Best Instant Tent Reviews 2017

Do you want to introduce camping to your family? If you are then, god for you! You have just embarked on adventure!

Camping is one of the most relaxed activities that you can enjoy without spending too much. By communing with nature, you might be surprise that this very simple activity is a stress therapy for you. With no wifi and the outside world to distract you, camping out with your close friends and family might be the very thing you guys need.

Ready to get started? Check out this awesome list to get you the best home you can have in the wilderness.

Sundome 4 Person Tent by Coleman

Reconnect with the outdoors with this amazing tent brought to you by Coleman. The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent is part of the classic collection of Sundome series that features ultimate safety and comfort for campers. This home in the wilderness can accommodate 4 active campers. Designed with a large door for easy entry and exit with a hooded fly, it can provide sufficient ventilation even in the rain. It also has a large rear hooded window vents on the roof to provide additional ventilation and right amount of natural light. The floor is also made of 1000D Polyethylene floor in bath tub style, meaning the entire floor including the sides are wrapped up. This is to ensure extreme weather protection and comfort while you sleep.

This tent can be set up in just 15 minutes tops!

Coleman Pop Up Tent

A sturdy tent with easy as a breeze set up properties, Coleman had done it again with this instant pop up tent! This tent is perhaps the one of the most popular Coleman tents available in the market.

This tent boasts of a dependable body with anti-leak floor properties and a high tech cool design. The interior has enough room for four giddy campers. The steel poles are steady enough to handle strong wind, it will not collapse or be blown away. There are also two inner pockets on the inside so that campers can store important stuff inside the tent.

It also has windows on all sides to ensure ventilation and lighting. The rainfly ca be quickly adjusted as necessary.

This wonder of a tent can fit comfortable a family of four.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

Enjoy your adventure destination with another quality tent designed by Coleman!

A trusted brand for quality outdoor essentials, Coleman knows what campers want. Have you experienced the frustration of not being able to set up your tent or being embarrassed in front of your kids for bot being able to set up your tent? Remember those too many poles with so little information on how to set them? Yes, this scenario is responsible for newbie campers to quit camping before they get to enjoy it.

Introducing, Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin tent. An ingenious tent that can be set up in over a minute.

The tent is engineered with an innovative one piece design, with poles that are already pre attached to the tent. Yes, it technically means that there is no more need to frustratingly assemble the parts and the poles. You just have to simply unfold the tent, spread the fabric, and extend the poles to click and lock. Wham! You now a true camping master!

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

Get ready to embark on your journey with this ideal shelter for casual family camping!

With easy and hassle free set up, that involves just removing your instant, free-standing tent from the packaging and watch it pop automatically. That’s how this tent revolutionizes camping! Why will you waste time fumbling with tent poles when you can rather bask in the sun or toast a smore!

Another great feature of this tent are the mesh windows on both the left and right sides. It provide ventilation while keeping pesky bugs out! It also has double doors that allow either side of the tent to be open and closed in ease.

Another rocking feature are the storage pockets and hang loop! Now you can be in the wild yet still organized.

Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax

You can set up this tent by literally one smooth motion- just throw it out! It will automatically assemble itself. Even kids can do it!

The ultralight design also let’s you take this tent on a hiking trip and backpacking trips. Made of 190 D Oxford material, it is durable and the tent floor is also waterproof. The two doors – front and back also allows easy access while enjoying light breeze. This instant pop up tent is designed for smart travelers who wanted to use their energy in wilderness exploring rather than pole finding.

A perfect gift too!

Pop Up Camping Tent by TSWA

Say goodbye to complicated tent process. This tent can just be simply thrown in the air at it will open automatically. With interior pockets for your glasses, cell phones and other portable items, this tent is made with your comfort and convenience in mind. It also has double doors and insect screen windows to ensure ventilation. Apart from the waterproof material features, it also has anti UV coating.

Last but not the least, it is very portable and easy to pack tor hassle free transport.

CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

Enjoy nature with the latest tent technology from Core Equipment! This four person tent is an instant outdoor shelter that combines Core’s water repellent technology with a smart design to allow ventilation and lighting for your instant cabin. It also features zippered privacy panels on doors and windows. The inside of the tent also has internal pockets and hook for your belongings.

The ideal tent for adventurous families!

