Best Highlighter Pen Reviews 2017

Highlighter pens are solely used to boost ones studying routine. Reading takes a lot of time especially with books that have loads of pages. If you need to review for your exams or just to study, you can immediately spot the most important point of a complex material. The best highlighter pen has the best features that are sure to give you a more focused and relaxed time spent on studying and reviewing. A highlighter must have the right ink to highlight words, sentences, paragraphs without blocking the texts out. You can also use a highlighter pen that has the appropriate ink concentration to do some doodles and even complete your art class masterpiece.

Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighters

The Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighters will outlast your usual highlighter pen with its large barrel that is spacious enough to hold more than the normal highlighter pens can store. Stock up on books because you might run out of highlighted pages first before you get to see the Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighters ink gone. In addition to its long-lasting feature, this highlighter has its Smear Guard ink technology which has been created to avoid smears, smudges and fading of its ink. This feature dries the ink much faster to avoid any mess. This will make your organizing effort more convenient and easier. Also, the Smear Guard formula along with its see-through and vibrant hue will keep the text clear and will make it easier for you to read the highlighted texts as well.

The Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighter has a chisel tip that glides smoothly over the pages for uninterrupted marking. The chisel tip will let you mark texts of every size. You can use it broadly to cover whole characters of the text and you can also use the fine tip that lets you draw a precise line under important details. Don’t be surprised when when you see that the mark of your Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighter is still there after a long time since this highlighter pen has a great ink that is fade-resistant and is sure to retain the same color even time passes by.

Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters

The Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighter is the best highlighter pen if you fidget and twitch all the time. Keep your anxiety at bay and make your subconscious mind busy while reading since it’s design has the convenient and mind-calming click-and-go feature. The Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighter is also capless which means you can mark texts without any additional trouble just to remove the cap. Highlighter pen caps going missing is bad news since it can dry out the ink from the pen but the Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighter has its Safety Valve that will prevent its ink from drying out.

With one push of a button, you can now start marking important texts on documents. Mark all you can with its fade-resistant and mess-free ink. Highlighting will be as smooth as gliding over a glass. The Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters also has a chisel tip that provides versatility on your marks. You can use either the broad way or the fine way depending on the text that needs to be highlighted. This highlighter pen also guarantees that the ink won’t bleed through most paper as long as you let the ink dry first before marking with the highlighter.

Sharpie 24555 Accent Sharpie Pen-Style Highlighter

The Sharpie 24555 Accent Sharpie Pen-Style Highlighter can let you know if the pen needs a replacement with its transparent and see-through barrel. This provides you convenience especially if you’re on the heat of reviewing some important documents and you really need to highlight several texts and paragraphs. You might not like it if you’ll run out of highlighter without any spare around.

The Sharpie 24555 Accent Sharpie Pen-Style Highlighter also has a chisel tip that lets you take control over the width of your mark.The ink is highly pigmented that provides vivid hues that will let you read the text clearly. It also offers a mess-free marking with its quick-dry ink that is perfect for rush highlighting. Its ink is also odorless and is certified to be non-toxic.

The Sharpie 24555 Accent Sharpie Pen-Style Highlighter will have a lesser chance to be misplaced with its loop. The loop is attached to the base of the highlighter pen that lets you carry it wherever you go because you will never know when you need to make essential highlights. The loop can be clipped with three-ring binders, planners, bags, clips or to almost anything that it can be attached to.

BIC Brite Liner Highlighters

You can use the BIC Brite Liner Highlighters non-stop for up to eight hours without worrying since its ink won’t easily dry out unlike other highlighter pens that require rests. This means that you won’t have to switch highlighter pens every now and then anymore. The BIC Brite Liner Highlighters has been created with a chisel tip that lets you choose between its broad highlighting ability and its fine tip that can smoothly underline texts. In addition, with chisel type of tip, you can control the width of your mark which means ultimate versatility.

Are you fed up with the traditional yellow highlighter pens? Do you want other highlight pigments for personal organizing purposes? The BIC Brite Liner Highlighter got your back. In fact, this highlighter pen is available in five super bright colors. From yellow, pink, blue, green and orange, you can now label the least to most important details on your reading materials. Its vivid fluorescent hue will make any text pop out and is sure to catch your attention. The BIC Brite Liner Highlighters is also user-friendly because it has non-toxic ink and materials which were approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute.

Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighter

Another great highlighter pen from Sharpie is the Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighter that mainly features a new gel stick technology that uses lush gel material to avoid smudges and smears. Be guaranteed with a mess-free document with its ink-free gel highlighter stick that offers a very smooth glide over different types of paper surfaces. This means that the Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighter will not bleed through the thickest up to the thinnest sheets of paper like magazines and bible pages. Enjoy a smudge-free marking with its new gel technology that will not smear the inks of other pen, marker and inkjet computer printouts.

The Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighter can also be used for a long period of time since the gel supply won’t dry out even if you left the tip uncapped. You won’t have to worry about missing the highlighter pen cap that will totally make a junk out of your usual highlighter pen when this happens. Furthermore, you can adjust the length of the gel highlighter stick just by twisting its bottom part. Twisting the bottom part will give you uninterrupted highlighting. Also, the new gel technology adapts to your grip and handwriting style. Witness how you get accustomed with using its gel highlighter stick that offers the same vivid hues like some of the best highlighter pens.

Ohuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Highlighters

The Ohuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Highlighters ensures that your personal organization needs as well as your art supply needs will be met since this highlighter pen set will not just let you highlight essential texts from important documents but will also bring out the artist in you. With this set that has 40 colors in total, you can explore and maybe create a masterpiece through painting. One more great thing about the Ohuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Highlighters is that each of its highlighter has dual tips. The first tip has a broad construction that is great for text highlighting and color-filling. The next tip is the fine tip which is great for underlining and can also be used to draw sketches and lines for small details on your art piece. Thus, flexibility and versatility at its finest.

These 40 hues of highlighters are encased within its sleek black carrying case that makes it portable and easy to transport. The pigments are made to stand out and pop out and are also made to last long without fading. With a capacity to vividly draw up to 300 meters of line, you are guaranteed that the Ohuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Highlighters is made of the highest quality ink.

Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light

The Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light is a revolution within the highlighter pens. We know that you are aware of highlighter pens that can erase its own ink when you realize you’ve overreacted and highlighted more than what you really need to. However, most of the highlighter pens that come with erasers damage the paper so the texts might end up difficult to read. Well, the Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light is an exception. While it can brightly highlight the texts, you can also cleanly erase its ink from the surface without tearing the paper.

Unlike most of highlighter pens with eraser, you can highlight, erase and apply the markings over and over again. This is due to the pen’s unique thermo-sensitive gel ink that gets easily erased with the generated heat from rubbing the eraser to the surface. However, the brand emphasizes to never expose the pen to extreme temperatures since this might cause the ink to be colorless. The good thing is that the Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light can still restore its original and bright hue just by exposing it around a cool temperature and you can now proceed to be amazed with the magic this highlighter pen can do.

Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighters

The Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter offers flexibility, versatility and is also environment-friendly. If you’re an environmentalist, you might take a liking with this highlighter pen since part of its design and construction were made with recyclable material. To be precise, 74% of its material is made with post-consumer waste.

Another great thing about the Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter is that it has double-ended tips that will surely offer you more options to highlight, mark, and maybe even take some notes on your documents. The first end has the medium tip that features a chisel tip. With highlighter pens that have chisel tips, the width of the highlight can be easily adjusted to the size of the text and it will greatly depend on your preferences. The medium tip is ideal for highlighting and is sure not to bleed through sheets of paper even up to the thinnest ones. The other end contains a fine tip that is specially made for underlining and crossing texts out. This is also great to use when you want to add additional notes to the texts that you have highlighter. You can put some keywords that might help you remember why you highlighted the text in the first place.

What to Look For

To attain your desired classy highlighting of texts, you must sincerely take note of several factors before purchasing a highlighter pen. If you happen to buy a random highlighter pen that is only pleasant to the eyes and you happen to be disappointed after you have used it, you just throw your money to the trash. One of the must-haves of a best highlighter pen is having a smear-proof ink. Most highlighter pens might tend to be smudgy that can ruin the appearance and the readability of the texts in your books. You’ll totally miss the point of highlighting the best ideas out of hundreds of paragraphs. Instead of helping you out, smudge-y highlighter pens will just ruin your focus out.

A good highlighter pen must also be fast-drying. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right handed when it comes to using highlighter pens. If you use one that takes a long time for the ink to dry off, you might scatter mess all throughout the page you are working on. Next factor to consider is the ink’s consistency that might be sipped in to the other side of the page. Avoid highlighter pens that can bleed-through the page.

Distinguishing the text size of your book is the key to finding the right highlighter pen. This will definitely boost the pen’s precision. Once you are aware of the size of the text and the spaces in between the paragraphs and sentences, all you’ve got to do is identify the correct tip of your highlighter. In terms of color, you can try different hues other than the all-time favorite yellow highlighter. If you want more color choices as you read for personal details, you can opt to buy a set of highlighter pens that has a wide color selection. There are also highlighter pens that has two sides to offer different tip sizes at the same time. This can be considered one of the great factor that must be included to the best highlighter pen which provides you the flexibility to go from one book that has big text to the other that has smaller text size.

Furthermore, there are also highlighter types that use specialized gels as its ink that has the ability to be smear-proof. There are also highlighters that can erase its own ink which is good if you always highlight the wrong texts. Be careful with using the eraser though since some highlighters with erasers might ruin the paper.

If you’re also an environmental advocate, we are happy to inform you that there are highlighter pens that are made of recyclable materials. What’s even better is that refillable highlighter pens also exist.


No matter what you choose from the list of best highlighter pens around the market, we are sure that it will help you highlight texts that is sure to catch your focus and attention once you rereads the whole text. Without highlighter pens, it will be hard to search through a 600-page book just to find the two-lined topic you are looking for.

For literary and fiction lovers, you can always spot your most favorite inspirational line in your favorite book. Once you pass on the book to your friends or even to strangers, they will sure to immediately pay attention to what was highlighted and you might even inspire them as well.

Also, one of the most popular books that makes use of a highlighter pen is the bible. With the tons of chapters and verses plus its thin pages, the best highlighters is sure to mark your next scripture.

Take your art creation to the next level with the use of highlighters. Break through the normal crayons and oil pastels and switch to highlighters that can deliver vivid and translucent colors. Whatever purpose you have with getting a highlighter pen, we can definitely guarantee that you’ll have a more focused reading experience.

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