Best Home Planterium Reviews 2017

It’s probably one of the biggest dreams for anyone interested in the sky to feel like the stars are within reach. Throughout the years there’s been a lot of compromises to feel like you’ve achieved this. There’s the glow in the dark stickers that you tirelessly stick on the ceiling. You might also find yourself being in the planetarium and wanting to live there. With advancements in technology, you can now bring the planetarium to your house. This is by getting a home planetarium. This wouldn’t just be a great thing to set-up and look at when the stars aren’t clear it’s also a great educational equipment for kids and kids at heart. Now you’re probably dead set on getting your own home planetarium but you realize that there’s a lot of choices and now your stump. Don’t worry cause we’ve listed the best home planetariums that’ll surely help you choose the best one for you and your kids.

Uncle Milton In My Room 3D Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium

Want something that more true ti life and not just a simple projection? Then this tabletop planetarium from Uncle Milton might be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t just give you a simple projection of the sky but instead gives you 3D images! You’ll definitely feel like the stars are within your reach with this planetarium. It includes 3D glasses which would definitely save you the hassle of having to look for glasses to give you the full experience. Another great thing about this planetarium is that it’s a tabletop so it won’t take up much space. Its size also makes it easy to store.

The best thing about this home planetarium is probably its price. It’s really an affordable device and yet it delivers well and can give you a great 3D experience. Proving that it’s just not all talk are the great reviews it received from its costumers. They all loved how it transforms their room into a star gazing space. However, this does call for you to get additional disks to have the complete experience. This is perfect for those who want to get the complete experience of being in a planetarium with a 3D feel but without the hefty price.

Uncle Milton – Star Wars Science – Death Star Planetarium

With the Star Wars craze reignited because of the new franchise movies released, a lot of kids — and their parents — are now probably more obsessed than ever. You might’ve even had to buy almost everything and anything in Star Wars now. What’s a great addition to this collection that would surely satisfy your Star Wars fix is this planetarium that’s in the shape of the Dead Star. The Uncle Milton Dead Star planetarium projects planets from the Star Wars galaxy as well as Earth sky stars. So this won’t just be a toy that’ll give your kids better familiarization to the galaxy far far away; but also educate them on what they can see in our own galaxy. This packaging includes a poster but the discs are sold separately. This is probably the biggest con of this product but given that it’s cheaper than all the other planetariums on this list, it might be best to overlook this.

This Death Star planetarium from Uncle Milton is a great and attractive product to have on display. The Dead Star design also gives it an extra edge over the other planetariums on this list. But do take note that this received mixed reviews from previous costumers. They were a lot of complaints regarding the quality and durability of the product since it’s only made of plastic and there were also some issues with the images it projects.

Smithsonian NSI Room Planetarium and Projector

This planetarium from Smithsonian doesn’t only give you a great view of the universe right in your room but it can also be used as a great projector. This 2-in-1 function is a great thing to have so it’ll be useful for both kids and for you. As a planetarium it gives you realistic moving images of heavenly bodies like planets, comets, and stars. It’s very portable and easy to keep. It also doesn’t take up much space in your room and desk. It’s also a great display piece that’ll surely be a great source of stories for you and your friends. The biggest con of this planetarium is its price. It’s really on the higher end of the price spectrum but this is understandable since it can double as a projector.

This is a great portable device that can give you the feel that you’re in space and can also be a cool projector. This received a lot of mixed reviews from previous customers. Those who loved it were impressed at how it’s able to do what it’s supposed to do and that it gives their kids the experience of being under the stars. However, there were those who were disappointed at the images being projected.

Scientific Explorer Space Theater Planetarium

This Scientific Explorer planetarium is a great educational item. It projects stars as if you’re in a planetarium.This also has an audio CD so you will be guided as you look at the stars. The audio CD included is a great addition to this planetarium that can’t be found on the other planetariums on this list. It also has a science manual to give your child even further information on what lies in our skies. Instead of discs, this planetarium uses mask domes that go on top of each other to give you a different view with each addition.

This planetarium is great for those who’s primary motivation in buying a planetarium is to educate and give information. However, you shouldn’t expect crisp and clear images to come from this planetarium. There were a lot of complaints about the plastic make of this product as well as the light and images it projects.

