Best Ice Buckets Reviews 2017

For all party-goers, they’ll surely agree how enjoyable cold beverages can be. Whether it’s a white wine or one of your favorite beers, they’re all best served when chilled.

It’s therefore important to have something you can use that would keep your drinks ice cold — something like an ice bucket.

In this article, we will list down some of the best ice buckets available today. We will also enumerate some of their benefits and top features that have made them the best-selling ice buckets in the market.

Continue reading to learn more about the best ice bucket deals we have now.

Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid and Stainless Ice Scoop

Best Ice Buckets

The Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket has a lovely design that makes it a good addition to parties and any other special gatherings that require only the best accessories available.

Its design is excellent for a number of reasons. Inside it, there’s a small ledge where the drainer sits. The drainer does a good job of keeping all accumulated water which may cause ice to easily melt down.

In addition to this, the double insulation of the wall keeps ice cold for several hours.

If you dislike using a thong, you’ll appreciate the scoop that this ice bucket comes along with. The scoop is a lot easier and more convenient to get ice from the bucket.

Moreover, Oggi has made the right decision to add a holder on the ice bucket. It basically makes things orderly and clean.

This certainly is one of the top ice buckets we have today.

Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Best Ice Buckets

The Lenox Tuscany Classics is a double-walled ice bucket with a classy look that easily fits in both casual and formal occasions. It seems to be well-made and its stainless steel looks durable.

As for the size, the ice bucket can hold up to a gallon of water. In most cases, it should be good enough to meet your needs at home. If you’re preparing to host a party and you need chilled drinks served the entire time, this ice bucket can be relied upon.

Meanwhile, it would have been better if Lenox included a pair of thongs in this product. Choosing the right set of thongs can sometimes be quite difficult as you would have to ensure it matches the color of the ice bucket as much as possible.

Overall, this ice bucket is a quality product that’s easy to store and clean.

Mr. Ice Bucket 707-1 Regency 3-Quart Ice Bucket

Best Ice Buckets

The Mr. Ice Bucket 707-1 is a sturdy ice bucket with a handle and lid that are both thick and made of acrylic. It has a surface that’s a bit textured, thus you won’t have to worry about accidentally slipping it when it’s wet.

Its size is also pretty good as it can hold about three quarts of ice. Sure enough, it holds ice quite well as you can leave ice for a few hours without completely melting.

Much more, it’s very easy to clean after each and every use.

If there’s something that one has to be very careful about, it would be the plastic that makes up the insides and outsides of this ice bucket. Make sure not to drop a huge block of ice in this bucket or else it would break.

This ice bucket costs less, but it’s good enough.

Prodyne AB-16 Acrylic Wine Party Tub

Best Ice Buckets

This Prodyne ice bucket is made of acrylic that’s excellently molded to form a beautiful design. The material used is thick and sturdy, thus you can be assured that it would not easily get damaged or broken. Despite this, it’s very light and easy to handle.

Its capacity is also enough to hold quite a couple of drinks. It’s quite deep, thus it has ample space for big bottles. In addition to the ice, you can put on about six bottles of beer or about 12 cans of soda.

Looking from afar, you’ll be amazed at how well it keeps ice cold for hours and how attractive it looks like with a couple of ice in it.

Certainly, this ice bucket is a good addition to parties where classy accessories and other elegant items are necessary.

This is yet another inexpensive ice bucket that’s up for grabs.

OXO Good Grips Plastic Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs

Best Ice Buckets

The OXO ice bucket is designed with a plastic lid that is simple to operate. It’s also crystal clear, thus checking levels can sometimes be very entertaining.

As the name suggests, it comes with thongs and a handle which makes it more convenient to use and easy to store after each and every use.

Most importantly, it does an outstanding job of keeping ice solid for a few hours. You can therefore be assured of having cold beer and wine served to all your distinguished guests if a party would take a bit longer. Since it’s also easy to fill and use, you can have it for longer hours.

Moreover, the ice bucket has a stylish design that makes it lovely to watch on the dining or guest table.

Things to consider when buying an ice bucket

Design and durability. Don’t settle for a new ice bucket that looks vague and ordinary. Instead, consider buying a good ice bucket that you can use in all types of gatherings. Have one that looks classy and decent enough for your guests to admire. Moreover, make sure it’s insulated and it’s designed to keep your ice cold for several hours. For sure, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by serving not-so-cold drinks to guests craving for some chilled drinks.

Capacity and size. Think beforehand where and when exactly you would be using the ice bucket. If it’s something you’d only want for personal use, a small ice bucket would suffice. Otherwise, you would have to pick one of those huge ice buckets that can hold more ice and drinks for guests during social gatherings.

Easy to store and maintain. Buy an ice bucket that’s easy to clean and easy to store. As much as possible, it should be something you can easily store along with your other pieces of kitchenware.

Price. An elegant ice bucket needs not to be expensive. There are a couple of affordable ice buckets that look classy enough and seem to be well-constructed. If you can afford spending more, then go for an ice bucket brand or an ice bucket deal that’s pricy, yet more effective. Otherwise, settle for a cheap ice bucket that still serves its main purpose very well.


As simple as it is, an ice bucket is an essential container that one should keep in the household. Not only is it necessary for serving chilled drinks, it’s helpful for situations wherein cold ice is really needed.

While you can always get ice straight from the freezer, the ability to store and pick ice from an ice bucket makes things more convenient for you and your guests.


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