Best Jewelry Boxes Reviews 2017

Ah Jewelry. It’s been worn for a variety of reasons for centuries. Both men and women have rocked it to various degrees over the years. Lately, it’s become a fashion accessory, which is mainly geared to women. Because let’s face it: ladies love jewelry! Men know this to be too true when they’re buying their girl a gift.

But after a while, you buy your girl a lot of jewelry. It starts to pile up. Those boxes that it comes in look great when you’re presenting the gift, but soon they’re taking up your entire counter or dresser top. But where do you put said jewelry if you were to get rid of those boxes? That’s why you need-the jewelry box.

To get an idea of what types of jewelry boxes are out there, let’s skim through a few below!

Advantages of Owning a Jewelry Box

So why should you own a jewelry box? Well, first and foremost: storage. Jewelry boxes contain individual containers for storing rings, bracelets, and especially hanging necklaces. There is no worse pain than reaching for your favorite necklace only to find it tangled up with a hundred other pieces. In many jewelry boxes, they have individual sections for hanging multiple necklaces. Picking up a jewelry box will add to your organization and make your life way easier!

Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and Lock

First, let’s check out this beauty! It has five drawers, which slide out for quick access. This will be your perfect place for storing bracelets or earrings. Also, it has ten necklace hooks. This is going to be the last you’ll see of those pesky tangled chains. Now if you have too many earrings to fit into those slide out drawers, how about two removable earring holders that will hold thirty-yes thirty-earrings. This box even comes with a lock and key. This makes it ideal for travel. Now you can have access to all of your pieces everywhere you go!

Watch Box Large 12 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer

Nobody wants to leave the boys out, so here’s one for them. What’s a popular gift for both boys and men alike? Watches. Now how about a place to keep all of those watches you’ve acquired over the years? Better yet, make an addition to those gift watches and give them somewhere to actually put them. So here we give you this black leather jewelry box for men’s watches. This watch will hold up to twelve watches. Now you have a chance to buy the man in your life a few more to fill up this great jewelry box.

Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Just to make sure that we are covering all age groups, here is one for your little princess. It is the classic little girl’s dream jewelry box! Just to make it even girlier, it comes in a shade of pink. It has one big drawer on the bottom and two side drawers for her to store all of her treasures. To make it better, this jewelry box is also a music box! Turn the key on the back to hear “Swan Lake.” This box is idea to make any little girl-a ballet dancer or not-feel super special and grown up!

Sodynee Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box with Lock, Purple

Maybe you don’t need a big jewelry box. Maybe you’re just looking for something compact. Or maybe you want something, which will slip into a drawer rather than needing to be displaced on your bathroom counter or dresser top. This one is a highly practical piece. It is two layers, but one tucks into the other so you’re not always finding places to move it. It has places to store all the important stuff: earrings, rings and even hooks for necklaces. It even has a nice lock and key so that you can rest assured your valuables are always safe.

Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box Organizer Display Storage Case for Rings Earrings Necklace

Maybe you’re looking for a jewelry box, which will travel with you, but you don’t want anything too large. You need something, which will just slip into a suitcase. Well, here is the box for you! This is a beautiful, classic little jewelry box, which will hold all of your essentials. It is the perfect place for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You’ll be able to tuck your rings perfectly into the little ring slots. Plus, it zippers shut! You’ll have no worries about finding all of your jewelry dumped out into your suitcase.

What to Look For

So what exactly should you look for in a good jewelry box? Well, exactly how much jewelry do you own? If you have a large number of one particular item, you will want to find a jewelry box which will hold all of that. Make sure you get a secure location for your rings or your necklaces.

How about general organization? We’ve all had the routine where we just drop our jewelry onto the dresser top or the bathroom sink. But this is how necklaces get tangled and jewelry gets broken-or worse, lost. Getting a jewelry box will have you putting all of your gear into one specific location. So make sure you find one, which will store all of those pieces efficiently.

Getting a jewelry box which will travel with you can be huge for people who are constantly on the go. If you get something which will fit into a suitcase will allow you to never have to make a choice about which pieces should go or stay home.

That being said, what type of jewelry box are you looking for? Here we’ve seen a few in leather, but maybe you’d like something class in a wood tone. Are you looking for a display piece? Or simply something practical? Consider all of your options before putting any money down on one.

Finally, one can only have so much jewelry. After you’ve bought and owned enough, it’s time to pick up a piece. Guys, let’s face it-your girlfriend is probably ready to have something in which to store all those shiny things that you have been buying her for all of these years. This also stands to ask, who are you buying this jewelry box for? Is it for your girlfriend? How about your mom? Maybe your little girl is finally reaching the age where she is acquiring real jewelry! It’s time to get her a piece so that she can feel super grown up by having a place to keep all of her pieces.

Here we have viewed several different types of jewelry boxes. You can see how many different uses they have. Whatever you chose, it should be perfect for your collection. Jewelry boxes should be as fine as they jewelry that they are storing. Hopefully you will find the perfect accent piece to display your collection!

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