Best Heat Press Reviews 2017

Heat presses are the modern way of transferring any type of picture, photo, or messages onto t-shirts, mouse pads, license pads, plates, mugs, ceramic tiles, metals, and more! In this article, we walk you through some of the best heat press machines that you could purchase from the market. We also list down their features and properties.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital T-Shirt Heat Press

PowerPress brings to you this 15”x15” digital heat press, which gives you industrial quality finish. It requires a voltage of 110V and power 1800 W. The temperature range of this machine is around 0-500F in a time range of 0-999 s.

The heat press features the precise time setup option giving you the power to control the heat and time. The silicone gel base board makes it possible to adjust the pressure as required. It comes along with the coated sheet and a coating on the heat platen. This compact heat press features an upward-opening model, which saves a great deal of space for you.

It’s a great machine for applying letters, numbers, transfers, and images on t-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, and even ceramic tiles. Now, you could just personalize anything you want to, with this fantastic heat press by Fancier!

ShareProfit Heat Press Machine for T Shirts

This is a 6-in-1 heat press machine brought to you by ShareProfit. The 6”x3” curved machine runs on 1400 W power. It’s designed to sing away by a complete 360 degrees. It comes with an adjustable multi-spring balancer and a large 12”x15” transfer element. You could either use the Fahrenheit or the Celsius scale to set or control the heat.

This versatile heat press comes with 6 elements in all – a Teflon-coated platen press, hat/cap press, mug press of 2 sizes, plate press or 2 sizes, and of course t-shirts! Perfect for recreating any image or letters or a combination of both on your t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

The intelligent audio alarm system notifies you when the transfer is complete. The 360 degree swing makes it easy for you to move the heating element away for safety and also to let it cool down quickly. It features the full-range pressure adjustment knob for heightened control over the transfer operation. The pressure could be set considering the thickness of different materials.

Mophorn Heat Press 5 in 1 Multifunction

Mophorn brings to you this high performing 5-in-1 heat press machine which is quite equipped to give you top-quality end results. It comes with a t-shirt press of 12”x15” size and a hat/cap press of 6”x3”.

Having built on the highly durable heavy-duty steel frame, this machine is extremely stable and lasts really long. The adjustable multi-spring balancer allows even distribution of pressure across the area of the platen when it is closed. This results in highly efficient designs that are consistent throughout the element.

You can use this multi-purpose heat press for T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, casters, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, etc. It could also be used on most fabrics and materials without any difficulty. Purchase this machine now along with a 2-in-1 digital controller. The additional attachments that accompany this advanced heat press machine include 2 plate presses, 1 mug, and 1 hat press!

PowerPress Heat Press by Fancierstudio

Fancierstudio’s Power Heat Press is built to give you lasting professional grade performance and excellent output. This 12”x10” press can withstand temperature up to 750 Fahrenheit. It allows you to work with t-shirts, mouse pads, license pads, wood, and ceramic. It also lets you transfer images and personal messages on metal and glass, too!

It features a swing-away design which allows the upper heat platen to be rotated by 360 degrees. This means you can move the element aside for safe working and be more free when handling the garments and controlling the process. It also helps in quick cooling. This heat press enables you to adjust pressure and temperature and also has a digital timer which lets you preset the operation time.

Reduce your press time drastically with this excellent heat press that you could purchase at an unbelievably great price!

BestEquip Heat Press Machine

This top-drawer heat press machine is brought to you by BestEquip. Having a large element size of 11.5”x9”, this machine is fully capable of transferring onto T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, and more. It can also make transfer on flat surfaces such as plates.

The temperature range of the heat press is 0-250 degree C which is 480 degree F. It also provides you with timer control, temperature control, with a digital LCD timer for precise adjustments and settings. The timer is adjustable from 0-999 seconds.

The direct top-to-bottom pressure allows even contact with the surface below! You could transfer photos, images, or words on any type of fiber or material you could think of. The upper heat platen is based on the swing away design allowing it to rotate for 360 degrees. This also makes it possible for the heating element to stay away from you making it safer to operate the machine.

This is an extremely easy to use heat press. What’s more? It comes with a detailed instruction manual so you’d have no problem setting it up and using it right away, even if you’ve never handled a heat press before!

ePhotoinc New Digital Heat Press Machine

Brought to you by ePhotoinc, this is a new digital heat press machine that comes with a large heating area of 15”x15”. It features the full range loading pressure adjustment capability, allowing you to fully control the pressure exerted on the flat surface during the transfer operation.

The machine operates on a temperature of 0-500 degree F and has a digital timer. Having a solid construction of steel frame, this heat press is built to last long. The input voltage required for operation of this machine is 110 – 120 V.

This compact heat press has an upward opening model and is great for transferring letters, numbers, and images. Use this machine to transfer on your t-shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, and other items!

PowerPress 6-in-1 Industrial-Quality Digital Swing-Away Heat Press

This is a digital heat press made to give you industrial quality perfection and finish for all your transfer operations. This heat press could be your one-stop solution as it helps you work with all the different kinds of materials.

It comes with a t-shirt press of the size 12”x15”, a hat cap press of the size 6”x3.5”, mug presses of 11 and 16 ounces, and plate presses of 5 and 6 inch diameters. Its power rating is 280 – 1000 W and requires a voltage of 110V. The PTFE sheet is included in the package.

Working within a temperature range of 0-500 Fahrenheit, this heat press also has a timer that could be set between 0-999 seconds.

Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine

Promo heat sublimation heat transfer machine is perfect for all your printing and transferring requirements. This is a heavy-duty machine which gives you commercial-grade results and is highly durable. This high-performing machine has a large element of size 15”x15”making it possible for you to transfer to all sizes of materials including t-shirts, mouse pads, license plates, wood, metal, and so on.

The heat press has a clamshell design which helps save a lot of space in your office. It allows you to adjust pressure and temperature settings. The temperature range of the machine is up to 750F. There’s a digital timer for better control of operation.

ShareProfit Heat Press Machines Auto Open Digital LCD Timer

ShareProfit’s new and advanced heat press machine for t-shirts is one of the most user-friendly machines you’d find out there. It has an element size of 15”x15”, which is perfect to suit almost all of your transfer needs. It comes with excellent durability and strength which shows it’s built for long-time use.

The machine design consists of a parallel arm handle with an ergonomic firm grip that’ll help you operate it with full control. It minimizes the problems of handle flex when opening and closing the machine, as opposed to other heat press machines having only single arms. They tend to twist and torque. But, not this one!

It has an upper heating board programmed to open as soon as the preset operation time is up. This keeps your hands safe when pulling the t-shirt out from the machine. It also sends out an alarm notification so you know the job is done. The heat press uses the advanced spring air with high temperatures and pressures, so your transfers are done with perfect finish and great effect!


The craze for customized stuff is now everywhere. Everyone wants t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. to have their personal messages or images, so they can make a mark wherever they go. This is also great for gifts, it shows the person the thought and the efforts you’ve put in behind designing the picture or the image and personalized gifts are always loved.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a heat press machine for your business, then we hope this post will help you with exactly what to look for when buying one!

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