Best Hiking Daypack Reviews 2017

The key piece to survive hiking activities is by getting the best hiking daypack possible, but how are you going to choose one when there’s literally hundreds of them in the market? Good thing we investigated enough and were able to gather the top ones in the market. If you want to know more about these items, then check out the ones below.

Outlander Hiking Backpack Daypack

In terms of popularity, the Outlander Hiking Backpack Daypack gets our vote as they have the highest amount of reviews. It’s a must have for hiking trips as it can be folded to pocket and unfolded into a backpack. This one features a classical backpack shape yet features multiple compartments for better organization. It contains 1 main compartment, 1 internal zippered pocket, 2 front zipper pockets and 2 side pockets for your umbrellas or bottles.

Additionally, this one is truly a space saver as it can simply be folded or used as a carry on for your other baggage. To give you a durable, highly rip and water resistant daypack, this one’s made of a high quality nylon fabric that provides long lasting performance with only minimal weight. Moreover, it also features a durable 2-way SBS metal zipper that’s abrasion resistant.

HIKPRO Backpack Hiking Daypack

The HIKPRO Backpack Hiking Daypack is a faithful travel organizer that can accompany you through your day hike. It features 3 zippered compartments, 1 small outer pocket, 1 main pocket for huge items, 2 large side mesh pockets and 1 inner zippered pocket. Moreover, it has a dimension of 18 x 12 x 5 inches that’s very lightweight (6.5 oz.) and a roomy space of 20 liters.

Currently, this wonderful bag is available in colors of red, teal, newest black 2.0 and navy. It’s made of water resistant and tear resistant nylon material along with the toughest SBS metal zipper available in the industry. After making the most comfortable shoulder straps for 20 years, we’re confident that you’ll be able to have a great time with this daypack. Since it’s reinforced more than 14 places through the Bartack Process, we’re positive that this one.

TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack

The TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack is an adjustable, comfortable and lightweight daypack with all the right features and price. It’s a high quality hydration daypack that includes a 2 liter food grade bladder equipped with triple heated sealed edges, a twist lock to prevent leaks, kink-free sip tube and a cushioned bite valve.

With its low profile athletic cut, this daypack will fit all frames comfortably. To take care of your shoulders, this one’s installed with foam stabilizer and mesh covering so you can wear it for hours. Likewise, it also has an integrated ITW chest strap whistle which also acts as a whistle for easier signaling for safety. The TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack can be bought in colors of bright green, orange, green, black and bright blue.

Venture Pal Hiking Backpack Daypack

The Venture Pal Hiking Backpack Daypack is made of water and tear resistant material that’s lightweight yet delivers long lasting and powerful performance. Furthermore, it’s also featured with two way SBS metal zippers for better convenience on operation. This daypack is made to assure that you’re comfortable with the breathable mesh shoulder straps equipped with several sponge padding. It also has adjustable straps and a chest strap with a whistle.

For better organization of your stuff, this one contains 1 main compartment, 2 side pockets and 2 zipped front pockets. The main compartment is enough to give your 35 liters of room to organize your things. Done using it? This daypack can be folded into its own pocket to avoid overweight charges. The Venture Pal Hiking Backpack Daypack is definitely a must have for any trips as it can be obtained in hues of fuchsia, blue, black, orange, purple and many more.

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Daypack

The Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Daypack is made of highly tear and water resistant nylon material so it can be used all throughout the seasons. Presently, it’s available colors of green, grey, black, purple and blue. It has a dimension of 15.7 x 9.1 x 5.9 inches with a weight of only 12.3 oz. As a result, it’s convenient for travelling, camping, cycling, running and most especially, hiking.

Moreover, it features MatReflective stripe, adjustable shoulder straps and a volume control system for easier convenience. To guarantee that you’re also comfortable with this one, it’s equipped with breathable mesh shoulder straps along with bottle holders on both side of the bag. The Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Daypack is being offered in purple, black, red, dark green, blue and orange. Aside from being used for hiking, this one is also ideal for students both for boys and girls.

Mengar Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack

The Mengar Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack is a lightweight travel daypack that can be folded in its own pocket. The 35 liter space is large enough to accommodate anything that you need. For your other thin gadgets such as tablets or iPads, it also has a large outer pocket. For your smaller books and camera on the other hand, it has an outer smaller pocket.

Additionally, this one is made of unparalleled quality because they used a highly rip and water resistant fabric of nylon that’s reinforced for increased longevity. The 2-way SBS metal zipper that’s abrasion resistant is also combined so it can be opened on any side. Likewise it also has thick shoulder straps padding so it’s very comfortable to carry. The Mengar Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack is being offered in green, black with yellow zippers, black new, purple and blue.

ZOMAKE Lightweight Packable Hiking Daypack

The ZOMAKE Lightweight Packable Hiking Daypack is great for any hiking trips because it’s ultra-durable, ultra-light and ultra-awesome. For the moment, it’s being offered in 10 colors such as light green, jewel blue, orange, upgrade black and dark blue. In addition to that, it features incomparable quality because it’s created with nylon material that’s water and tear resistant along with SBS metal zippers. For your peace of mind, this one’s armored with more than 31 places with Bartack Process.

To avoid overweight charges at the airport, this daypack can also be folded into a small pocket or be used for your excess baggage. It features 1 main pocket that’s large enough and pack in pockets that doubles as inner pocket. The outer smaller pocket is great to be used for your go pros or guide books.

Mountaintop Hiking/Camping Backpack

The Mountaintop Hiking/Camping Backpack is available in shades of red, black, jujube red, army green and gray. It’s made from both nylon and polyester to water won’t easily come through this bag, making it ideal for all sorts of weather. Inside, there are 1 bladder sleeve, 1 hip belt pockets, 2 mesh bottle pouches, 2 front pockets and 1 front pocket with internal mesh pouch. For your safety, the company included 3M reflective bands and a trekking pole attachment where you can place it.

It has a capacity of 40 liters yet weighs only 1.8 pounds. Overall, the bag has a dimension of 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches so it’s large enough to carry your valuables. To clean it, simply wash it with wet cloth and use air dry, to keep its material durable, don’t iron it.

ZOMAKE Waterproof Hiking Backpack Daypack

The ZOMAKE Waterproof Hiking Backpack Daypack is offered in black, jewelry black, yellow green, sky blue and purple red. It’s larger than normal standard backpack due to its 40 liters capacity large enough to carry your items such as journal, towels, clothes and hammock. As of the moment, it’s made with nylon mesh but coated in waterproof material so it can be used even when it’s drizzling. Need an extra bag? This daypack fits into a compact pouch as it folds up into a small pocket.

Moreover, with the breathable padded shoulder and straps, we’re positive that your shoulders will love it even more. Inside contains 1 large compartment, 1 front spandex couch, 2 top pouch, padded backstrap with chest clip and 2 sports bottle holder. It’s really versatile as it can be used not just for hiking but for everyday use.


There are hundreds of hiking daypacks makers and we’re confident that you’d be able to find one that suits your taste the most. For casual hikers and not looking for any significant features, then you’d be great to have budget-friendly daypacks with simple design and less customizable fit, it’ll be great for a quick hike in the woods.

When looking for an ideal capacity, it’s best to think about how much you spend in the hike. If you’re planning to stay for hours in the mountain or hill, then go for one with at least 40 liters of capacity, especially when you’re the “friend” who’s in charge of bringing all sorts of necessity.

All in all, we believe that the best daypacks are available in this article so if you’re looking for one, we’re pretty confident that it can be found right here.

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