Best Internal Hard Drives Reviews 2017

We all love the feeling of a new computer. It is very fast, efficient and lets you do your work quickly. However, after some time, your computer may show signs of slowness as well as running out of space. Moreover, in a computer that can store hundreds and thousands of data, files, emails, movies, songs and software, it is extremely possible that it will need some upgrades.

A hard drive is one of the most essential parts in a computer; after all, this is where we get to store all of our data. When it gets full, your hard drive will have to force you to delete other files. Nonetheless, this dilemma can simply be solved by replacing your internal hard drive with a new one. If you are prone to using huge capacity software then you will have to need a bigger space.

Are you looking for the leading internal hard drives in the market? Then we just collected the best ones for you. In this article, we just laid out the top models in the industry, ready to be at your service. If you are ready to replace your old one with something better then go ahead and check our list below. Lastly, curious which type of internal hard drive to get? We also provided some helpful tips to guide you further.

WD Red NAS Hard Disk Drive

Want something from the top internal hard drive brand? Then will surely love the WD Red NAS Hard Disk Drive. This hard drive can be bought in variety of capacity such as 1TB, 3TB, 5TB and 8TB. Additionally, it has rotational speed or RPM using IntelliPower. Also, this hard drive is compatible with Microsoft 32 bit systems as well as Mac OSX 10.4.

It can read and write in 4.4 watts, comes with a form factor of 3.5 inch, a data transfer rate of 6 gigabyte and standby on 0.6 watts. This one also uses an interface of SATA3 to guarantee you that it is fast. As a summary, WD Red NAS Hard Disk Drive is certainly among the leading brands in the market, so it is certainly worth giving a shot.

Seagate HDD SATA Internal Bare Drive

Interested to have the best internal hard drive for sale? Then it has got to be the Seagate HDD SATA Internal Bare Drive! It is ideal for computers as it is available in different capacities such as 320 gigabyte, 500 gigabyte, 1TB and 10TB. Moreover, this one is definitely among the most affordable internal hard drives in the market so it is a must have.

This one can store hundreds and thousands of photos, songs, videos and many more. It can also store and upload data faster as it uses a SATA 6 gb interface. It has an RPM of 7200 with a 64MB cache. If you are getting problem about your space lately then you will have no problems regarding this one.

WD Black Desktop Hard Disk Drive

Buying an internal hard drive? Then you must definitely try seeing the WD Black Desktop Hard Disk Drive. This hard drive can be bought in 6 capacities such as 2 TB, 4 TB or 6 TB. It is the next generation desktop hard drive ready to intensify your experience. Additionally, it comes with improved architectural designs as it uses stabletrac technology, a high resolution controller (HRC) and a dual core processor.

Moreover, this one uses an improved data protection as it now comes with a NoTouchTM ramp load technology, a corruption protection technology (CPT) and a vibration control technology (VCT). As a summary, if you are looking for a new internal hard drive that you can trust 100% then it has to be the WD Black Desktop Hard Disk Drive.

WD Blue Desktop Hard Drive

As one of the cheapest internal hard drive deals in the market, we believe that you must know the WD Blue Desktop Hard Drive. This one is available from 500 gigabyte to 6 terabyte. It uses IntelliSeek that calculates to reduce noise, vibration and power consumption. It also comes with a Data LifeGuard that monitors this device so it stays on its natural and optimum health.

It has a 7200 RPM and loaded with a NoTouch Ramp Load technology, which means that it is safely positioned to protect all your data. This purchase only includes a hard drive, so will have to get your own cable and screws. To make sure that it is working sharply, all hard drives are tested extensively in the WD FIT lab. As one of the most inexpensive internal hard drives in this list, getting the WD Blue Desktop Hard Drive is something we recommend.

HGST Travelstar Internal Hard Drive

The HGST Travelstar Internal Hard Drive is also another cheap internal hard drive that you will definitely love. This one comes with an advanced format that is 4K sector size. Moreover, it uses only low power consumption with 7200 RPM high-performance HDD. It has a 1 terabyte capacity along with 6 gigabyte of SATA interface that delivers a high mobile HDD performance.

Moreover, this one comes with 512 byte emulation for better performance. Additionally, compared to others, this one is eco-friendly as it is halogen free. It also uses HGST for better power management and Travelstar 7K1000 for durable notebook performance. The HGST Travelstar Internal Hard Drive has a dimension of 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches, which makes it an overall good internal hard drive.

What is an internal hard drive?

An internal hard drive is a fundamental part in every computer. The two main jobs of a hard drive are to store all sorts of data in its memory and to load the computer’s operating system as it opens. Generally there are two types of hard drive, the external and internal. The internal is commonly seen in most computers and laptops, while external hard drives come with their own enclosure and can be brought separately.

What to look for in an internal hard drive?

HHD or SSD – many people are often confused by this, as they sound too technical, but they are pretty easy to understand. Simply put, an HHD hard drive has a capacity of up to 4 terabytes. Moreover, an HHD hard drive also has a rotational speed and may tend to make loud noise. Furthermore, this one is also very easy on the pocket.

SSD hard drives on the other have only has 1 terabyte of capacity (equivalent to 1024 gigabytes) and tend to get more expensive that HDD drives. This is because SDD drives do not have any moving parts, which makes it an overall quiet system. It also starts quickly, saving you more power and money as you begin working.

That’s just about it, normally, you will still have to take more matters into consideration, but the ones above are simply one of the most fundamental factors before purchasing an internal hard drive. Also, by doing this, you are giving new life over your computer, so you can still spend more years with it.

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