Flexzion Instant Family Tent

Camp out the modern way! This 4-person, two season tent is unbelievably easy to set up. A one piece tent you can set up in one minute!

The innovative esign of this tent is not all about the easy set up. It also has waterproof feature and UV protection to ensure that you and your family are well protected from outdoors conditions. Designed with multiple mesh windows that keep the bugs out and the breeze in, it offers great view and fresh ventilation.

Now all you need is to do is pick up the best camping grounds, pack your smores, ready your camera and get ready for a big adventure!

Busen Mountain Waterproof Dome Tent

Another modern tent for easy camping! This instant tent is designed not just for speedy set up but most importantly for camping enjoyment. Designed with incredible ventilation with large windows and ground vent which helps the air to move up and out, you can be assured that your camping trip is breezy instead of stuffy.

Even if it rains, you can still make the most of your trip as this dome tent comes with Weathertec System. The patented welded floors and inverted protective seams will make sure that you will stay dry and comfy on the whole duration of your camping trip.

Packing up is easy too! It even comes with carry bag for storage. Simply a superb choice for a family trip and camping getaway!

What to Look For:


Before you check out the features of the tent, check first the space. Are you looking for a tent to accommodate a family of 4? Or perhaps you are a solo traveler? Know first how many of you are going to use the tent so that you can determine how much sleeping capacity you will be needing. Also take into consideration the individual size of your camping companions. The label on the tent is just the average estimate on how many can fit in. It is also good to have an idea how much things your and your campers will be carrying as it will take room inside the tent too, should it be kept inside.

As much as possible, try to assess this matters before purchasing a tent so that you can take full advantage of your camping trip. Remember, camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not cramp and stuffy and stressful. Lack of comfortable sleep can ruin your whole vacation.

Weather Compatibility

Your tent should be compatible with the weather of your chosen destination. Different tents have different purposes. There are actually three category of tents when it comes to weather compatibility. They are the summer on one-season tents, two season tents are those type that can withstand heavy rains and winds, four season tents on the other hand are the type of tents that can be used on snow too. Last but not the least it the expedition tent, which are used by extreme adventurers for it can accommodate the harshest weather conditions.

If you are just a seasonal camper or you are just starting, one summer tent is an ideal choice. It can protect you from average conditions usually present in summer which is the best season to go camping.

Water Resistance

Whether you are a beginner camper or an enthusiasts, you know that a quality water resistant tent is all you need to enjoy your trip. Look for a tent that can handle moisture both inside and out. Remember that the wilderness is unpredictable and don’t leave the chances of raining on your trip. Look for a tent with seam taped waterproof tip that will effectively prevent leaks.

Easy Transportation and Portability

Camping is done outdoors where in the campsite are sometimes reached by some other methoad than driving. Most campsites involves hiking and a long walk so with that in mind, make sure that the tent you will be buying is light or at least one that you can carry around in long distances.

Don’t burden yourself with heavy tents that will leave your back aching and your spirit dampened. Today, most tent companies are manufacturing tents made with light weight materials.

Also check the size of the tent once packed. The more compact your camping things are, the easier camping preparation can be.


Not but not the least, consider your budget for a tent when camping. Research and compare first at least 4 different brands before making a purchase. Remember that your tent is your home to the wilderness so do not skimp on the important features just so you can buy a cheap tent and low quality tent. There is nothing more frustrating that a ripped tent in the middle of the of nowhere with tired campers.

The budget for a tent should depend on how frequent the buyers are planning to use it or how comfortable they want to be while camping. If you want to make camping a regular family vacation yearly, then invest in a tent that can last for years to come and can cater to your young kids.


Instant tents are ideal choice and an investment in camping. When you arrive at your camping site after a long walk, challenging hike or long drive, there is nothing more helpful than a ten which can be set up in a breeze. The convenience of instant tents are the reason why many campers, including the experienced campers are choosing instant tents over traditional tents that they already know how to fix.

Instant tent is also lightweight which make it an excellent choice for campers who are used to moving from one camp site to another during the duration of their trip.

When shopping for instant tents make sure to look for all the features mentioned above.. If you are still unsure if an instant tent is ideal for you and your family camping needs, then feel free to ask your friends, families or even your good old scouting pals!

Go ahead and embark on the camping adventure! You will be surprised than in our modern age, many family and young adults are taking up this journey. Reconnect with nature, bask in the sun and enjoy leisure the hippie way.

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