Swing-Away is also built to last. This commercial-grade machine is delivered fully-assembled and comes with a heavy duty cord that’s manufactured according to US Safety standards. With a classic clamshell design, it maximizes your working space by freeing some for other essential business equipment.

PowerPress Swing Away Heat Press

PowerPress Swing Away Heat Press is a new portable machine that’s built with a unique swing-away feature for manageability and easy operation. This useful feature lets you remove each finished item easily by making it possible to rotate the upper heat platen by 360 degrees. Unlike traditional clamshell heat press machines, the PowerPress significantly reduces accidental contact with areas of heat distribution.

With an average-sized 12”x10” transfer element, the PowerPress Swing Away Heat Press is also compact, thus allowing for easy set up even in small work spaces. This heavy-duty model is also built with quality materials, making it reliable for long-term daily production. This bestselling machine’s also upgraded with a Teflon-coated heat platen, silicon rubber base, and electronic time and temperature controls for accurate transfer settings. With a complete set of useful features, it’s not surprising that the PowerPress is a great choice among starting businesses in applying transfers into shirts and many other materials.

F2C Digital Clamshell Heat Press Transfer Submlimation Machine

Preferred for high volume printing projects, the F2C Digital Clamshell Heat Press Transfer Machine is packed with features to sustain long hours of production. For durability and strength, it’s constructed with a solid steel framework that’s scratch resistant to endure rough usage. Its thickened aluminum heating plate also guarantee the consistent and even distribution of stable temperature across the surface. Its heating element is also coated with Teflon to avoid sticking of transfer material into the plate. Moreover, its high-quality silicon pad can sustain up to 480F heat without distortion. For safety, it also comes with dual electric system protection.

Apart from its durability, the F2C clamshell heat press machine also boasts of simple digital operation. It has a built-in digital time and temperature control panel with LCD display that can be set easily for your desired results. Its intelligent control system also has automatic countdown, alarm, and signal indicator to prevent overexposure. With all these impressive features, the F2C Heat Press Machine surely is one of the best options for those who value quality the most.

PowerPress 6-in-1 Industrial-Quality Swing-Away Heat Press

The PowerPress 6-in-1 Industrial Quality Swing-Away Heat Press may cost more than the usual heat press machine but, with its array of superior features, it’s certainly worth the price. Popular for home-based businesses, this industrial quality model can handle different load requirements and can heat up easily for urgent printing demands. Weighing only 85 lbs, it’s also portable and can be set up easily in marketing events and trade shows. This multifunctional equipment includes a T-shirt press (12”X15”), a hat/cap press (6”X3 ½”), two mug presses, and two plate presses.

The PowerPress 6-in-1 Swing Away Heat Press is also incredibly easy to work with. Its upper platen and heating element are designed to provide an even press and consistent heat distribution, without the need for a separate Teflon or silicon sheet. It’s also operated digitally with an automatic stop feature that’s activated when the ideal temperature is already reached.


Technology has evolved and it’s apparent that heat transfer machines have been regularly upgraded for greater efficiency and performance. Heat press machines can now be seen everywhere from small arts and crafts shops to large T-shirt manufacturers. As shown in this list, the best heat press machines are the ones that are easy to operate while producing consistent results in every use. These features are essential especially when you aim for superior quality when running your business.

While many brand new heat press machines feature new capabilities and offer greater versatility, most heat press machines available in the market are relatively affordable when you later on appreciate the value that it can contribute to your business. These reviews shall help you select the one that’s best suited for your business demands and your customers’ needs.

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