Sega Homestar Original Black – Home Planetarium

Who knew that bringing 60,000 stars to your room is as easy as this? With the Sega home planetarium you can now get a front seat view to the stars anytime and in the comfort of your own couch or bed. This has an adjustable focus and angle so you’ll be able to control how big or how small the projection is. These adjustments would also allow you to have crisper projections depending on how near or far the surface is. With this planetarium you won’t have to purchase extra discs because it already has two discs that give realistic projections of space. You even get a poster in this box. But if the two discs and the posters aren’t enough you have the option to buy and choose between four additional discs.

This planetarium from Sega is a great planetarium that gives realistic images that you and your family can enjoy anywhere. It’s perfect for those who aren’t fond of 3D images but also wouldn’t want to spend too much on a planetarium. If you’re worried about costumer satisfaction, you’d be glad to know that this received great reviews from its costumers. They loved how it was able to really transform their bedroom and living room into a planetarium.

Home Star Classic

This planetarium from Home Star gives you the chance to bring 60,000 stars inside your room. It contains two discs in this package giving you the freedom to choose between two night skies. This planetarium also has a timer feature that you can set from 15-30 minutes. So now you can feel like you’re sleeping under the stars without having to worry about the product overheating or having high electric consumption. This planetarium is also just the right size so it won’t take up much space and can be easily kept.

Showing that this planetarium is not just all talk are the great reviews it got from its customers. They were impressed at how great the images are with this planetarium. They also loved that you could adjust the focus giving you the optimum view and quality of the images based on where you want to project it. Aside from all these, they were extremely happy with the relatively affordable price of this planetarium considering others that are comparable in price received negative reviews from its customers.

iOptron LiveStar Mini Planetarium

This mini planetarium from iOptron will give you a perfect view of the night sky right in the comfort of your home. Now you can feel like you’re outdoors no matter what the weather or time of the day it is. This planetarium also features latitude and coordinates setting so you’d be able to customize which sky you want to watch. Whether you want a view that you can see where you live or half way across the worlds this planetarium gives you the freedom to set and view whatever sky you want to see. To give a more realistic view this planetarium also rotates mimicking the motion of the night sky.

This is a perfect home planetarium for those who want to explore the different night skies in the world without having to travel great distances. However, you should take note that this planetarium received not so good reviews from previous customers. There were a lot of complaints about how cheap the planetarium was made and how it didn’t even function on the first time they turn the planetarium on.

Brainstorm Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector

Tis Brainstorm planetarium doesn’t only give you great things to look at but it also gives your brain something to chew on. This is a perfect introductory look for kids on what lies in space. It contains 24 slides captured by NASA and the Hubble Telescope which shows different stars, satellites, spacecrafts, and planets. Although it doesn’t include an audio CD the booklet that comes with the box will give you additional information on each image that would be displayed.

What to Look For?

The list above shows you comparisons between brands and models and hopefully it helped you at least have an initial list of planetariums that you would want to purchase. If you’re still confused on which one to get or maybe you already have top choices but can’t seem to narrow them down even further no need to scratch your heads because we’ve listed down the features that you must look for in a great planetarium.

  1. Durability – With any product that you’re buying the durability of it should always be considered. It must be able to last you s long time especially if you’re spending a large amount of money. In the case of home planetariums, it’s best of it’s not made of plastic since this isn’t such a sturdy material and it might break easily when dropped or even when transported.
  2. Images projected – Planetariums should be able to project crisp and clear images. If in case it does seem a bit fuzzy, you should be able to adjust the quality of the image by adjusting the focus. Since this is also an educational tool, you should ensure that the images are accurate since this would be the basis of the children regarding how these heavenly bodies look.
  3. Availability of discs- Planetariums usually project images off a disc that may or may not be included in the box. Although those that don’t include discs are cheaper, it’s best that you purchase a planetarium that already has discs. This will save you time that you’d surely be using up in looking for discs compatible to your planetarium. Aside from included discs, it would be a huge plus if the planetarium you’ll be buying gives you an option to buy additional discs since this would give you more variety.


With the list and the tips we’ve given you, we hope that you’d be able to choose the best home planetarium to purchase. Remember to keep all things into consideration and not just get the cheapest one in the bunch or even the most expensive thinking that it’ll be the best. Of course, this doesn’t hold true all the time so again take note of the durability of the product.

Overall, home planetariums are great to have. They give you the chance to feel like you’re living outdoors. It’s also a great bonding activity for you and your children where they’ll be learning a lot. Who knows, you might even pique their interest enough to make them want to be an astronaut or a scientist when they grow up.

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