Best Incenses Reviews 2017

If there is one thing that can unite all religions in this world together, it is their love and usage of incenses. With a fragrance and therapeutic aromas, incenses have long signified spirituality and meditation for most parts of the world.

Though these may seem pretty straightforward, some incense brands are just better than the other incenses for sale.

Here are the top incense varieties you can purchase in the market today.

Nag Champa by Satya Gift Set

Nag Champa Sunrise Sandalwood Midnight Patchouli Celestial Fortune Blessings Romance Super Hit Jasmine Blossom Rain forest by Satya Gift Set

This popular incense deal came from the best incense manufacturer. Featuring 12 wonderful scents in one gift set, this cheap incense set is popular for those who practice meditation and yoga as each box contains 15-20 sticks that can last as long as 45 minutes per stick.

Perfect for those who are looking for a bit of fragrance variety in their lives.

NewAge Smudges and Herbs, Pack of 3,

A cheap incense set that is small for the size, but huge in aroma. These mini-wands are hand-tied with 100% cotton and are commonly used in purification and spiritual blessing rituals.

The wafting of smoke has long been accepted by other cultures as a great way to rid yourself and your environment of negative energy.

With a clean, nice smell, you can watch your stresses and worries dissipate with the cloud of white smoke.

A good incense to burn in times of personal suffering and trouble.

100 Incense Sticks by True Goddess Fragrances

An inexpensive handmade incense set that contains 100 sticks, each are 11 inches long that can burn for over an hour. The manufacturer guarantees that they make new incenses every time they accept an order.

Freshly-made every time you buy an incense means that the essential oil should be strong and thus the aroma is great.

JBJ Sac White Sage Incense, 120-SticksJBJ Sac White Sage Incense, 120-Sticks

A low-priced box set that contains around 120 white sage sticks. Unlike the other brands on this list, the white sage here is grown and plucked from the exotic land of India.

Its strong smell can mask even the worst odors in your household.

Premium California White Sage Smudge Sticks, 3-Pack

This set of incense costs as low as the others in this list, but the sage used in making these are certified plant and grown in California, USA. Also used in purifying ceremonials, these pure white sage is said to be more than effective in smudging bad aura and energy in your home.

You don’t even have to burn everything. Just one leaf is enough to produce that crisp, clean sage smell for your smudging.

What are Incenses?

Incenses are stick-like fragrant materials that usually made with aromatic plants dipped in essential oils. There are various purposes and functions in burning an incense across countries and cultures though the most common purpose and function is more of a religious one.

Though incense-burning is usually done in religious ceremonies, they are also used as an insect repellant and a household air freshener.

What to Look For

Just like scented candles, incenses come in a number of overwhelming varieties. Most cultures prefer to use homegrown incenses as it is more practical and economical. Though incenses can exist in different forms (coil, cone, powder, paper), the most notably popular in most parts of the world is the incense stick.

Incenses can either be natural-base or blended-base. Natural bases come from plant material sources that are mixed with water and essential oil. The blended-base, on the other hand, contains powdered chemicals in the form of sodium or potassium nitrate to help the combustion.

Though both bases can have a fragrant aroma, natural bases has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly and their fragrance is guaranteed to last much longer than the blended bases.

Natural base incenses usually came from Asian countries like Tibet, Nepal, India, Japan, and China.

Next thing to consider is the scent of your incense. Again, like scented candles, incense fragrance can help create different moods and feelings. Furthermore, some scents are more appropriate to burn only during certain occasions.

For those who aims to use incenses for aromatherapy, the floral scents are best since they have the most relaxing and calming effect on your psyche. They can also help insomniacs and those battling depression to let go of their anxieties even for just a little while.

Citrus and fruit scents are great for masking odors or making the surrounding air smell fresher. The invigorating, crisp smell of fruits can clear one’s head and can further boost one’s energy.

Woody scents are just perfect for prayers and meditation. Their spicy scent can increase your focus and concentration as well. Most Asian cultures prefer to burn a woody scent incense in shrines and temples to appease ghosts and the dead. It is also the scent used by many for medicinal and other ceremonial purposes.

For the most part, it is highly recommended to purchase an incense that is made of natural ingredients rather than those blended with synthetic ones. For this reason, it is better to buy those simple incenses with straightforward packaging and scents rather than those with exciting names like Sunrise or Midnight Bloom, as those are most probably chemically-altered.

There are already several researches that show burning some brands of incense sticks can be detrimental to your health as its smoke can carry harmful air pollutants that can cause cancer. Though the amount of chemicals released might not be significant, it is still best if you can stay away from the chemically blended incenses and stick with the natural base ones.

Although similar in a sense, incense and smudge sticks can be widely different from each other in terms of method of burning and fragrance. Whereas incense burning always leaves a nice strong smell, smudging often leaves a burnt plant smell whenever this is used.

Moreover, as incenses are usually thin, reed sticks, smudge sticks are more of a bunch of dried herbs tied with a string, usually cotton-made. Even the applications can be different as incenses can be used in a wide field of meditation and medicinal purposes, smudge sticks are only used in purifying and ridding one’s self and abode of negative spiritual energies.

Also, unlike incenses which have an Asian origin, smudge sticks came from Native American origins and are mostly used in New Age rituals and Neopagan ceremonies.

One of the advantages of using smudge sticks is that they are more economical to use since it is very rare that anyone will burn a whole stick for a ceremonial unlike incense sticks where sometimes you need to burn three at a time for tradition’s sake. Furthermore, smudge sticks tend to be cheaper than most incenses, even the chemically blended ones.

Disadvantages of smudge sticks include having a limited range of fragrance with white sage being the most prominent one. Furthermore, a burning smudge stick’s smell is rarely attractive and you would probably need to open all doors and windows to rid of the burning earth smell.

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